Euro Top vs Pillow Top – Which Mattress Is Right For You?

By Sakibul Islam

Comparing two mattresses as similar to the Euro Top vs Pillow Top is not an easy job.

From the feel to the overall design and looks, these two mattresses are so alike, that making a comparison is mostly trying to find their slight differences.

But of course, there are still a few different features you can spot when you compare them with each other.

For those who are looking for a reliable and firmer mattress, the Gramercy Euro Top is easily the better choice.

Instead, if you are looking for a great feeling and superb comfort – the Mercer Pillow Top would be your ideal option.  Care to learn a little more about each one?

Come further to find out!

Pillow Top vs Euro Top – Comparison

Let’s look at the most common similarity and difference on Pillow Top vs. Euro Top mattress.

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Euro Top vs. Pillow Top Mattress – Construction 

First off, the construction of both mattresses is outstandingly similar. They come with a wrapped-coil innerspring, a few layers of foam and gel, and a quilted knit cover.

However, the padding on the Euro pillow top is far more effective and provides a comfortable yet long-lasting experience.

On the other hand, you get the cleaner-looking pillow top, which is also very comfortable but with slightly less thick comfort foam that increases the softness.

Apart from that, it does not lose form like most pillow tops and instead offers a firm and durable experience. It is also more breathable, so it keeps moisture and heats away.

While the pillow top offers a stitched surface directly on the comfort layer with a slight gap in between, the Euro top manages to provide the stitch directly on the comfort layer with no gap at all.

When comparing the Eurotop vs Pillowtop, it’s critical to mention the materials. They use pretty similar materials like gel and comfort foam, fiber, and wrapped bearing.

But, the Gramercy Euro Top goes a step further with more comfort foam to increase its softness and durability. Instead, the Pillow top offers a firmer experience, yet still comfortable enough.

Euro Top Mattress vs Pillow Top – Performance

When we compare the Euro Top vs. Pillow Top mattress regarding performance, it is critical to know that both are pretty comfortable & offer similar results.

However, we found that the Euro Top offers less ventilation, so it is a little more prone to trap heat. In contrast, the softer and breathable materials of the Pillow Top increase air circulation and promote a fresher feel.

But as the Pillow top is softer than the Euro Top, it also promotes a sinking-like experience. The padding is of less quality and tends to lose the softness with time. Instead, the Euro Top while offering less soft padding, it is of higher quality and lasts for years.

Pillow Tops are also more versatile. With the inclusion of a softer foam, they can do the job of a countering mattress easily.

Then you have Euro Top, that despite having a soft center and firm edges that sag after some time, they always keep great comfort, even after years of use.

What Does Each Mattress Weigh?

Having a firmer construction than the Pillow Top, the Euro Top is undoubtedly the heavy option without a doubt.

It is also a little thicker with a 14-inches profile, which adds to its firmness and weight, while the Pillow Top is only 12-inches in profile.

So, the Euro Top mattress vs Pillow Top weight is not very different, but enough to say one is heavier than the other. While the Euro Top weighs 88 pounds, the Pillow Top only weighs 66 pounds.

You would undoubtedly struggle with both when it comes to handling it. But surely, the Euro Top will make it a little harder than with the Pillow Top.

What type of Sleeping Position is Suitable For?

The Pillow Top is said to be the softer of the two as well as the firmest with two thick layers of foam.

For this, you can easily use this mattress for positions were going deeper into the mattress is necessary for comfort and to prevent pressures on your body. Either side sleepers or stomach sleepers can get the best from this one.

On the other hand, the Euro Top is said to be slightly firmer in the sides and soft in the center. However, the softness is not the same as the Pillow Top as this one comes with thinner comfort foam layers.

This means it is the perfect mattress for those who like back sleeping or combination sleeping. But of course, it’s all about trying it first.

Will the Mattresses Stand the Test of Time?

While both mattresses are pretty reliable, it is not an overstatement to say that the Euro Top is fairly more durable than the Pillow Top.

The difference between Eurotop and Pillowtop regarding durability is that the former comes with an excellent 3-inches thickness made of three thin layers of comfort foam.

This elongates its longevity and improves how well it receives the passing of the years, even after heavy use. However, the edges tend to start sagging, but nothing that makes the mattress unusable.

The Pillow Top, on the other hand, comes with two thick layers of foam that lose the soft effect after some time. It becomes a sinking mattress or may start feeling uncomfortable due to holes or deep shapes on the product.

Still, it feels firm and comfortable enough to be used without problems. But not as well and reliably as the Euro Top.

Which Mattress is Firmest?

There’s no doubt the Euro Top is a firmer mattress than the Pillow Top. Especially, because it has firmer edges, and thinner foam layers, it manages to be a lot more stable and firm than the other.

And of course, it still holds enough softness to become comfortable and very reliable with time.

Which Has The Highest Customer Ratings?

While the Euro Top is a slightly more durable and firmer version than the Pillow Top, consumers prefer the latter. The softness and weight make it a much more convenient option, despite not being much of a difference.

It is also important to say that the Euro Top is taller than the Pillow Top, which explains why most customers prefer the latter as well, due to its convenient design.

Our Top 2 Recommended Products

These mattresses are pretty similar, yet there’s no doubt they come with specific advantages and disadvantages you should know about. Here, we talk about them in detail.

With a 12-inch profile and made of a wrapped coil spring, gel memory, and a thick comfort layer, the Mercer Pillow Top manages to offer one of the softest experiences out there.

You will be able to enjoy a good-looking mattress with knit cover, knit side panels with the highly breathable build, and corded edges that benefit its comfortable performance.

  • Soft Build

The build of the Pillow Top starts with a 0.5-inch layer of gel memory foam, followed by a 1.25-inches comfort foam layer stitched together with a fiber layer, and a 0.5 inches comfort foam layer.

They are supported by a final 0.75-inch comfort foam that along with the 8-inch layer of coil springs, make a supportive and soft build.

  • Good Looks & Design

The 12-inch profile for easy maneuvering, 66 pounds of weight, and excellent shapes with graphics make this mattress one of the most good-looking in the market. You will enjoy not only its softness but also its incredible appearance.


  • Superb comfort and support all throughout the mattress
  • The good appearance that adds to the style of any room
  • Convenient 12-inch profile with light construction


  • Loses its softness with time

Boasting a gel-infused layer of memory foam with several layers of comfort foam, corded edges, knit side panels, and a Euro-Top knit cover – this mattress is one of the firmest you will see.

The rigidness of the wrapped coil springs and the breathability of its build keep the cushion not only comfortable but highly refreshing & cool to use.

  • Exceptional Layering

If there’s something that stands out about this mattress is the 2-inches layer of comfort foam that manages to keep the softness in the center of the mattress.

It comes with a 1-inch layer of gel memory foam, and two layers in the bottom of 0.5 comfort foam and 0.25 of fiber. This, with a final layer of 8-inches in coil springs; promote the soft yet firm experience it offers.

  • Durable & Consistent

Boasting 13-gauge steel springs, this mattress offers one of the most durable experiences in the market. Motion is reduced exponentially so you can move throughout the mattress without losing stability or making noise, even with a partner.

And what’s even better, the consistency of the softness and firmness throughout the product is just outstanding.


  • Excellent layering promotes the perfect amount of softness & firmness
  • Consistent spring build increases durability
  • Supports a motionless experience
  • Holds the softness for longer which adds to its overall convenience


  • Tends to sag down in the edges

Euro Top vs Pillow Top – Which One Should I Buy?

Now, it’s time to say which the winner between Euro Top vs Pillow Top is. While we don’t have a clear idea on which one is better, we can easily tell the Euro top is the one that takes the trophy home.

Why? For having a more consistent build and superior construction, this mattress not only helps to have a wonderful experience for longer, but it also helps to enjoy its softness for a really long time.

While the softness of the Pillow Top is excellent, its build tends to lose the effectiveness and become uncomfortable even with time.

So, if you want to enjoy a better mattress, don’t doubt about it and get the Euro Top. However, the Pillow Top will still be a great choice if you prefer softness over anything else.

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