Full Size Mattress Reviews 2024

By Sakibul Islam

Every year mattress manufacturers release several products in the market, which creates confusion among the buyers. Variety of foam materials, firmness levels, motion control sleeping style, there are many features to check at while buying a full size mattress.

If you do not know about the build materials or firmness level, purchasing a mattress can be confusing. That is where we come into the picture.

If you are shopping for a new bed, but feeling unsure about them. Do not worry. We are presenting you with a list of top ten best full size beds where you can choose the one that looks best to you.

Our 3 Best Full Size Mattress

Our Recommendation:  Signature Sleep Memoir

Our first recommendation and one of the most affordable beds, Signature Sleep Memoir, is designed to give you a restful and comfortable sleep.

It evenly supports your body and hence reduces pressure on your shoulders, hips, and feet. Also, it is an expert in motion absorption, so you will not feel any disturbance even if the person sleeping right next to you moves or changes position.

Second Place: Leesa M-F-01 Full Mattress

M-F-01 Full Mattress from Lessa gives you the necessary comfort and pressure relief so that you can have a fantastic sleep.

All the layers of this mattress work only to provide you with the right support, cooling bounce and comfortable rest. At medium firmness, the mattress is built to suit all the body types and sleeping positions.

Best Price:  LUCID Memory Foam Mattress

Highly rated gel memory foam mattress from Lucid is an affordable bed in a box. Topped with heat-reducing tiny gel beads, the mattress regulates the temperature and keeps you cool.

Also, the memory foam layer is exceptionally breathable, so that you can remain moisture free and fresh while sleeping and in the morning.

Full Size Mattress Dimensions

Mattress with full size falls between twin and queen size. It is specially made for grown-up kids and college students. Young kids will love the extra space while college students and bachelor employees will appreciate the low price tag and size that can be adjusted even in smaller flats.

Comfy full size mattress is an excellent investment to make as you can use it in both the guest room as well as the bedroom. The dimensions of a full-size bed are 54 inch and 74 inches of width and length respectively.

Also known as a double mattress, full size beds are suitable for single sleepers who like some extra space. Used to be the first choice for couples as well, but after the release of queen size mattresses, full became a secondary option for shared sleeping.

Off course because a queen size mattress is better in comfort and has more substantial dimensions, but, you cannot avoid filling sized as it is comfy and has a size that can be adjusted in any living area.

Top 10 Full Size Bed Reviews 2024

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Here are our best full size mattress with detailed product reviews in 2024.

1. Signature Sleep Memoir

Signature Sleep Mattress

Available at a comparatively low price tag, Signature Sleep Memoir mattress can be a good option for buyers looking for an affordable bed. It is worth your money; this is the reason why we are recommending it at the top of our list. Let us discover more about the Sleep Memoir.

Construction: Made of Memoir Foam, its top layer has a thickness of 4 inches. The full bed mattress has an 8-inch base made of high-density foam. It gives the required level of support and pressure relief to the body. Due to its conforming nature, the foam wraps around your body and relieves the pressure from the neck, shoulders, hips, and feet. That is when you fall asleep in the comfort of Signature Memoir bed. If you are a back or side sleeper, you will appreciate the balance, support, and comfort of the bed.

As both the foam layers are CertiPUR-US certified, you can be assured of the content, performance, and safety.

Comfort level: Top layer made of visco-elastic memory foam gives you a soft feel. Its cover is also made of soft and breathable fabric. Overall, the Sleep Memoir is on the softer side of the firmness scale.

Motion absorption: The mattress offers superb motion deadening. Even if your partner moves or changes sleeping positions, you are not going to wake up.

Good for:

  • Side sleepers due to the comfort
  • Back sleepers as the bed are supportive and keep the weight balanced
  • Single sleepers
  • Individuals who like soft sleeping surface


2. Leesa M-F-01 Full Mattress

Leesa Original Foam Mattress

An all-foam mattress, popular among online buyers comes from Leesa. If you have an average weight and body size, this Leesa mattress can be an ideal choice. Soft feel and incredible motion absorption make it great for both solo sleepers and couples.

Construction: An all-foam mattress, it has three layers – on the top, it has LSA 200, which is soft to the touch, light and breathable to keep you fresh and moisture-free. It is fluffy, comfortable and offers excellent pressure relief. Next comes a 2-inch memory foam that adds to the pressure relief and protects you from the harsh high-density 6-inch base made of dense polyurethane foam.

All the layers are settled under a cover made of polyester, lycra, and viscose. Due to the soft fabric and strip texture, the cover is also very comfortable. All three layers and the cover work together to give you a nice feel and proper comfort so that you can take undisturbed sleep.

Comfort level: Leesa’s bed falls in the middle of the firmness scale. So, it is neither soft nor firm; just perfect.

Motion absorption: The mattress does an excellent job of absorbing movement. Even if there is a bounce on the bed, it never covers the distance. You will be impressed by the motion-deadening performance of the mattress.

Good for:

  • Back and stomach sleepers, due to the firmness
  • Side sleepers as the mattress offer the right amount of pressure relief on shoulders and hips
  • Combo sleepers because the bed is medium-firm and responsive
  • For couples, the mattress is very accommodating
  • Medium weighed individuals
  • Anyone who wants to purchase from a brand that donates one bed after selling ten of them



3. LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

LUCID 10 Inch Memory Foam

A highly-rated mattress from the house of Lucid, this 10-inch gel memory foam mattress is affordable and comfortable. Let us see what else it has to offer.

Construction: As it is evident from the name that the mattress has a width of 10 inches. It has two layers, starting with 2.5-inch ventilated memory foam containing microscopic gel beads and a 7.5-inch layer made of high-density support foam.

All the foam used in this bed is CertiPUR-US certified which means they are tested by third-party organizations for safe manufacturing materials, environment-friendly properties, and performance. Its cover is Tencel blend fabric, made of ten percent Tencel lyocell and ninety percent polyester.

Comfort level: This 10-inch mattress is available in three firmness levels. However, we reviewed the bed with medium firmness, which the most popular version. Why? Because it can accommodate all the sleeping positions, especially of medium weighed individuals.

Motion absorption: Whatsoever happens, you will not feel any movement across the mattress. So, even if your partner wakes up at 6 am on Sundays, you can have the luxury to sleep until you want.

Good for:

  • Back and stomach sleepers as it has the firmness to support shoulders and hips
  • Side sleepers because the mattress is an expert in relieving pressure
  • Combo sleepers
  • Medium weighed sleepers



4. Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea

Zinus Green Tea Mattress

Hard to find an affordable mattress with green tea extracts. Right? Not with Zinus, as they have a comfortable bed with a low price tag – the 12-inch memory mattress infused with green tea.

Construction: Zinus memory foam bed comprises of four layers – starts with 3-inch memory foam on the top, then a 2-inch transition layer and two 3.5 inch layers made of egg crate foam.

All the layers are CertiPUR-US certified, which makes clear that the mattress is tested by third-party organizations for indoor emissions, performance and is made without heavy metals, ozone depleters, and formaldehyde. Also, the bed has passed the Open Flame and Cigarette Smoldering test.

Made of knitted jacquard fabric, its cover is soft but thin. It never holds the layers together in a proper manner and quickly lifts to six inches, if you try.

Comfort level: The mattress with a classic memory foam feel has a medium firmness. Meaning, you are slowly going to sink in the cushion for a comfy sleep. You will also see changes in the firmness according to the weather. The bed is soft in summer while it turns to the firm side in winter.

Motion absorption: Due to the memory foam layer, the bed performs exceptionally well in motion deadening. So, it is perfect for partners where one of them is a restless sleeper. Even if he or she gets up in the middle of the night for some water, you are not going to know it.

Good for:

  • Side sleepers as the mattress offer softness and pressure relief for shoulders and hips
  • Medium weighed sleepers



5. Tuft & Needle Full Mattress

Tuft & Needle Mattress

Popular and budget-friendly, the mattress from Tuft & Needle lives up to its hype and gives you excellent comfort and refreshing sleep.

Construction: This 10-inch comfy full-size mattress comes with two layers – the first layer is made of T&N Adaptive Foam with graphite and gel beads to regulate the temperature. So it helps you to sleep cool and comfortably as the body heat is never trapped in the mattress. Next is a dense polyurethane foam layer that gives the foundation and proper support to your body.

Comfort level: The mattress accommodates all body shapes and sleeping positions. Why? Because the bed has a neutral feel, not very firm, nor too soft. That is the reason why the bed is compatible with most of the sleepers.

Motion isolation: It is not the best at motion absorption, but it works fine. It allows little movement but works if you are not a light sleeper.

Good for:

  • Back and medium sleepers with medium weight
  • Side and combo sleepers because of their medium firmness



6. Live & Sleep Mattress

Live & Sleep Mattress

Based in Las Vegas, Live & Sleep offers one of the best foam mattresses. We tested this decent mattress, and you can see the results below.

Construction: While reviewing this Live & Sleep mattress, the first thing we noticed was its simple and classic design. The first point of contact – the cover which keeps all the layers together is stretchable, breathable, and soft.

The first layer after the cover is a 2.5-inch memory foam that is soft and offers proper pressure relief.  Next comes 7.5-inches of dense Polyurethane foam that provides the necessary support and weight distribution.

Comfort level: The bed is on the firmer side of the scale. However, the feel entirely depends upon your body weight and size. Due to the transition layer, this mattress will be suitable only for medium weighed sleepers.

Motion isolation: According to our tests, the mattress performs well in motion deadening. It is useful to such an extent that you will not even feel light or medium movements on the bed.

Good for:

  • Back and stomach sleepers, due to the firm surface
  • Individuals who want pressure relief



7. Zinus Mattress

Zinus Memory Foam

Brought to you by Zinus, the Sleep Master memory foam mattress gives you perfect sleep. With a sleek design and comfortable features, it is a unique, yet affordable bed available in the market. The top-notch engineering of the mattress allows you to relax properly and get the right level of comfort while you sleep.

Construction: The Sleep Master foam mattress has three layers – 3 inches of high-quality memory foam, then 2 inches of super soft foam and a 5-inch high-density foam to provide you the necessary support and balance. The brand only uses CertiPur-US certified foam, so the mattress is free from any emissions, or chemicals and is already tested for durability as well as performance by third-party organizations.

The mattress comes with a unique infusion of ActivCharcoal and green tea extracts. Charcoal is responsible for absorbing moisture and reducing odor-causing agents so that you can have a pleasantly fresh sleep. Green tea extracts also keep the bed fresh and remove any odor from the day you unpack it. All the layers are held together using a zipped Polyester cover that you can lift for machine wash.

Comfort level: The mattress is more towards the firm side of the scale. So, if you like to sleep on a plush surface, you should look for a different option.

Motion isolation: You will not feel any movement from your partner, even if he or she has a habit to change sides continuously.

Good for:

  • Side and back sleepers
  • Light or medium weighed sleepers
  • Couples as the mattress works well against movement



8. Casper Sleep Memory Foam

Casper Sleep Original Foam Mattress

Specially designed to provide optimum comfort, the 10-inch memory foam mattress targets different pressure points of your body to provide instant relief. Let us have a close look at the Casper Sleep Memory Foam, and then you can decide whether it will work for you or not.

Construction: Built with four distinct layers of foam – the top comfort layer made of latex-like foam makes the mattress responsive and gives optimum pressure relief. With excellent cooling properties, it also makes sure that you do not sleep hot. Next comes the contour layer that adds to pressure relief and gives you a body contouring feel.

The third is a transition layer made of durable poly foam; the noticeable feature of the layer is its two different firmness levels. Under the shoulders, it has soft foam while it is firm under the hips. This exclusive arrangement gives you optimum comfort, especially in pressure areas. The fourth and last layer made of high-quality poly foam works as a foundation and provides proper support.

Comfort level: The firmness level of the mattress is above medium, and it should rank at 7 out of 10. However, be informed that sleepers with different weights and body sizes will feel the firmness level differently. Due to the comfort and contour layers, you sink in the bed for some inches, but the transition, as well as the base layer, take care of the comfort and support.

Motion isolation: The mattress has average ratings in terms of motion containment. So if your partner tosses or turns, you will feel it. However, the movements will not be disruptive to wake you up.

Good for:

  • Sleepers who frequently change positions while sleeping
  • Individuals suffering from joint or shoulder pain as the mattress targets all the pressure areas



9. Arctic Dreams 10″ Cooling Gel Mattress

Arctic Dreams Mattress

Arctic Dreams saves the day of budget-conscious buyers by presenting a 10-inch cooling gel mattress, which is worthy enough to be called at the ninth slot of our list. Let us find out how.

Construction: The 10-inch mattress is built of three layers –

  • 75-inch top layer made of super soft foam that gives you a comfortable feel and complete pressure relief
  • 5-inch layer made with Energex gel foam, which is similar to latex and provides support, cooling, and comfort bounce.
  • 5 inches of support layer made of foam that acts as a foundation base and also supports heavy sleepers.

Made with a combination of polyester fabric and blended cotton, the cover is breathable, soft, stretchable and adds another layer of comfort to the bed.

Comfort level: Before we mention the firmness level, we want to let you know that the mattress is very comfortable and gives exceptional pressure relief. It strikes as a medium-firm firmness and stands at 5 out of 10.

Motion isolation: Motion reduction is another department where the mattress excels and gives you undisturbed sleep, even if you have a moving partner.

Good for:

  • Buyers looking for an affordable sleeping solution
  • Sleepers who like the sink and apparent hug feel
  • Individuals who like to sleep on a medium soft surface



10. Signature Sleep 6047329 10″ Coil Mattress

Signature Sleep Mattress

Here comes the last entry of our list. It may be last, but you cannot overlook this 10-inch coil mattress from Signature. Due to its excellent performance and some useful features, it has garnered positive reviews from our test team and many online buyers.

Construction: Signature sleep comfy full-size bed is made of two layers – 2.5-inch high-density foam on the top followed by 7.5 high-density foam responsible for contouring your body, proper weight distribution, and pressure point relief so that you can have an unmatched sleeping experience.

This layer also has separately encased steel coils that add to the comfort. Both layers are tested by third-party organizations for performance, environmentally friendly content, and durability. On top of both layers, you will see a cover made of knit fabric, which is very soft and breathable.

Comfort level: The mattress has a medium firmness level and that is why it is appropriate for most of the sleepers.

Motion isolation. Its stable and supportive structure reduces motion transfer to give you undisturbed sleep.

Please note that you have to wait for 72 hours before you use the mattress so that it can expand fully and release all the odor.

Good for:

  • Users who want to sleep cool
  • Sleepers are suffering from joint pain
  • All kinds of sleeping positions



Buyer’s Guide Of Full Size Mattress

We almost spend one-third of life sleeping, which means on the bed. So, it has to be unique and comfortable. There are certain characters that you need to check before you choose the mattress. Only then you will be able to select the right one according to your preferences and taste.

Construction material. We have included mattresses that have memory foam, latex or foam patent by the brand manufacturing it. Whatever the foam material is, you should verify that the bed is CertiPUR-US certified So that the mattress makes an entry in your house as an environment-friendly, durable and safe addition.

Comfort level. The level of comfort a bed will provide is highly influenced by the material used to manufacture it. It is widely denoted as firmness level. All the manufacturers rate their bed based on a firmness scale of one to ten, where ten is the firmest. We can divide the firmness levels into four stages.

  1. Extra-firm. If you like a solid sleeping surface, you should select a mattress with extra firmness. Especially, if you are a back sleeper, you would like the support and comfort offered by an extra firm mattress.
  2. Firm. A little more comfortable then extra firm mattress, a bed with medium firmness provides a sleeping surface with less padding. If you are a stomach or back sleeper, a firm mattress will be perfect.
  3. Plush. Mattresses with plush firmness work for you if you like sleeping on a surface with some extra softness. With a luxurious feel and some resistance, a soft bed is best suited for stomach and side sleepers.
  4. Ultra-plush. Most delicate mattresses on the firmness scale, ultra-plush mattresses are preferred by sleepers who like to sleep on a very soft surface. Avoided by stomach sleepers, ultra-soft beds are favourite among side sleepers.

Now, you know the various firmness levels of mattresses, you can choose one according to your sleeping style.

  • Side sleepers – Plush or an ultra-plush mattress as it will relieve the pressure on shoulders, arms, and hips.
  • Back and stomach sleepers – Extra firm or a firm mattress as it will provide the right amount of support
  • Heavy sleepers – Extra firm or firm mattress for proper weight distribution

Support. When we say that the bed is supportive, we mean that it keeps your body in the right balance and keep the spine naturally aligned. So, you should look for a bed that has all the support to offer. A supportive mattress keeps your posture right while you sleep and hence ensures that you do not have to face any back, neck or joint pain.

Off-gassing. Once you unpack the bed, it releases odour for the first few hours or even days. It is prevalent with memory foam mattresses. However, if you do not want to deal with any smell or you are allergic to chemicals, you should select a bed that comes infused with green tea or charcoal. These organic components will not only discourage initial smell but also keep the mattress odour-free – always.

Motion control. If you sleep with your partner, then this is another critical area that needs a checkmark. There is no point buying a mattress if you wake up in the middle of the night because he/she went for a glass of water or some middle night snacks. We have mentioned and described the motion deadening feature of all the mattress so that you can choose accordingly.

Bottom Line

Because of the many options available in the market, choosing the best full size mattress is a difficult task. However, we believe that you are one step closer to purchasing a mattress after reading this article.

We have already discussed the top ten full size mattresses, and we have mentioned the points that you need to check before you buy a full size bed. Now the last decision is up to you. If you are ordering online, then you know where to go – Amazon.

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