Lull vs Purple Mattress 2024 – Which One Is The Best?

By Sakibul Islam

In the battle of mattresses, we can find the Lull vs Purple as an excellent comparison for those who want to pick between a durable & light mattress and a heavy yet more supportive one.

But there are many other differences to consider in this comparison, and after taking an in-depth look into each one of them, we can easily say that the Lull wins when it comes to overall quality.

The battle was tight though. There’s really not much of a difference between the two, despite both having an excellent construction and offering a similar experience.

So, if you are eager to know more about this comparison and learn why precisely the Lull is better than the Purple, then come further to find out.

Let’s look at the most common similarity and different on Lull Mattress vs Purple mattress.

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Purple vs Lull Mattress – Materials & Quality

When it comes to the construction of the Lull mattress vs Purple, you can find that both cushions offer a 3-layer build.

They keep the mattresses very cool, reliable, durable and promote excellent softness throughout the whole product. However, the materials used can change the experience in different ways.

For example, the Lull mattress has a top layer of blended memory foam, with 1.5-inches of thickness perfect for comfort and softness. It allows the user to sleep comfortably without much rigidness, while still supporting the body correctly.

The second layer is therapeutic, of 1.5-inches as well, using blended memory foam as well, mostly promoting durability and support, yet offering a touch of pressure relief.

The last layer is mostly for support and stability. Alongside the second 1.5-inches layer to offer a little bounce, this one helps to increase overall strength and durability.

It also manages to reduce motion isolation exponentially and to keep sinkage to a comfortable level, without compressing the user too much.

Then you have the Purple mattress. This one also comes with three layers, using Smart Comfort Grid, a comfort polymer at 2 inches that offers pressure relief, support, and excellent compression.

It works exceptionally well with pressure, working even better with its second high-density poly foam layer of 3.5 inches, giving even more softness and bounce than expected.

Finally, the last 4-inches layer of polyurethane foam promotes excellent support & firmness starting from the bottom. It works really well and keeps the user comfortable without losing any stability.

When you add the high-quality stretch knit cover, you get one of the most comfortable and well-made mattresses in the market.

Lull mattress vs Purple Performance

In the battle of Purple vs. Lull when it comes to performance, you can find a noticeable difference in how they will make the sleeper feel. While the Lull focuses on being relaxing and fresh, it also helps to improve overall firmness and support.

In contrast, the Purple focuses on being medium in temperature, focusing more on softness and overall sinkage& pressure relief.

The gel polymer builds of the Lull and with a few infused fibers, make the construction-oriented towards breathability above anything else.

But the support and the firmness compose one of the most complete mattresses in the market, reducing overall sinkage while still giving excellent comfort for most users. The memory foam feel of the Lull also increases softness enough, making it very versatile.

The Purple has a different build, thus a different result. It’s Smart Comfort Grid layer not only is a little warmer than the whole build of the Lull, but it also is a lot softer.

It is firm enough despite having more sinkage, yet it loses some bounce and overall support in the process. Especially because it is much faster when it comes to responsiveness, it is an ideal choice for side sleepers, for example.

The Purple mattress is more oriented towards sinkage than the Lull as well. Its squishy gel foam promotes this experience.

Yet, it is far more fragile when it comes to movement. The Lull practically reduces all movement with its excellent thick layer construction, while the purple is too responsive to movement & weight to be good enough for couples.

What Does Each Mattress Weigh?

In terms of weight, the Lull mattress vs Purple is not that different either. While the Lull is one of the lightest models in the market with memory foam build, the Purple still manages to be light enough for easy mobility.

Here, you can see the Lull with 69 pounds of weight. It is impressive how light this mattress is despite its memory foam construction with the thick support layer.

However, the Purple does not offer a heavy build either, at only 80 pounds, this 9.5-inches high mattress also comes light enough for most users.

Will the Mattress Stand the Test of Time?

Durability is a hard thing to compare between the Lull mattress vs Purple. Mainly because both mattresses are pretty new in the market, saying whether one is more durable than the other can be a huge mistake.

Luckily, by taking an in-depth look into their construction, we have found that both actually perform well in terms of resilience.

Both of these mattresses offer a very durable experience, especially when compared with many other options in the market. However, it all depends on whether you are a heavy person and which mattress you pick.

For people who are going to stress more than 300 pounds of weight to the mattress every day, the softest option, the Purple won’t be their best choice.

Even though it would easily last between 7 and 12 years with regular use, it won’t last that much if you are too heavy or sleep with a partner.

In contrast, the Lull performs better when it comes to supporting heavyweights. That’s why it is recommended for heavy people in this case, not only because it will not reduce its durability with everyday use supporting heavy loads, but because it will keep its firmness and support in the process.

Which Mattress is Firmest?

The Purple vs Lull mattress battle is not complete until we talk about the overall firmness of both.

First, let’s start with the Purple mattress. This is a medium-firm option. It is not the firmest among cushions of its type, but it is isn’t the softest either. Its firmness is perfect for most sleepers out there, yet it also works for great support without leaving any softness behind.

The Smart Comfort Grid layer, for example, offers exceptional bounce and softness to keep the mattress pretty useful despite its medium firmness. But of course, the firm ability is countered by its sinkage and compression.

Its overall build tends to sink pretty fast and respond really soft to heavyweights. Yet, it manages to offer exceptional pressure relief and pain reduction, thanks to a soft support layer.

The Lull, in contrast, offers a memory foam build focusing on firmness and rigidness. It is not exactly the firmest out there either, but it is above average. The blend foam material used is pretty soft and pressure-relieving.

Its bounce is also pretty good and offers little but enough sinkage for a memory foam mattress.

But the thing with this mattress is the thick 7-inches support layer. This layer is one of the thickest in the market, promoting an overall firm and stable performance, creating a highly rigid experience.

It will still feel soft and comfortable, but way more bouncy and firm than other options, especially the Purple. So, yes, the Lull wins when it comes to firmness, while also offering less motion transfer overall.

What Sleeping Position is Each Mattress Best For?

As explained before, the Lull is a firm mattress that can hold more weight than the Purple. This also means the Lull is better for sleeping positions that involve pressure relief over compression or sinkage.

Sleeping positions such as side and back will be good enough when using the Lull, promoting comfort and reducing overall pressure on the joints. Stomach sleepers will prefer this one over the Purple.

But the Purple does not stay too far behind either. It is not exactly the softest mattress or the one with the most sinkage out there, but it still offers a little more than the Lull. This means it works far better in promoting a better experience to side and back sleepers especially.

Its medium to light firmness also helps stomach sleepers to feel comfortable without pressing too much or creating a trapped feeling.

So, we can say both mattresses will perform really well in almost all sleeping positions. But if you are a side sleeper, pick the Purple. As a combination or stomach sleepers, go for the Lull.

No matter what you choose, however, the experience will be excellent without a doubt.

Which Has the Highest Customer Rating?

The Lull mattress has tons of excellent reviews from customers, but the Purple also has many good ones as well. So, the battle between the Lull mattress vs Purple is very tight when it comes to user’s sentiment – but nothing we can’t really tell apart.

Most Lull reviewers come from different brands. After using other brands, they decided the Lull was a great choice, and they stayed with it for years without issues.

It helped many with back and joint problems, as well to get a durable & reliable experience. It has many recommendations, and a 68% rating when it comes to 5-star reviews.

Similarly, the Purple receives 60% of 5-star reviews, but it still offers more recommendations than the Lull.

Many people, however, complain about the mattress not being as soft or pressure-relieving as its description say, so it loses a few points there.

Overall, though, the number and quality of ratings are well enough to say it is an excellent choice nonetheless.

So, we can say that if you care about the quality of reviews, go for the Lull. Otherwise, if you prefer a more popular mattress, go for the Purple.

They offer a similar result in ratings, so the experience with each is probably not that different from the other.

Lull vs. Purple – Which One Should I Buy?

Now that you are at the end of the article, you’re probably wondering what mattress to the way between the Lull vs Purple.

For us, this was a difficult decision, but there was no doubt the Lull was the best choice. It is firmer, more supportive, and offers a slight improvement in durability with tons of users happy with their performance.

It won’t disappoint. But of course, it is also a matter of what you want.

The Lull Memory Foam Mattress will be a perfect choice for you if you are someone on a budget. It is cheaper than the Purple and still manages to offer a slightly better experience.

It also provides top-notch support for heavy sleepers and creates a soft yet very pressure-relieving experience. And if you are a stomach sleeper, this one will come like a gem.

But if you are a medium-weight person, someone who wants a mattress with more sinkage and softness, the Purple Queen Mattress will be your pick.

Remember that it is also perfect for pressure relief and compression so it will work amazingly well for side and back sleepers who want more support in their joints.

Overall, though, you must pick what you prefer and what fits your needs the most. Both of these mattresses are amazing, and you won’t make a bad choice no matter what you pick.

Layers1.5-inches Blended Memory Foam – 1.5-inches Blended Memory Foam – 7-inches Support Polyurethane Foam2-inches Hyper-elastic Comfort Polymer – 3.5-inches Polyurethane Foam – 4-inches Support Polyurethane Foam
Height10 Inches9.5 Inches
CoverThin Plush CottonStretch Knit Cover
Firmness / SupportExcellent Firmness with Very Good SupportVery Good Firmness with Good Support
Perfect For Active and Heavy Users – Back & Stomach SleepersCalm and Light Users – Back & Side Sleepers
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