Twin vs Twin XL Mattress – Which Size Is Right For You?

By Sakibul Islam

For a mattress size comparison like the Twin vs Twin XL, we need to consider much more than just the dimensions and size. It is not easy, but after taking an in-depth look into overall performance, comfort, convenience, and versatility – we can say the Twin XL is the better choice.

It is better for tall people, it offers exceptional comfort most of the time, and it is the most accepted by customers around the world.

While it is a little longer it could feel slightly problematic to fit inside rooms, this mattress still manages to offer an excellent experience nonetheless.

There are many features to consider though, so if you want a detailed look into what makes us think the Twin XL bed is better, you should take a look further to find out!

Let’s look at the most common similarity and different on Short Twin XL mattress vs Twin mattress size.

Twin vs Twin XL

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Our Recommended Twin Mattress: Leesa 10″ Memory Foam Mattress

Our Recommended Twin XL Mattress: Zinus Ultima Comfort Mattress

Twin vs Twin XL Mattress

In the battle of Twin XL vs Twin, we need to first go into overall build differences. Both of these mattresses sizes can come in a wide array of constructions, from memory foam to the old yet reliable innerspring, and many others. However, these beds are mostly oriented towards kids and teenagers.

The Twin bed, for example, is 39-inches wide and 75-inches long. It fits a small or medium size person without problems and offers enough space to the sides to sleep comfortably. However, it is not an option for tall people or those who tend to move heavily around.

But the size of the Twin XL can help to relieve that. While it is the same width as the standard Twin, this one has a longer build with an additional five inches. So, any tall person can use the bed without issues, and even more so when it comes to children and teenagers.

But this small design also means either a Twin or Twin XL would be really useful for a couple or more than one person. Even children won’t have a comfortable experience with either of these sizes.

Twin Mattress vs Twin XL – Performance

The difference between Twin and Twin XL in performance is not that much. But of course, you get a noticeable enough difference when you jump from a standard Twin to an XL version.

The difference comes mostly in comfort. While the rest of the factors such as sinkage, softness, firmness, and so on come from the construction, the size will heavily impact the comfort the user feels. Here, we can see how the Twin XL will probably help tall people have a much better experience.

Children and teenagers may not spot the difference or feel it entirely. But those who are taller than 6 feet will probably get the sense that the Twin is too short for them. However, both perform fairly well and increase overall convenience when used in a small bedroom.

The advantage of having a Twin XL, for example, is that you can put two of them together and get a Queen size mattress. With the Twin, you can also do the same, but still, tall people won’t feel too comfortable.

What Does Each Bed Weigh?

The weight of the Twin XL vs Twin is not that different either. This feature mostly falls on the construction of the bed, whether it is made from memory foam, another type of foam, or with innerspring.

Still, the Twin XL tends to weight more than the Twin. A typical build for a Twin XL can weigh between 30 and 55 pounds at the max.

Meanwhile, a Twin usually does not go over the 50 pounds range. This means the XL is a slightly heavier mattress, only because it has a bigger design.

Will the Mattresses Stand the Test of Time?

The construction of typical Twin and Twin XL does not really make them the most reliable options out there. However, with the right brand and construction, you can end up with a highly resilient product that works for years without issues.

But this is also a matter of who’s going to use the bed. For example, either a Twin or Twin XL won’t last too much if the everyday user is a 200 pounds man. Both for any user under 180 pounds will probably have a very long-lasting and reliable product with either.

Luckily, a regular Twin is a very popular mattress, so it is the one with probably the better construction. This also means it can last longer than a Twin XL. But of course, there are many other factors into play, and size is not really one of them.

What Sleeping Position is Best For?

As you know already, between the Twin vs Twin XL bed,  the XL is the larger. So, it is probably the most versatile as well for different sleeping positions.

Tall people will probably have to battle a lot to find the right position when sleeping on a regular Twin, making it perfect for side and stomach sleepers who tend to bend their bodies a lot.

But for back and combination sleepers who need a little more space, especially in length, the Twin XL will be the best choice.

Which Mattress is the Firmest?

There’s really not an accurate way to say which mattress is firmer than the other when comparing the Twin to the Twin XL. However, we can say that most Twin mattresses tend to come with better support than a Twin XL bed.

This happens because regular Twins are much more popular than XL options, so they are made with superior materials and come with excellent support.

But this is not the most accurate of statements, so be careful before choosing, and take into consideration overall build before anything else.

Which has the Highest Customer Ratings?

As expected, the Twin has the highest and the most customer ratings. However, it is also a matter of overall popularity. Remember that the Twin is the most popular single-person mattress out there, especially useful for children & teenagers rooms.

The Twin XL, however, performs really well with exceptional numbers too. Most users who have a Twin XL, however, tend to complain a lot less due to the excellent comfort these mattresses offer.

Our Top 2 Recommended Products In 2024

Giving a comparison between two mattresses sizes is not enough if you don’t pick a few options to recommend. That’s why we decided to take two of the best mattresses in the market and do a short review:

Zinus Ultima Comfort Twin XL Bed

This mattress uses only memory foam in its build, yet it offers one of the most reliable and comfortable experiences you could think of. With a Twin XL size, it will perform really well for tall users who need more space in the bottom, making them sleep for hours without rest.

The construction of this mattress is just outstanding, and even more so when you consider how light and manageable it is. There’s no doubt that the Zinus Ultima Comfort is an excellent choice for single users or teenagers.

  • Top-Notch Build

Boasting three layers of 2-inches memory foam, a second pressure-relieving layer of 2-inches again, and a final 4-inches layer of support foam for the base – you get an excellent product entirely. It will also create a massively reliable design, not only dense enough for any sleeper but incredibly resilient over time.

  • Incredible BioFoam

The BioFoam patented from Zinus makes this bed one of the cheapest and most reliable in the market. BioFoam is made from petroleum with a touch of plant oilseed, which keeps the mattress fresh and with a better smell. Everything you need for a perfect mattress and more.


  • Excellent layering that offers softness, firmness, and coolness at the same time
  • Resilient overall build for many years of use
  • Cheap yet resistant BioFoam construction


  • None to quote

Leesa Mattress, Twin

The Leesa is one of the most reliable and supportive mattresses on the market. Its superb construction not only helps to make one of the most durable but also an incredibly soft and comfort-oriented product that will improve the experience of the user exponentially.

One of the most exciting things of this mattress is the use of a patented material that offers not only superb effects on feel, but also on overall durability. No matter where or who uses it, it will always perform really well and provide a top-notch experience.

  • Excellent LSA200 Build

This patented foam material from this bed makes this Twin-size option a pretty valuable addition to any bedroom. It is breathable, soft, firm enough, and allows users to get excellent compression and pressure relief in the process, in a small Twin mattress. Exceptional performance is what you get with this choice.

  • Perfect for Children Bedrooms

Even though it seems like a regular Twin mattress, this one is one of the most reliable and durable options in the market. With its LSA200 material, the mattress can last for years without wear or tear signs. And what’s even better, it is cleanable and easy to wash, so it offers a pretty resilient experience.


  • Top-notch LSA200 build keeps the bed cooler, softer, and more comfortable overall
  • Highly resilient and durable washable build
  • The perfect addition to the children’s room due to its highly resistant design


  • Too heavy at 50 pounds for a standard Twin mattress

Twin vs Twin XL – Which One Should I Buy?

Now that you know the difference between the Twin vs Twin XL, it is time to pick the best. And guess what, our choice is the Twin XL.

Even though it is just 5-inches larger than the regular Twin, the XL version is a magnificent choice for many reasons. Including its comfortable design, a reliable build, and overall versatility – the Twin XL is a mattress not to dismiss.

If you have to choose between Twin and Twin XL bed, don’t hesitate and go for the larger option. You won’t be disappointed.

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