Lull vs Casper Mattress 2024 – Which One Is The Best?

By Sakibul Islam

When comparing the Lull vs Casper, you can spot several differences not only in construction but overall performance and application.

However, they also have many similarities such as firmness, temperature, and total comfort.

But for us, there’s no doubt that the Lull is the best mattress between the two. The advantage this mattress has over the other is not that great, it still offers exceptional results and a slight improvement in many factors.

It is also one of the most pressure-relieving mattresses in the market, and a top-notch choice for budget buyers.

If you want to know a little more in-depth about why this mattress is the best, you will have to read further and find out. Come and see it!

Let’s look at the most common similarity and difference on Lull Mattress vs Casper mattress.

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Casper vs Lull Mattress – Construction and Materials

The construction differences between the Lull vs Casper mattress are significant to know before buying either. This way you can more assure that you are getting the right mattress that focuses on your desired results.

For the Casper, for example, you get a unique 4-layered mattress that promotes not only a comfortable experience but one of the most supportive as well. It starts with a breathable memory foam layer in 2 inches, perfect to keep the user’s body cool and fresh.

Alongside the 2-inches pressure-relieving layer in second, you get excellent comfort & softness, and the ability to ease back and hip pain.

The last two layers are 2-inches of support foam and a final 3.5 inches layer of base latex foam. Both have the purpose of creating a solid foundation that improves overall firmness and increases the overall durability of the product.

But the support memory foam is pretty soft, so it works alongside the first two to offer impressive sinkage& compression. The final one is hard, so it aids in stability.

The Lull mattress build is pretty different. Here you also get high-quality materials working together towards comfort and excellent support, but this time you get a slight improvement in pressure relief and alignment.

The first top layer is 1.5 inches of blended memory foam. This layer has the purpose of providing excellent pressure relief as well as a breathable feature for superb coolness while sleeping.

Then you get a middle layer of 1.5 inches of blended memory foam again, this time promoting bounce and softness, with a slight touch of sinkage, but pretty balance to offer a reliable experience.

The support layer is very thick. At 7 inches of high-grade support foam, you get one of the densest layers in mattresses of this type. You will obtain a solid experience with a layer that also aids in stability and overall support throughout the mattress.

It makes sure the bed won’t sag too soon while helping to maintain the two top layers working effectively with the right firmness.

Lull vs Casper Mattress – Performance

The performance of a mattress depends on many things, from comfort and softness to firmness and motion isolation. Between the Lull and the Casper mattress, we can spot a huge difference in performance on almost each of these factors.

The Lull mattress, for example, focuses on providing exceptional comfort and firmness at the same time. With two blended memory foam layers, it helps to relieve pain in the back and hips, while also increasing softness exponentially.

Its sinkage is not really that much, but it helps to ensure that you’re always supported by the mattress without reducing firmness or stability.

This also happens because the thick 7-inches layer of support foam is exceptionally doing its job. The layer also promotes excellent bounce and enhances overall breathability with an infusion of gel and several other fibers on the top memory foam layers.

In motion isolation, the Lull is also very good. Its firmness and overall stability prevent users from moving the mattress too much, so it works excellently for users who like to sleep with another person.

On the other hand, you have the Casper mattress, a medium-firm option that offers a little more sinkage than the Lull. The thing about this mattress is that it provides excellent layers of memory foam.

Its softness, pressure relief, and compression are perfect. Also, the first two layers of memory foam promote not only that but heavy breathability that improves freshness throughout the mattress.

The advantage of this mattress is the ability to reduce joint and back problems. But still, the firmness and support of the support and latex foam offer the right stability alongside its heavy softness and sinkage.

And yet, it manages to be a really fresh and cool mattress.

The motion isolation, however, is not as good as in the Lull. You will get a fairly firm mattress, but not as good for couples or those who like to sleep accompanied.

What Does each Mattress Weigh?

The weight differences in the Casper vs. Lull are slight but noticeable enough to consider. While a memory foam tends to be lighter than other materials, the memory foam blend on the Lull promotes a lighter construction than in the Casper.

While the Lull weighs 69 pounds only, the Casper goes at 88 pounds. Usually, in other mattresses, the difference wouldn’t be as much. This means the Casper will be harder to move and transport than the Lull.

Most users actually complain about the Casper being difficult to carry by one person, even though it is supposed to be a more convenient mattress.

Will the Mattresses Stand the Test of Time?

Most mattresses tend to last between 5 to 10 years before needing a replacement or fix. Here, between the Lull and the Casper, you get exceptional durability with both.

But that’s mostly in terms of build details and overall design, as both brands have been in the market a relatively short time, so it is not very accurate to say if they are reliable enough.

But regarding edge support, for example, we can say the Casper is slightly better. While it sinks more rapidly than the Lull, the edge support increases its firmness, despite having more layers than the Lull.

So, the Casper may be a little more durable & reliable, but not that much.

What Sleeping Position is Each Mattress Best For?

While we can say the Lull mattress vs Casper mattress is very different in build and performance, the sleeping positions each one offers are not that different.

However, the Casper is a slightly softer mattress, so it provides a more pressure-relieving and compression performance, which means it is better for side and back sleepers.

The Lull, in contrast, works better for stomach and combination sleepers especially because it has an advantage when it comes to firmness and support. It also works better for heavy sleepers and those who like to sleep with a partner with its great motion isolation.

But overall, both mattresses will work for all positions and combinations of sleepers almost the same way. The firmness and overall support, plus the softness and sinkage are good enough for many positions without problems.

Which Mattress is the Firmest?

When it comes to firmness, there’s no doubt the Lull is a step in front of the Casper. But this is because the Casper focuses on pressure relief and overall compression instead of promoting a solid feel.

Both were really good at relieving problems nonetheless, as well as offering a balanced enough performance. But the memory foam feel of the Lull increases its solidness a little more than in the Casper, which means it is firmer than the other.

The build of the Casper not only focuses on sinkage and compression but also on softness and breathability, which is why the Lull ends up being firmer.

Which Has the Highest Customer Ratings?

The acceptance between the Lull mattress vs Casper from the users is not pretty different. Both mattresses come with similar prices, while the Casper is a little more expensive.

However, the performance and overall feel each one of these mattresses offer is good enough for budget and demanding users at the same time, so it is not easy to say which has better ratings.

While several customers say that the Lull improves several spine pains and chronic illnesses in the body, Casper’s reviewer’s relief of the pain from diseases such as arthritis and fibromyalgia that can be very annoying at night.

Really, however, the Casper has more reviews and recommendations than the Lull. But this is because the Casper is more popular, while the Lull has a better 5-star rating from users. So, you get a somewhat better opinion from Lull users than with the Casper.

Lull vs. Casper – Which One Should I Buy?

We can say that between the Lull and Casper, you get a similar experience no matter which mattress you choose.

They both use memory foam in their builds, they offer a 10-inches profile and provide excellent comfort as well. However, their differences put one in front of the other when it comes to overall value.

For us, the Lull – Memory Foam Mattress is the better queen mattress. It has fewer layers in its build, but it does not have transition layers or too much sinkage that could eventually be uncomfortable.

This one focuses on a memory foam build with excellent bounce, support, and top-notch firmness. The pressure relief is also good enough, and it works for many sleeping positions, especially back and stomach sleepers.

In contrast, the Casper Sleep Mattress uses softer and more breathable materials. It is not a firm option like the Lull, but it manages to be the most responsive of the two.

However, its sinkage and compression may not be the best for most users. And despite having more popularity, its reviewers tend to mention several issues with its build, which reduces its overall rating.

So, it’s safe to say that the Lull will give you a better experience. If you want to have a more long-lasting product that always keeps you comfortable and supported, the Lull is your choice.

Otherwise, you can go for a more compressing and sinking mattress with the Casper, and you’ll get a similarly comfortable experience.

So, now it is totally up to you to select any one of them, as compare Lull vs Casper.

Layers1.5-inches Blended Memory Foam – 1.5-inches Blended Memory Foam – 7-inches Support Polyurethane Foam2-inches Breathable Memory Foam – 2.5-inches Pressure Relieving Memory Foam – 2-inches Support Foam – 3.5-inches Base Latex Foam
Height10 Inches10 Inches
CoverThin Plush CottonThin Polyester Posh
Firmness / SupportExcellent Firmness with Very Good SupportVery Good Firmness with Excellent Support
Perfect ForActive and Heavy – Back & Stomach SleepersCalm and Medium Weight – Back & Side Sleepers
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