Full Size Mattress In A Box In 2024

By Sakibul Islam

We tested many mattresses that come inside a box. So, we thought to share the best full size mattress in a box that has the features to catch your attention.

We have included all the essential details and tried to be as descriptive as possible. After all, you are not going to buy a bed every other day.

So, you should be getting the best in the first chance. Let us start with the top three contenders of full mattresses in a box.

Our 3 Best Full Mattress In A Box

Our Recommendation: Linenspa Memory Foam

One of the biggest names in the mattress industry gives you a unique sleeping solution, which can please every buyer. Linenspa hybrid bed is one of the best bets, which combines responsive foam, latex, and high-end steel coils. All these things together look like a cracking deal.

Second Place: Modway Aveline Memory Foam

A CertiPUR-US certified gel infused mattress that conforms your body and regulates the temperature, so that you never feel overheated at the night. Not too firm, not too soft; it is just perfect. There are no motion transfers, so you can be assured that there will be no disturbances as well, while you sleep.

Also Great: Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam

High quality but an affordable mattress that can win your hearts on the first sleeping experience. This high-quality memory foam mattress from Zinus offers unmatched comfort in a low price range. We will get to know later why it is so popular.

Top 7 Full Size Mattress In A Box 2024

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Here is our recommended full mattress in a box reviews 2024.

1. Linenspa 10 Inch Full Size Mattress In A Box

Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam

A brand that offers some of the best mattresses gives you another one: this Linenspa 10-inch memory foam which can be a perfect investment.

Construction: This hybrid mattress comprises three layers and pocketed steel coils to give you an unmatched sleeping experience. Also, there is a 2-tone class cover made by rayon, polypropylene fiber, and polyester. Right beneath the cover, there is a 1-inch memory foam layer that promises optimum comfort. Just below the memory foam, you will find a fast response foam layer that regulates your body temperature and responds to the body weight.

Finally, it has a base layer comprising hundreds of seven inch individually wrapped coils. These steel coils work together to minimize the motion.

Comfort level: The mattress has a medium firmness. On a scale of 1 to 10, where ten is the firmest, the bed is rated 6. So, it will be perfect for adults or kids who prefer not too soft or too hard sleeping surface.

Motion isolation: If you are sharing the bed with someone who keeps moving all night, motion absorption is one factor that you should consider. We will not say that the Linenspa mattress is one of the best in containing the motion, but it is not bad either. Its individually wrapped steel coils do an excellent job at deadening the action, so even if your partner moves too much, you will not feel strong movements.

Good for

  • Anyone regardless of their sleeping style
  • Users who want something in the middle for firmness scale, not too hard or very soft – just perfect
  • Individuals who wish to sleep at an average temperature



2. Modway Aveline Mattress

Modway Aveline Mattress

One of the best eco-friendly mattresses that you can buy. Modway only uses CertiPUR-US certified foam and other materials in the bed, so it is not harmful to you or the atmosphere. Modway Aveline 10″ Gel infused embedded gel beads give you a cool and comfortable sleeping solution. Also, the mattress never traps your body head. Instead, it releases the hot air into the environment so that you can sleep cool.

Construction: For a comfortable sleep, the mattress has multiple layers. The first layer is its zip cover, which is a stretchable fabric to keep the foam intact.

Then comes a 2-inch gel-infused memory foam to disperse your body weight as well as temperature. It constantly regulated your body heat, so that you can sleep cool. Finally, there is a 6-inch support base made of high-density foam that relieves body ache and joint pains while you sleep.

Comfort level: The brand promises to give you perfect firmness through this 10-inch mattress. Whatever your sleeping style is, they got you covered. It quickly conforms your body, adjusts according to your body weight, size, and position to give you optimum comfort.  The gel memory foam mattress also regulates your body temperature so that you can sleep chilly all night.

Motion isolation: The bed performs well in movement absorption. Even if you have a continually moving husband or wife, you will not feel their motion while sleeping.

Good for

  • All types of sleepers
  • Individuals who like to sleep cool
  • People with light sleep



3. Zinus Ultima Bed

Zinus Ultima Bed

Another popular full mattress in a box from Zinus, which gives you unmatched comfort at a low price. This Ultima Comfort Memory foam mattress is an all-around performer and suits the majority of the sleepers. Let us see how?

Construction: Ultima Comfort comes with a three-layered design.

A 3-inch layer made of Bio memory foam stays at the top, which is infused with plant oils. So, you will only get the fresh smell from the bed. Next comes a 3-inch comfort foam that relieves pressure and adds to the comfort. Finally, you see a 6-inch support foam base with CertiPUR-US certification, which it is already treated for performance, carbon emissions, and durability by independent laboratories.

Comfort level: You are guaranteed to get sound sleep on Zinum Ultima. It is on the firmer side of the scale, so you may feel disappointed if you are looking for something very soft.

Motion isolation: The mattress offers minimal motion transfer. So, you will not be disturbed with movement on the bed from your partner or kids.

Good for

  • Sleepers with back pain
  • Heavier users as they get complete support from the mattress
  • Those who want to sleep in their natural positions without any disturbance



4. Olee Sleep Mattress

Olee Sleep Mattress

Few seconds on the Olee Sleep 8-inch Convolution and its memory foam encompasses you with comfort, relieves the pressure and distributes your weight across evenly so that you can sleep in solace.

Construction: The mattress has four layers including a durable cover that is also washable. Next comes a 1-inch memory foam layer with cooling gel beads that keeps your body cool. Then, you will see another one-inch layer made of Duraflex foam that gives elastic support to your body.

The third is a 3.5-inch high-density foam layer that makes this bed breathable. The foam used in this layer is extracted from the egg carton, so it is stable and adds to the comfort. Lastly, there is a 2.5-inch base also made of high-density foam, which gives the required support and stability.

Comfort level: Memory foam layer gives you the right weight and heat dispersion, so you are sure to get a comfortable and cool sleep. As this is a medium-firm full size bed in a box, it should suit all sleeping styles. Additional elastic layer adds to the body-conforming and comfort.

Motion isolation: Apart from relieving pressure from hips, shoulders, and feet, it prevents any movement that can disturb you while sleeping.

Good for

  • All types of sleeping styles
  • Sleepers who wants to sleep cool
  • Individuals who like body-conforming comfort



5. Sweetnight Mattress

Sweetnight Mattress

Our fifth contender comes from Sweetnight and gives you a super soft and comfortable sleeping experience.

Construction: Sweetnight 10 Inch Gel mattress comes with a proper three-layer design, where the first 2.5 inch is a memory foam layer infused with gel beads to keep you cool and comfortable. Apart from that, the memory foam gives you a super soft feel.

Next is a five-inch support foam which is internally divided into three sub-layers. This layer relieves the pressure points and back pain. Also, it makes sure that you do not sink in the bed completely, but stay firmly at the center of the mattress. The third is the last 3.5-inch layer that works as a base and also absorbs motion to give you a disturbance-free sleep.

All the foam and other materials used to manufacture the bed has CertiPUR-US approval, so you can have a peace of mind that you are not doing any harm to yourself or the environment.

Comfort level: The mattress does give a sinking feeling, that means it is softer on the scale. So, people looking for a firm sleeping surface will be disappointed. However, that also depends on which side of the mattress you are sleeping. Still, neither of the sides are firm,

Motion isolation: The four layers of this mattress do a tremendous job at motion absorption. Even if your partner has a habit of changing sides constantly, you will not face any sleeping obstacle.

Good for

  • Light sleepers who someone with a moving partner
  • Users who want to sleep cool
  • Individuals who love a soft sleeping solution



6. Signature Sleep Full Bed

Signature Sleep Mattress

With the memoir line of mattresses from Signature Sleep, you are guaranteed to have a memorable sleeping experience. No matter what is your sleeping style, height or weight is, you will like the time spent on this bed.

Construction: The mattress has two layers – first 2-inch memory foam layer that conforms to your body, distributes its weight and relieves pressure from hip, shoulders, and feet. Then there is another 8-inch layer made of high-density foam to work as a base and provide support. Both the layers are formed of CertiPUR-US® certified foam, and it also meets the federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633. So, you can be assured that the bed is free from PBDEs, TCEP flame retardants, any other heavy metals or ozone depleters.

Comfort level: Molding property of the memory foam base gives you complete comfort while you sleep. Also, a breathable cover keeps you fresh and cool. Being a medium-firm, the mattress will be liked by most of the sleepers.

Motion isolation: No matter how much your partner or kids move during the night, you will not be disturbed by any of their movements.

Good for

  • All kinds of sleepers as its memory layers adjust according to the sleeping style
  • Users who want to sleep cold and fresh
  • Individuals with light sleep



7. Olee Sleep Mattress In A Box

Olee Sleep Mattress

Complete support, comfort and natural alignment of your spine are the few things that you can always expect from this 13-inch mattress from Olee Sleep.

Construction: The mattress has five layers.

  1. Under the Jacquard cover, you will find a 1.5-inch memory foam layer to support and conform to your body.
  2. Then there is a 1.5-inch dura foam layer that disperses your body weight and holds it stable as well as balanced while you sleep.
  3. The third layer is a 2-inch high-density foam that again gives you the required support and adds to the comfort.
  4. You will find another 2-inch layer yet made of high-density foam.’
  5. Finally, there is a 7.5-inch layer that encloses hundreds of separately wrapped steel coils that gives you the necessary firmness and support.

Independently encased steel coils not only distribute the weight evenly on the surface but also relieves the pressure from hips, feet, and shoulders. To ensure the durability of steel coils, they are protected with multi HD.

Comfort level: Memory foam and other layers work together to give you incredible comfort and unforgettable sleeping experience. Its medium firm feels to make the mattress suitable for users looking for a perfect sleeping surface.

Motion isolation: Another advantage of the encased coils is that they absorb the movement entirely while you sleep. Even if you have a continually moving partner, you will not feel any of their motion.

Good for

  • Sleepers with all sleeping styles
  • Users with a moving partner or kids as the mattress completely absorb the movement
  • Individuals who prefer to sleep cool



Buyer’s Guide Of Full Size Mattress In A Box

Do not shop for a full size bed in a box without knowing the factors that we are listing below.

Mattress type: Regular foam tends to absorb heat and keep your body warm, while memory foam mattresses regulated the body temperature and keep your body fresh. These are the two types of bed you can choose.

Then they are innerspring mattresses that have steel coils inside the foam to give you the required support and stability. Apart from these three types, you also have the option to choose a hybrid wherein you can get the benefits from both the worlds – memory foam and inner springs.

Body type: Weight and size of the body play an important role in selecting a mattress for yourself. If you are heavy, you will sink on a soft bed fast. So, you need a bed with a firm feel. On the other side, if you are comparatively fit or have an average weight, you will put less pressure on the mattress.

So, a soft or medium-firm mattress will be better for you. Understand one thing; there is nothing called a perfect mattress. The perfection of the bed only depends upon your body and sleeping style.

Sleeping style: How you sleep is another deciding factor while purchasing a mattress — generally, there are four sleeping forms: stomach, back, side and combination.

We can easily keep the stomach and back sleepers together in the same category as both of them needs a firm mattress to support their head, shoulders, and hips. If any of these parts sink in the bed, it will change the natural posture of the spins and result in some backache in the morning.

On the other side, if you are a side sleeper, you should opt for a soft mattress. A soft cushion will relieve the pressure from your hips and shoulders. If you purchase a firm bed, your arms will be smashed, and the spine will never remain in a natural position while you sleep.

If you are a combination of the sleeper, then we recommend that you should choose a medium-firm mattress. Or you can also decide the firmness depending on your preferred sleeping position.

Certified materials: Always make sure that you are purchasing a full size mattress build of CertiPUR-US certified foam or GreenGuard certifications so that you and our environment stays safe from harmful chemicals and other emissions.

Trial period: You should prefer a mattress that has some trial period on it. So, that if you do not like the comfort offered by a particular bed, you can quickly ask for a replacement or refund. Check for an extended warranty as well. Average warranty on a mattress that comes in a box is ten years, but some brands offer more than those average years.

Bottom Line

We all spend one-third of our life sleeping. Do you know that? If this is the case, then you should always do some research before investing in one of the mattresses.

To get the right amount of comfort and quality sleep, we suggest that you should check what your body type and sleeping position first and then look for the right full size mattress in a box. We have already given you the best of them, but you are the decision-maker.

So, read the reviews, check the mentioned traits that we discussed above and make the right choice.

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