Casper vs Leesa vs Purple Mattress

By Sakibul Islam

We can provide you some useful information by comparing three chosen beddings from Casper vs Leesa vs Purple.

When it comes to sleep solutions, products from these three brands suit your preferences and needs. It is the reason why we have selected the top-performing bed from each and reviewing the same on this page.

Keep reading to know the differences, similarities, and other features, so that you can choose the right cushion for your bedroom.

Let’s get started.

Casper vs Leesa vs Purple Comparison

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Overviews Of Top 3 Mattress

A summary for those who are not in the mood to read the entire post, or have less mattress purchasing time.

  • Casper mattress

A medium-firm mattress that accommodates most of the sleepers, irrelevant of their sleeping styles and body size. The combination of latex and memory foam gives you the necessary support and comfort. Keeps your spine naturally aligned as well.

  • Leesa mattress

Another medium-firm mattress, but this time it has a unique foam called LSA 2000. Made to fit a wide range of sleepers, it also has the memory foam to give you relief from a bad back.

  • Purple mattress

Highly comfortable and affordable, this mattress from Purple has the best-in-class contouring comfort. Also, it gives you the right support and spine alignment.

Mattress Construction

Let’s compare Leesa vs Purple vs Casper mattress are entirely made of foam.

Casper mattress

Designed for enhanced airflow, the 12-inch mattress from Casper never absorbs your body heat but keeps regulating it, so that you can sleep in comfort. Its sturdy multi-layered design promotes durability as well as promising edge support.

Cover. Made of durable polyester, its cover envelops all the layers. Due to the synthetic material and dotted design, it is breathable and disperses the heat. It seems like the dots collect the extra body temperature and regulates them so that you sleep fresh and moisture-free.

Top layer – 1.5 inches. Made of open-cell hypoallergenic Latex, this layer offers the right support and bounce. If you feel stuck while getting in our out of bed, you should upgrade to a latex-based mattress, and this one is one of the best options available.

Second layer – 1.5 inches. Responsive memory foam makes the second layer of this mattress. By adjusting to the curves of your body, it gives you a hug like feel resulting in a peaceful sleep. Due to the contouring comfort, this layer behaves like your personalized comfort portal.

Third layer – 1.5 inches. Comparatively firmer then the top two sheets, this layer acts as a transition from comfort to support. It is the reason why adaptive transition foam is used here so that the top two layers can perform well.

Final layer – 7.5 inches. Durable support foam acts as a base layer to provide the shape and stability to upper tiers. It adds to the support as well as durability.

Leesa mattress

Constructed with three layers, the 10-inch mattress from Leesa comes with LSA200 foam combined with memory foam to give you the necessary comfort and airflow.

Cover. A blend of lycra and polyester, its protection is soft as well as durable. Keeps the mattress safe from liquid spills and stains. It is removable so washing will be an easy task.

Top layer – 2 inches. Specialized in airflow, LSA200 foam is used to build the first sheet of this mattress. It enhances airflow, reduces any chance of sweating and gives you an undisturbed resting time.

LSA200 foam is similar to latex but is comparatively more durable, yet lightweight. As the top layer is prone to all the wear and tear, this is an essential development in this bed. Made of high-quality foam, the top layer will not show extra sink and sagging even after years of use.

Second layer – 2 inches. All memory foam, this sheet is included, which gives give you a contouring comfort to prevent any joint pain or backache. If you are dealing with body or muscle pain or you need a bed for an elderly, or someone who has Arthritis, this is one of the best sleep solutions that you can purchase.

Third layer – 6 inches. The base layer supports your body and gives you the right support to avoid extra sink. It also helps in proper weight distribution and minimizes any motion transfer, in case you sleeping with a moving partner. Due to the support and motion control offered by the support layer, the mattress is ideal for light sleepers as well.

Purple mattress

Not latex, nor memory foam, the 10-inch mattress from Purple is collectively manufactured from Purple foam and polyurethane foam to give you a comfortable sleep.

Cover. A blend of polyester and viscose, protection of the mattress is very soft and gives you a quilt like a feel.

Top layer – 2.5 inches. Comprises Purple foam layer, which is made of patent hyper-elastic polymer. Purple foam is durable and withstand regular wear and tear.

Second layer – 3.5 inches. Comprising polyurethane foam, this sheet is responsible for providing you the right support. It also works against motion transfers and works well to minimize them.

Third layer – 4 inches. Dense polyurethane foam is at work in this cost to keep the mattress in the right structure and also acts as a base to extend the support.

Comfort level

There are slight differences between the comfort level, Let’s check out.

Casper Mattress

The mattress falls right in the middle of the firmness scale. So, it is going to fit most of the average weighed sleepers. The only problem with heavy sleepers can be some extra sink. If you are a heavy sleeper, you should look for a firmer mattress.

Overall, a high-quality mattress offers a high level of comfort. Motion transfers are minimal, and heat regulation is at its best. The package is completed by a soft, breathable cover that keeps your body moisture-free.

Leesa Mattress

The 10-inch mattress sits on number five, where ten is the firmest. As you see, it is medium-firm and will be ideal for a user who does not prefer too much sink or a very plush sleeping surface.

The mattress is soft to touch and offers tremendous support. Its contouring support when gets paired with the breathable nature of LS200 foam, you get a relaxed sleep. The mattress also relieves you from any joint pain or backache.

Purple mattress

Sitting higher on the scale, the 10-inch Purple queen mattress score seven out of ten., which makes it perfect for users who do not like too much softness beneath them.

If you are dealing with any back problems or muscle pains, it will give you the required relief. We suggest you choose this mattress because sleeping on a plush surface will result in sink and more pain.

Overall, the mattress has a very supportive and durable design. Due to right edge support, you will never get the feeling of roll-off, even if you sit or sleep along with the corners.

Support, the ability to distribute weight

best mattress support

Now that you know the various layers of construction and the firmness level, we will talk about an overlooked feature – the support a mattress has to offer.

It is essential to consider because you’re a heavy sleeper, you might need extra support from the mattress while if you have a light body, then the extra supportive nature of a bed might hurt your muscles by adding too much pressure.

  • Casper

The matters can appeal to a variety of sleepers. Due to its medium firmness, it offers you the right level of support only if you are not a very heavy sleeper. With the proper support, it also gives you the contouring support.

Overall, the support is as good as its comfort. If we can mark the backing on a scale of 10, we would say, the mattress stands at 6.

  • Leesa

Leesa uses the same trick to attract a wide variety of users. Like Casper, this one also has a medium level of firmness and gives you the same support level. So, the rating is also the same, six out of ten.

LSA200 gives you an enjoyable sleeping experience. Being at the top, it ensures comfort as well as the support. The lower layers also add to the support. However, if you are a heavy sleeper, you will not get the support you need. Your body will sink too much, which will result in a bad back after a few weeks.

  • Purple

The mattress offers excellent support. The top layer made of hyper-elastic polymer gives you a contouring comfort and a hug like a feel. It will distribute your body weight to provide you with a solid and supportive feel.

As told, the mattress is not only about the soft feel. It gives you a level of support that can improve your sleeping habits. If you are a back sleeper, it distributes your weight and keeps your spine naturally aligned.

If you have a preference to sleep on your sides, it relieves the pressure on your neck, hips, and shoulders. Overall, there is no lack of support in any sleeping position. Irrelevant to the body style or the sleeping style.

Sleeping experience

Before we talk about the experience and comfort, the mattresses give while you rest. Keep in mind that the overall depends upon your body size, weight, and sleeping preferences.

If you are a heavy sleeper, you should always look for a mattress high in firmness. Similarly, low weighed users should look low ranks at the firmness scale.

Sleeping experience: Casper mattress

As we discussed earlier, the 10-inch mattress has a medium-firm feel. Still, it may feel a bit firmer for the initial few nights. Once you get used to it, you will start feeling the softness and the right firmness level.

Casper Sleep Original Foam Mattress

Due to an open-cell foam structure, it enhances the airflow to keep you fresh and moisture free all night long. So, if you wish to sleep on a cold surface, you can try the sleep solution by Casper.

Also, the mattress is bouncy and has minimal motion transfer.

Sleeping experience: Leesa mattress

It almost gives you a latex-like feel, so keeps you cool and provides the right bounce. Possess minimal motion transfer, so a perfect bedroom solution for couples.

Leesa Universal Adaptive Feel Memory Foam

While we cannot call it a luxury mattress, but the comfort offered by the cushion at this price is satisfactory. However, we were expecting better edge support.

Sleeping experience: Purple mattress

With the Purple top foam, the mattress adapts to your body and gives you the best in class comfort. Feels soft where you want it to and remains firm where it needs to be.

Purple Mattress

Apart from providing a cold sleeping surface, the mattress is also an expert in motion deadening.

You can expect the bounce similar to a latex mattress. It also helps individuals with backache and muscle pain.

Trial period and returns

  • Casper mattress

It comes with 100 nights’ trial. So, you can either return it for a replacement or take a refund if you are not satisfied. It needs to be within 100 days of the payment. Casper will take care of the shipment cost as well.

  • Lessa mattress

Similar to Casper, Leesa also offers 100 nights’ trial period and free returns within the same. No questions asked. Overall, the manufacturers are trying to make this a risk free purchase, and they are doing it well.

  • Purple mattress

Purple also offers a similar period of free returns, which is 100 days. If you are not satisfied with the comfort level, contact the customer support, and someone will pick the product.

Unique features

  • Casper mattress

Excellent edge support. If you are looking for a sleep solution with an extraordinary edge, you will like the Casper mattress.

Even if you sit along the sides, you feel the right weight distribution. If you have someone in your house with joint pains or an elderly who might need some extra bounce while leaving the bed, the mattress can be a great choice.

Motion deadening. The mattress has unmatched motion absorption. Due to this, a couple can comfortably sleep undisturbed on the bed, even if one of them has a habit of tossing and turning while asleep.

  • Leesa mattress

LSA200 top layer. Built to provide you with maximum airflow, the foam stands apart in terms in terms of giving you a relaxed and comfortable sleep.

  • Purple mattress

The best feature of this mattress is its Purple foam, which is renowned for its durability and comfort.

User reviews

Mattress Support

In terms of user reviews, Leesa excels from Casper and Purple mattresses. We will check some of the common statements given by the users.

Casper mattress, user’s take

Let us see what they feel about the 10 inch Casper mattress. Well, according to most of the users who gave positive reviews; they like it because of the contouring support it provides.

It also reliefs the pressure points, including shoulders, neck, hips, and feet. One of the buyers also says that it helps individuals who have Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.

Lessa mattress, user’s take

The bed has the right firmness, and it lowers the backache and muscle pain by giving you proper support. It keeps you fresh and moisture-free, and in terms of that, it is better than any other mattress. It is our collective information after talking to several users of Leesa mattress.

Purple mattress

If you use stretchable bedsheets, then the bed gives you feel like you are sleeping in heaven. If you can imagine the level of comfort, I am getting, while I rest.

Keeps your spine naturally aligned and accommodates all the individuals, irrelevant of the body weight and size. It also keeps you fresh and moisture-free.

Seems like they have done it, again. People like mattresses. So, can you, if you choose the right one.

Shipping and delivery

All the three mattresses are available on Amazon and can be shipped directly to your doorstep. Casper and Lessa arrive in a box, while Purple mattress comes in a bag.

  • Casper mattress

The makers offer free delivery to all the 50 states. They do not have the option of white glove delivery so you will need a friend or family member to set up the mattress.

  • Leesa mattress

Similar to Casper, Leesa also offers free delivery to all the 50 states. They also deliver to Alaska and Hawaii without any extra charges. No white glove delivery option from Leesa as well. The mattress will be delivered to your doorstep; then you have to take it and unpack.

  • Purple mattress

They deliver in 48 states without any extra charges. For Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada, the delivery charges will be added while you make the payment. Like Leesa and Casper, Purple does not have the option of white glove delivery as well.

Are they medically fit?

If we talk about built material, all the three brands Casper vs. Leesa vs. Purple uses CertiPUR-US­ Certified foam and other materials. So, you can be ensured that they are well tested by third-party establishments for durability, carbon emission, and performance.

Also, Purple uses materials that are antimicrobial in nature, that even without any use of chemicals or artificial germicides. Its content also discourages allergens and dust mites. The hyperelastic polymer used in the mattress is FDA-certified, so the bed is safe to use for everyone.

Not only comfortable but, Purple gives you a toxic-free place to sleep.

Bottom Line – Which One Should I Buy?

When you compare Purple vs Casper vs Leesa, you will see that they are all great in offering the necessary comfort to give you a restful sleep.

Still, you have to choose one. So, ask few questions to yourself. Do you prefer a cooling sleep solution? Or an extra supportive mattress with excellent edge support? Are you a couple or a solo sleeper?

Answering these simple questions will give you a clear picture of the bed you need. Still, we will provide you with a brief that came from our experts.

Casper mattress is good for:

  • Sleepers who needs excellent edge support. Especially if you are a couple, you will need some extra bounce along the edges. The bed has the same and gives responsive edge support.
  • A couple as the mattress has least motion transfer, again
  • Someone on the heavier side of body weight
  • Sleepers looking for some extra support

Leesa mattress is good for:

  • Sleepers looking for a breathable sleeping surface as LSA200 foam regulates heat
  • A couple who needs minimal motion transfer
  • Individuals who suffer from an allergy as the mattress has a hypoallergenic cover, which is helpful. Especially in the winters when allergic reactions are on a high
  • People who need some bounce as well as the right support
  • Buyers who like the feel of latex mattress
  • Users looking for an affordable yet comfortable sleep solution

Purple mattress is good for:

  • Someone looking for a firm and supportive bed
  • Individuals suffering from backache and joint pain
  • Elderly who needs some extra bounce
  • Buyers looking for an affordable cushion with contouring support
  • Users who need pressure relief

Now, You have discussed all the details that which one you should make the comparison between Casper vs Leesa vs Purple Bed.

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