Best King Size Air Mattress Reviews 2024

By Sakibul Islam

Most of us like an air mattress that is wide and long. That is the right thing because more space means comfortable sleep without any disturbance from your partner.

This is the reason why the two most famous size of inflatable beds are King and Queen. We are working for quite some time now to give you the best king size air mattress.

Here we are, ready with a list of top seven king size air bed that is dominating the market with some useful features and positive reviews.

Let us start with the top three so that you can have a quick look at the toppers.

Our 3 Best King Size Air Mattress

Our Recommendation:  King Koil California King

The air California King size air mattress from King Coil is topping the charts because it is able to provide firmness and spinal support just like a regular bed. Once inflated, it reaches a height of 20 inches, gives you a waterproof and suede top that keeps the bedsheet in place for the whole night. King Coil is the brand to manufacture this bed, but anyway it can be easily termed as the king of air mattresses.

Second Place:  Air Mattress KING size

Meet an air mattress that never looks like one. Designed to be better from its competitors in every way, the king size air bed is made to be strong, comfortable, lightweight and affordable. The makers are very confident about the product that’s why they ship it with a 180-day warranty.

Best Price:  Best Inflatable Bed By Fox Airbeds

One of the leading air mattress manufacturers, Fox Airbeds gives you a bed with memory foam on the top, just above the air chamber. It comes with a two-way pump; means you can use the internal pump to inflate the bed or if needed you can also use an external one. Additional bonus, it also comes with a pair of pillows.

Top 5 King Size Air Bed Reviews 2024

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Here are our recommended top 7 king size air mattress reviews 2024

1. King Koil California King Size Air Mattress

King Koil California King

If you want an air mattress that is capable of providing support and comfort just like a traditional bed, then this California king bed from King Koil should on the top of your considerations.

Comfort level: Using Coil-Beam Construction, the Cal king size air mattress maintains its original shape and stability during the night, so that you or your guests can get a sound sleep. Extra thick top layer made with soft flocking layer gives you the maximum comfort and supports spinal alignment. Furthermore, it has a built-in pillow that adds to its value. Suede nature of the mattress keeps the bedsheet in place as well.

Pump: Internal 120 VAC pump is the primary source of inflation for the king air mattress. The pump is powerful enough to inflate the bed within four minutes. In addition, there is also an external valve that you can use on the go.

Height: Once inflated, the air mattress reaches a height of 20 inches.

Air retention: The bed holds the air really well. Once inflated, no need to worry about maintaining the pressure for the night. If you accidentally puncture or tear the mattress, there are included patches to cover the air leakage.

Warranty: It comes with a guarantee of 1 year. So, no matter what happens to the bed, you have the manufacturer support for that.


  • Built-in pillow
  • Powerful pump
  • Additional external valve for camping and trips
  • The waterproof suede top keeps the sheet in place
  • Patch kit included


  • Initial smell for a few days
  • Makes squeaky noise


2. Air Mattress King Size Air Bed

Air Mattress FULL size

The air mattress coming with a hypoallergenic fitted sheet and a bed skirt just looks like a real bed. In addition, you can be sure that the bed sheet will stay at its place for the whole night. If you are looking for an impressive air mattress disguised as a regular bed, which can offer you maximum comfort, this offering from Air Mattress can be an ideal choice.

Comfort level: One of the firmest air mattress that gives pressure relief to your joints. Engineered with coil beam construction, the air mattress king bed is made to be comfortable and offers complete back support. So, you will wake up with no backache or joint pains.

Pump: To inflate the bed using the built-in air pump, you have to use an electrical outlet. High powered pump tops the mattress in no time

Height: Once inflated, the mattress reaches a height between 18 to 20 inches and becomes ready to take on a weight of 600 pounds.

Air retention: As per the manufacturer, if any mattress leaks, it is worthless and that is why they have built this bed in such a way that you will not feel any air loss.

Added advantages: This air bed is made of vinyl but is still comparatively lightweight. As there is a Nylon lamination to reinforce the vinyl material and keeps the weight low. The lamination also reduces stretching and reduces split seams and punctures. It also includes a travel bag, so that you can deflate it to carry it easily on camping or road trips.

Warranty: The manufacturer gives a 180-day warranty on the product, but there is also a 60-day return trial period. You can use the mattress and if you feel that it is not worth the investment, you can simply ask for a refund.


  • Fitted bed sheet and skirt
  • High weight capacity of 600 pounds


  • Pump overheats sometimes
  • The mattress may develop tears after some time



3. Fox Airbeds King Size Mattress

Best Inflatable Bed By Fox Airbeds king

Complete support and comfort are the two things that you can always expect from this king size mattress from Fox Airbeds. If you are looking for an inexpensive and truly comfortable mattress, you should definitely check the benefits offered by this one.

Comfort level: On the upper layer, it comes with one of the leading materials capable to contour your body – memory foam. So, you will not complain about the comfort or extra bounce. That is right, you will not bounce at all even if another sleeping person moves or turns sides. The technology used to design the bed makes sure that it gives uniform support everywhere including the center, where many other mattresses have a tendency to cave in a bit.

Pump: The kingsize airbed has a built-in two-way pump for inflation. If you want and when required, you can also use an external pump.

Height: The mattress measures 19 inches in length once it is inflated.

Air retention: Some buyers state that it faces problems to retain the air for the whole night. So, it is recommended to follow the instructions from the manual before you use the pump.

Warranty: The mattress comes with a 90-day warranty. Manufacturers guarantees that it stays in shape and inflates to the right dimensions.


  • Comfortable due to memory foam
  • Durable
  • Easy inflation and deflation


We talked to many users, but none of them complained about anything that we can mention here. In fact, they were happy about the design, easy inflation and comfort they get from the bed.



4. Intex Dura-Beam Standard Series

Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Inflatable Air Mattress

Here is another offering from Intex, an affordable dura beam bed that promises to give you a comfortable sleep. If you are looking for an affordable and comfortable sleeping option, this mattress from Intex makes an excellent choice. Let us talk about its comfort first.

Comfort level: Featuring Fiber-Tech construction using thousands of polyester fibers, the bed is not only comfortable but also gives you complete stability and support. Its soft top gives you a smooth feeling and keeps you comfortable for the sleeping hours.

The mattress also features one raised edge that works like a pillow. In case you forget to keep any pillow for your camping trip or you were not left with any place to pack one, this feature will tremendously help you.

Pump: It comes with a built-in pump that inflates the bed within four minutes. Once inflated, it can easily manage a weight of 600 pounds, which means two adults can sleep on it without any problem.

Height: At 16 inches, the bed reaches a comfortable sleeping height once inflated.

Air retention: It is not capable to hold the air really well. But, that will not be a problem if you have a power outlet nearby. So, be ready to refill the mattress every now and then.

Added advantage: The mattress has a waterproof top and it comes with a bag for easy storage and carrying purpose.

We talked to several users of this bed and all we heard was praises about its easy inflation and comfort. They were easily able to carry the not so heavy mattress (18.5 pounds) with the given bag.

Warranty: This mattress also comes with a warranty of 90 days.


  • Fiber-Tech construction for comfort and support
  • Easy to use and fast built-in pump
  • Raised edge to use as a pillow
  • Inexpensive


  • Cannot withstand heavy use
  • Does not holds air properly



5. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

Let us finish with another air mattress that will give you a sound sleep throughout the night, without even giving a feeling that you are lying on an inflated bed – SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress.

Comfort level: With ComfortCoil Technology using 40 coils, it gives you umpteen support and comfort for a comfortable sleep.

Pump: An internal pump readies your bed within four minutes without much hassle. Once your guest arrives, you just have to ask them to take a walk after dinner and the bed will be ready in the meanwhile.

Height: The mattress raises to a height of 19 inches, so you will not even feel that you are sleeping on the ground. In fact, it will be easier for you or your guests to get in and out of the bed.

Air retention: It performs really well when compared to other air mattresses. Out test showed that it loses around 6 inches of air during a six-hour concrete load, which is normal as it is expected to stretch when new.

Warranty: The standard warranty on all the SoundSleep mattresses is of one year, that is what you will get on this one as well. You can always contact their support team through e-mail or call.

Added advantage: Like many other inflatable mattresses, this bed from SoundSleep will not slide on the floor as it has a Sure-Grip bottom design.

We noticed that the power chord is not long, so either you have to keep the bed near a power outlet or you can inflate the mattress and carry it wherever required in the house. Remember to warn your guests about the edges that lacks support.


  • Internal coils for a comfortable sleep
  • Fast and powerful pump
  • 19 inches of convenient height
  • Sure-Grip feature to prevent sliding
  • Puncture resistant and waterproof


  • Short power cable
  • Lacks support around the edges



6. Air Mattress Blow up King Size Air Bed

Air Mattress. This Raised Blow up Airbed

Air mattresses and luxury do not walk hand in hand, but this bed from Air Mattress is nothing less than a luxurious surface to sleep on. Its air-filled coils and internal layering keeps the spine and your body in a natural posture, hence preventing any joint or backaches.

Comfort level: With coil-beam construction, the bed gives you firmness, high comfort level and keeps the spine aligned. If you have all these things, then you will easily get a sound sleep. This is the reason why it is perfect for personal use, guests and camping trips.

Pump: For fast and easy inflation, it comes with an easy to use an internal pump that is capable to make your temporary bed ready within three minutes.

Height: 20 inch is the height it attains once inflated. Getting in and out of the bed will be very convenient at this length.

Air retention: Similar to other beds from air Mattress, this one also does the job of air retention very well. You will not see any deflation in the morning.

Warranty: It comes with a warranty of 90 days.


  • Very comfortable
  • Fast and easy to use the pump
  • Convenient height


We talked to most of the users of this bed and we have not received any complaints yet. They told us that they really like the design and the comfort offered by the air mattress. They also gave positive reviews about the pump, which works fast and is reliable.


7. Air Mattress Airbed with Built-in Two Way Pump

Air Mattress. This Raised Blow up Airbed

Comfortable sleep results in better health, that is what Air Mattress believes and manufactures their beds accordingly. Working on the same statement, they have manufactured this mattress that is good for both indoors and outdoors needs.

Whether you are looking for an extra bed for your guests or something that you can utilize while on camping trips, this is the right choice. With a weight of just 10 pounds, you will be easily able to carry it in your car or even in a backpack. No matter, you are going to purchase this bed for your kids or adult usage, it is suitable for individuals of all heights.

Comfort level: This kingsize airbed with airflow chambers gives you the right support, keeps your spine aligned and gives you a comfortable and nice sleep. Airflow chambers also make sure that the air is evenly distributed even in the center.

Pump: The built-in two-way pump works fast once you connect it to any power outlet. If needed or required, you can also use an external pump to inflate the bed.

Height: Once inflated, the bed reaches a height of 19 inches, so that you can easily get in and out of the bed.

Air retention: It holds the air really well, once the bed is ready you will not feel any requirement to use the pump again for the whole night.

Warranty: The bed comes with a warranty of 90 days.


  • Lightweight
  • An airflow system for comfort


We talked to several users and they are yet to complain about the comfort level or features of this mattress. They gave positive reviews about the Airflow mechanism the bed has and the way it keeps the air evenly distributed to the whole surface.


How to set up your new air mattress?

Let us assume that you picked the right mattress, ordered it through Amazon and it arrived. What is next? How will you turn this rolled plastic pack into a bed? Here are the instructions that you can follow.

  1. Find a location. The first step is to find the right location for the new air bed before you inflate it. You would not like to carry the mattress around the house once it is inflated. Make sure you have enough space to accommodate the dimensions as the bed will expand once you plug in the pump.
  2. Folding pattern. While you unroll the sleeping mattress, remember how it was originally folded. It will help once you decide to roll it back. Lay it on a flat surface, check and remove any sharp objects that may harm the mattress.
  3. Inflate the mattress. The last step is to remove the valve, plug in the pump and fill the mattress with desired air capacity. Most of the mattress on this list has an inbuilt pump, so you just have to connect the power cable with any regular electric outlet, switch it on and air will start filling inside the bed. Once you are done, please close the valve.

Now, add a sheet, a couple of pillows, take a blanket and you are done. Take some rest for the next day works.

Buyer’s guide

There are several features and characters that you need to check, but the first thing that you should consider while purchasing an air mattress is its usage. Let us get into the details.

As a guest bed: If you are going to use the air mattress for your guests, then always look for comfort, stability and good capacity to hold air.

Suppose, the bed gets deflated in the middle of the night, then your guests will remember you for the same, not for your hospitality. And if the bed is not comfortable enough, then what is the use of buying a new air mattress.

For road trips: Sleeping on car seats is quite uncomfortable and if you have been into a situation where you have to sleep in your car, then you know what we are talking about?

So, if you are looking for a bed that you can utilize on road trips, look for one with dimensions that can fit right into your car. The mattress should be lightweight as well so that you do not have to face troubles while carrying it.

For camping trips: Do you want to enjoy your sleep on an inflatable bed while others are adjusting themselves in a sleeping bag? If yes, then look for a lightweight air mattress that you can either carry in a backpack or in the car.

It will be better if it comes with pillows and an inbuilt battery-operated pump. So that you do not have to worry about an electrical outlet.

If spending four or five minutes inflating an air mattress can give you a comfortable sleep after a day’ s long hiking, then what’s the barrier?

Comfort level 

Choose a bed that is thick and uses something like ComfortCoil Technology that can provide you optimum comfort. We recommend a thick mattress because thick beds are more comfortable as compared to thinner ones. Even if a thick bed loses some air, you will not be uncomfortable, but that is not the case with thin air mattresses.

Another feature that you should consider is the built material of the upper layer. Mattresses with memory foam on the top tend to be more comfortable. Air-filled inside the bed gives you support and stability while the memory foam on the top simply adds to the comfort.

Ability to hold air

An easy question to ask yourself – How can a mattress be good if it does not hold air? To answer the question, let us tell you that any mattress will deflate to a certain level while you sleep, which is perfectly normal.

Air loss depends upon the weather, your body weight and temperature that you cannot control. What creates a problem is a noticeable loss of pressure.

Nothing can be less uncomfortable than a deflating mattress while you sleep. So, we suggest you choose a bed that has the ability to hold the air well, at least for the whole night.

Easy to use the pump 

Inflating an air mattress can be really easy or it can be a sweat session for you, depending upon the model you choose. On the same note, take a look at the types of pump air mattresses comes with.

  1. Built-in pumps: Mattresses that comes with a built-in pump that uses either electricity or battery for power are the convenient ones. If you wake up at night and see that there is a loss in pressure, you can simply refill the mattress with a flick of a switch.
  2. External pumps: On the other hand, there are some cheaper models that come with a foot or hand-operated pump, wherein you have to do all the hard work before lying down for some sleep. So, will recommend that you go for a convenient option of an inbuilt pump, even if costs some extra bucks. Do you really want to manually re-inflate the bed in the middle of the night?

Another option is an external pump that is either electric or battery powered. Good thing is, you do not have to manually pump the air and you can also use the same pump to inflate other mattresses. The bad part, you can easily lose it and if you are going on a trip, this will an extra item to pack.

Warranty and price 

Always purchase a mattress with warranty protection from a brand that has reliable customer service. So that you don’t have to be on your own if something goes wrong with the mattress.

Warranty or an easy to reach support service is really important in case of an air mattress with built-in automatic pump.

However, warranty coverage is directly proportional to the amount you pay. If you are looking for some extra years of warranty protection, you have to invest some extra bucks but if you are looking for any cost-effective option, then you will on your own.

So, it is better to think about what you want and how long you want it to last? Paying a high price for the warranty is useless if you want some temporary sleeping solution.


The last thing that you want is a punctured deflated mattress in the middle of the night. So, look for a mattress that is strong and made of long-lasting material.

Look for an air mattress that is difficult to puncture or get tears from anything that is not even sharp enough to cut a paper.

If you have pets, make sure that you purchase a bed that cannot be punctured from playful claws. Yes, for the health of your pets and kids, choose an air mattress built of non-toxic material.

Bottom Line

If you are an individual who likes adventurous camping and hiking trips or has to receive frequent friends and relatives for an overnight stay, then purchasing a king size air bed is the best solution.

We have given you seven top king size air mattresses from best brands including King Coil, Intex, SoundSleep and Air Mattress.

Depending on your requirements, you can either choose the top contender and king of air mattresses – the California king size bed, which uses Coil-Beam Construction to give you optimum comfort while sleeping.

You also have an affordable king size air mattress from Air Mattress, which is comfortable, durable and comes with a warranty of 180 days. Another great option is the inflatable bed by Fox Airbeds that comes with a comfortable upper layer made of memory foam and a convenient two-way pump.

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