Purple Mattress vs Tempurpedic Comparison 2024

By Sakibul Islam

There are few mattresses comparisons as exciting as the Purple vs Tempurpedic. They are profoundly similar in many ways, including their hybrid constructions, the cooling performance, and the reputation behind their products.

However, for us, there’s a clear winner in this battle.

The Purple, for us, is the better choice between the two. Why?

Because it offers almost the same performance as the Tempur-Pedic does, but for a far more affordable price. In many ways, the Purple also performs better than the Tempur-Pedic, even though it is cheaper – so that’s a reason enough to say that the Purple is just superior.

But there are many factors we put into consideration, so it is crucial you take a look further into this article to learn more.

Let’s look at the most common similarity and difference on Purple mattress vs. Tempurpedic mattress.

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Tempurpedic vs. Purple Mattress Materials & Quality

The construction, materials, and overall quality of the Purple Mattress vs Tempurpedic are not too similar, so it wasn’t really hard for us to compare them. Luckily, we already know that regarding construction, there’s really nothing left to desire from any.

With the Purple mattress, you get an excellent build overall. It is a hybrid mattress made with hyper-elastic polymer alongside two more layers of comfort foam and support foam. They do their job very well, creating a 9.5-inches thick mattress that offers enough support, softness, and overall firmness.

The first layer is composed of 2 inches of polymer foam with the hyper-elastic design. It helps to improve overall support and provide a slight touch of pressure relief and contouring.

This gives the mattress a sinking feeling. This material is also breathable and very cool, perfect for demanding users who expect a decent temp control.

The second layer is 3.5 inches thick, made of comfort foam, oriented toward providing more density and firmness. However, it also has a touch of softness that is more responsive than the first layer.

And the last 3.5 inches thick layer is also pretty supportive and firm, but this one focuses on creating a sturdy foundation that promotes stability and overall rigidness. It manages to improve softness as well.

The Tempur-Pedic also comes with three layers and a cover. Its cover focuses on being a cooling agent. It is very thin, yet it still offers a durable experience. Its cover is also pretty soft and goes really well with the comfort layer of memory foam at 2-inches of thickness.

When you add the dynamic support layer of 3 inches in depth, you get one of the most supportive and firm options in the market.

Following by a final layer for basing and support, you get polyurethane foam again as in the second layer, perfect for increasing overall softness without reducing any firmness or stability.

Tempurpedic vs Purple – Performance

In performance, we need to go over many factors, from motion isolation to softness, comfort, contouring, responsiveness, and even temperature control.

Here, we can say that both mattresses offer impressive performances in each one of these factors, but they battle with each other in many of these factors as well.

For example, in temperature, we can say the Purple performs better than the Tempurpedic. The hyper-elastic construction of this mattress defeats the memory foam of the Tempur-Pedic in many ways. Not only it is more breathable, but it also promotes excellent thermal regulation.

In contrast, the memory foam build of the Tempur-Pedic is even softer and with more sinkage, which means it may produce hotter experiences.

But the Tempur-Pedic is not really too hot either, with its Breeze material in the cover, for example, it manages to be cooler than many other mattresses in the market, but does not have anything against the Purple.

For motion isolation, the story is similar. While the Purple does its job pretty well thanks to a very firm and rigid build, the Tempur-Pedic ends up in the lead.

The Tempurpedic has the right amount of sinkage to decrease motion when sleeping with another person. It has that compression effect that reduces movement throughout the mattress, offering stress-free experiences at all times.

For responsiveness, the Purple takes the lead. Its hyper-elastic layer plus polyurethane layers promote a very responsive performance. It is firmer than the Tempurpedic but still manages to be more sensitive and offer more bounce.

This helps to reduce the number of times you get stuck in the mattress when sleeping, making the Purple the best choice for stomach and combination sleepers.

Finally, the Purple also wins when it comes to resilience. Here, it can manage more weight than Tempur-Pedic.

The difference is not that much, but people heavier than 200 pounds will have a better experience with the Purple, as it not only responds faster but also goes to its original shape slightly faster than the Tempur-Pedic.

What Does Each Mattress Weigh?

It is not a complete Tempurpedic vs. Purple comparison until we talk about the weight of each mattress. However, the difference between the two is not really that much. While the Purple weighs 80 pounds, the Tempur-Pedic manages only to weigh 85 pounds, which is only five pounds more than the other.

We couldn’t really which one is easier to transport or move, and which one will eventually provide a more durable experience with these slight differences in weight. However, it is known that the Tempur-Pedic using memory foam could be much lighter than this.

So we give a slight advantage to the Purple, which using polyurethane foam still manages to weigh only 80 pounds, less than the Tempur-Pedic.

Will the Mattresses Stand the Test of Time?

When it comes to durability in the Purple mattress vs Tempurpedic comparison, we find that both are pretty durable and reliable mattresses overall.

Here, we find that the TempurPedic is the most durable between the two, but the difference is not really that much, and even worse – we can’t really say with accuracy why.

The Purple mattress has been a relatively short time in the market, which is why there aren’t many complete reviews or accurate assertions on whether it is durable or not.

However, by considering its build, there’s no doubt it is a long-lasting mattress. Yet, the Tempur-Pedic is known for last two years more than most mattresses out there, so it is easily a better choice regarding durability.

And when it comes to edge support, another critical factor for durability, both perform decently enough, ranging on the average to mediocre performance.

So, there’s really not much of a difference in longevity, only a more reliable history with the Tempur-Pedic as it has more time in the market than the Purple.

Which Mattress is the Firmest?

The firmness comparison of the Tempurpedic vs Purple is another vital factor to know which one is really better than the other. Here, however, both perform fairly similarly. But according to most reviews of the products, the Purple is the most common to offer a firm and supporting experience.

The bounce and resilience of the Purple mattress, plus the lower sinkage and reduced compression when compared to the Tempur-Pedic, make it the firmest between the two. But both are firm enough mattresses for people who like different sleeping positions.

Inevitably, however, the Purple will perform better for the most demanding users in terms of rigidness.

What Sleeping Position is Each Mattress Suitable For?

Finding the right sleeping positions for each mattress was hard. The Tempurpedic vs Purple mattress comparison is very tight in this matter, yet we can say the Purple offers a little more versatility.

We say versatility because the Purple is slightly better when it comes to firmness and overall pressure relief for joint pain sufferers. This means you get a mattress that works perfectly for side and back sleepers, especially those who tend to go from one position to the other throughout the night.

But the Tempurpedic is still an excellent choice for any position. It is not as effective for side sleepers when it comes to pain relief or spinal alignment, yet it works amazingly well when it comes to compression and sinkage.

This means back sleepers will have a fantastic time with it, and side sleepers won’t feel bad either.

Sadly, the Purple, even when it is the cheaper product between the two, manages to be better for pressure relief and spinal alignment.

So, despite being slightly firmer and more rigid, it still promotes exceptional comfort for side sleepers, while the Tempur-Pedic focuses on sinkage and compression, excellent for back sleepers.

Which has the Highest Customer Ratings?

In the comparison between the Tempurpedic vs Purple mattress, the customer ratings were hard to compare. Not only because one is the most popular mattress, but because the other is so expensive in comparison, that only a few people have really shared their experience with it.

But we came to the conclusion that the Purple has the most ratings without a doubt, including its 5-star reviews. And the Tempur-Pedic, not only falls a little behind in numbers but also in overall acceptance.

So, we can infer that Tempur-Pedic performs a lot worse in the eyes of buyers mostly because of its price. Its performance is good enough, yet for that price point, you get not so much of a valuable product.

Purple vs Tempurpedic – Which One Should I Buy?

Both of these mattresses have fantastic performances and overall builds, but in the Tempurpedic vs Purple battle, we can’t stop giving the lead to the Purple cushion. It is the better product between the two without a doubt, and for a far better price as well.

The Purple Queen Mattress is a perfect choice if you are someone who expects exceptional firmness with top-notch resilience and bounce. It is also the ideal choice for those who want a cooler mattress, and the perfect pressure relief with enough support.

And of course, it is merely exceptional for budget customers who prefer more value for their money.

But the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Breeze does not stay too far behind. It is still a top-notch choice from a very well-established company. It has many honest and reliable reviews and still provides superb firmness, sinkage, pressure relief, and outstanding compression.

No doubt, it traps users inside with ease, giving great comfort & softness for those who prefer a slow-moving mattress.

But it all comes down to your preferences and overall needs. You already know what each of these mattresses offers, so pick the one for you and get the experience you expect.

Layers2-inches Cooling Memory Foam – 2-inches Comfort Memory Foam – 4-inches Support Polyurethane Foam – 3.5-inches Base Polyurethane Foam2-inches Hyper-elastic Comfort Polymer – 3.5-inches Polyurethane Foam – 4-inches Support Polyurethane Foam
Height11.5 Inches9.5 Inches
CoverTempur Breeze Material (Polyester & Spandex)Stretch Knit Cover
Firmness / SupportGood Firmness with Excellent SupportVery Good Firmness with Good Support
Perfect ForCalm and Light/Medium Weight – Back & Side SleepersCalm and Light Users – Back, Stomach & Side Sleepers
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