Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress Reviews In 2024

By Sakibul Islam

A bamboo memory foam mattress is always an excellent choice for any demanding sleeper.

Whether it is for coziness or for the incredible benefits they offer – they are an incredible chance to have a better experience.

It will make your sleeping excellent in every way, and sometimes even provide outstanding durability that no other options offer.

But picking among the many bamboo memory foam mattresses in the market can be pretty tricky.

So we decided to bring a set of reviews so you can choose the right one for your needs. Take a look further to find out more about them!

What Is A Bamboo Foam Mattress

Bamboo is a type of fiber directly extracted from bamboo trees. It provides all the effects bamboo trees have, such as strength, flexibility, and hypoallergenic benefits. Having a bamboo mattress can improve several sleeping factors and make your experience far more enjoyable.

A bamboo mattress is a perfect choice for anyone who has allergies, who tends to have back or neck problems, and anyone who wants a durable and odorless option.

One of these can come as a great addition to any bedroom, so it is essential to know more about them if you really want to pick the right product. This guide will help you do it.

Top Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress Reviews 2024

If you want to pick the right mattress, it is vital to take a look at some bamboo mattress reviews so you can learn more about them. To make it easy for you, here are ten of the best option you’ll find out there.

Here are our top recommended bamboo memory foam mattress reviews.

1. LUCID 16 Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam

Bamboo King Mattress

The our best bamboo mattress you’ll find, the Lucid memory foam will keep you fresh at night, offers exceptional pressure relief, provides the right breathability with its Tencel cover, and lets you use it for years.

With its 16-inches profile, you will have the thickest bamboo mattress out there. This means you get all the benefits from the standard mattress as well as the support from a 10-inches support layer. Everything you need, you have with this one.

Excellent Latex & Bamboo: The first 1-inches layer of bamboo charcoal memory foam with the third 2-inches layer of latex foam will provide the softness, firmness, support, and overall comfort you need.

When you add the second 3-inches layer of gel memory foam, you obtain all that, plus an improvement in overall breathability.

Top-Notch Cover & Support: The breathable Tencel cover will help you get an outstanding effect on softness on its surface. You won’t have any problem with it at all, making you feel entirely fresh every time.

With the last 10-inches layer of support foam, the mattress becomes one of the most reliable & durable, the perfect combination for a fantastic experience.


  • The thickest build in the market promotes exceptional durability & resistance
  • Firm and supportive build with latex foam and 10 inches of high-density support foam
  • The bamboo charcoal layer delivers brilliant softness and breathability
  • Comes with one of the softest and most beautiful Tencel covers out there


  • The tall & large design may be a problem with accessories and extras


2. Modway Aveline Bamboo Mattress

Modway Aveline Bamboo Mattress

If you want to sleep all night restfully, received exceptional freshness and forget about pressure points in your body – the Modway Aveline mattress is an option you shouldn’t overlook. Everything it offers makes it one of the best bamboo mattress king in the market, especially for its exceptional price.

Along with its outstanding benefits, you will also get a 10-year warranty, perfect to enjoy for years without having to worry about anything.

Cooling & Firming Effects: With a 3-inches layer of gel-infused foam, this mattress provides an excellent cooling effect that keeps you fresh at night. This gel memory foam mattress is also incredibly firm, making it easy to reduce pressure points in the back, neck, and shoulders.

And when you add the last 7-inches polyurethane foam base, you get outstanding support to enjoy.

Safe & Healthy: With CertiPUR certification, free of heavy metals, and built with flame retardants, this mattress will keep you safe at all times. When you add the bamboo infusion effects, you get an entirely hypoallergenic build that keeps contaminants away.


  • Cooling effects with its gel-infused foam layer
  • Excellent support and firmness with its 7-inches polyurethane foam layer
  • Entirely safe built free of metals and other dangerous contaminants
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty for dependable use


  • Very firm and stiff can feel a little uncomfortable at times


3. LUCID Bamboo Mattress

Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress

A bamboo mattress memory foam like this Lucid of 14-inches profile will be a magnificent choice for any demanding medium-end user. In contrast with other Lucid models, this one focuses on providing incredible softness and support so you can sleep more comfortably at all times.

It also comes with superb breathability despite its memory foam build, perfect to get the right feeling even on the hottest of nights. To make it better, you get a 10-year warranty, one of the best in the market.

Superb Comfort: The dual-layer build of this mattress is based on a 1-inch layer of bamboo charcoal foam and a 3-inches layer of gel memory foam. With both of these layers, you get exceptional plush comfort, superb breathability, and unmatched softness.

Thick Build Support: Boasting a 14-inches build, you also get a 10-inches high-density support layer for the firmest experience in thick mattresses. You won’t have the problem other best soft mattress offers, and your body will surely appreciate it.


  • Durable and supportive build with 10-inches high-density layer
  • Cool and breathable despite its memory foam layer
  • Provides excellent firmness for all types of sleepers
  • Tencel cover makes it look really well and provides a breathability advantage


  • The extremely heavy build can be a bother to transport and place


4. Snuggle-Pedic Mattress That Breathes

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Mattress

The Snuggle-Pedic mattress brand has one primary purpose when it comes to creating a mattress – offering enough breathability and freshness. Their Mattress That Breathes is precisely that, a product that will promote the freshest and most comfortable experience when it comes to overall coolness.

But it still does not lose any comfort, especially in softness and overall pressure relief. You’ll receive a top-notch mattress with exceptional benefits and a 20-year warranty as if everything else weren’t enough.

Incredible Benefits: Boasting the Flex Support memory foam and the Kool-Flow Extra Breathable Micro-Vented Natural Ivory Bamboo cover, this mattress will never feel warm, no matter where you use it.

It will maintain the freshness throughout the night, making you feel amazingly cool even in the hottest of places.

Safe, Durable & Comfortable: With a hypoallergenic build alongside an incredible design for durability, this mattress leaves nothing to be desired. And what’s even better, you’ll receive excellent advantages from its memory foam gel layers, promoting a firmer mattress with excellent pressure relief, so you don’t feel any problem while using it.


  • Exceptional freshness with superior breathability & cool build
  • Offers top-notch pressure relief and firmness for superb comfort
  • Comes with a hypoallergenic design with contaminants resistance
  • Comes with up to 20 years of warranty for a more dependable product


  • Can feel firmer than expected for those who have joint problems


5. Christies Home Living Bamboo Charcoal

Green Tea Bamboo Mattress

This Christies Home Living Green Tea Bamboo Mattress is one of the most comfortable and convenient in the market. With its outstanding green tea and bamboo infusions, you’ll receive exceptional benefits no other mattress offers. From body contouring to pressure relief, breathability, odor prevention, and more – this mattress does it all.

The fascinating part of this mattress is that it does not leave any durability behind, so you’ll get a hugely comfortable product that lasts for years.

Outstanding Three-Layer Build: The mattress comes with three layers, two 2-inches layers of Green Tea and Bamboo infused Visco Foam and a third 7.75-inches of support layer for superb comfort overall.

The first two help to reduce the overall odor of the mattress while promoting freshness, and the second helps to make a firm and supportive product.

Extremely Convenient Design: The primary purpose of this mattress is to offer as many benefits as possible. So you won’t only get an odorless mattress with exceptional support, it will also come with better weight resistance, exceptional body contouring, top-notch freshness, and incredible moisture prevention.


  • Comes with an outstanding two-layer Visco Foam and support foam build
  • Keeps the body fresh and odorless with its Bamboo & Green Tea infusions
  • Reduces overall contaminants so you can use it safely & healthily
  • Durable, resistant, and supportive mattress with a thick 7.75-inches base layer


  • Extremely heavy despite its memory foam build



6. Brentwood Home Cypress

Bamboo Queen Mattress

The best bamboo mattress queen size in the market is the Brentwood Home Cypress. With a fantastic build that provides all the benefits you could need, plus its amazing Green Gold certification and CertiPUR availability – you can be sure of having a top product on your hands.

This bamboo memory foam mattress queen will give you a perfect experience overall. You’ll feel fresh, comfortable, adequately pressurized, and always relaxed when using it. When it comes to quality, the Brentwood Home Cypress is one of the best without a doubt.

Top-Notch Layering: You will find a removable bamboo rayon cover for breathability and hypoallergenic effects and a New Zealand wool cover for moisture & temperature regulation.

With the first 3.5-inches gel memory foam, you get pressure relief, and with the second 2-inches ventilated airflow zone layer, the mattress becomes one of the freshest. And with the last 7.5-inches base foam layer, you get a supportive design.

Perfect For all Types of Sleepers: With its incredibly thick 13-inches profile, you can enjoy all types of benefits when using. From excellent pressure relief to outstanding breathability plus a natural barrier to contaminants and exceptional temperature control – this mattress doesn’t let you down in any way.

Let’s not forget it also comes with superb 7.5-inches of support foam, so you get the firmness and comfort you deserve.


  • Exceptional layering for the best set of benefits in the market
  • Works for all types of sleepers with its firm yet soft touch
  • Provides one of the most breathable & cooling feelings
  • Very supportive and durable build with the thick 7.5-inches support layer


  • Can be a lot firmer than expected


7. Signature Sleep Bamboo Queen Mattress

Signature Sleep Mattress

Signature Sleep is a brand that promotes the most reliable & durable products in the market without leaving any quality of sleep behind. Signature Sleep mattress is an exact translation of that focus on quality, as it delivers exceptional results with its coil-spring built with gel and memory foam layers.

With its thick 13-inches build, however, this mattress won’t let you down when it comes to support, firmness, and overall comfort. If you want quality, this one is not an option to dismiss.

Excellent Build Entirely: With 3-inches memory foam with a gel layer alongside a 10-inches encased coil section, you won’t believe how complete this mattress is.

Despite being one of the softest with three inches of memory foam in the first part, it still manages to provide outstanding support with its second ten inches layer of coils.

Build to Last & Resist: This queen size bamboo mattress comes with CertiPUR certification, and being free of PBDEs, TCEP or TDCPP – this mattress becomes one of the safest to use. But alongside its flame retarded resistance, ozone depleter prevention, and is free of mercury, formaldehyde, lead, and other metals – you won’t have any problem with this mattress at all.

Even with its coil build, you’ll receive a bed that lasts for years providing a healthy experience.


  • Offers exceptional firmness & support with its ten-inches layer of coils
  • Provides excellent softness and pressure relief with its 3-inches memory foam layer
  • Comes with one of the safest and most reliable builds in the market
  • Provides a very useful anti-moisture rayon for a better experience


  • Very heavy due to the thick coil-spring layer


8. LUCID 12 Inch King Hybrid Mattress

Bamboo Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress

The 12-inches Lucid King mattress is one of the most interesting you will find. With a hybrid build, this mattress offers almost all the benefits you can hope to get from any mattress.

It helps to sleep comfortably, offers hypoallergenic effects, produces a fresh experience, and helps to improve overall durability. And of course, let’s not forget it comes with a 10-year warranty that not many options out there offer.

Strong & Durable Build: Memory foam with bamboo charcoal & aloe vera infusion will help you get exceptional benefits, but nothing compared to the strength and reliability of the steel coils offer.

With its foam-wrapped coils, this bamboo hybrid mattress will not only provide a medium-plush experience but also increase overall support throughout the whole mattress.

Excellent Edge Support: The strong and durable build of the wrapped coils is improved by an exceptional set of edge support features.

With the wrapping of the coils, the excellent materials such as memory foam and support foam, plus the right use of Tencel cover – the edge support of this mattress has nothing to complain about.


  • Luxurious looking Tencel cover with outstanding breathability features
  • Top-notch bamboo charcoal and aloe vera infused layer for an odorless mattress
  • One of the strongest builds in the market with the thick base support layer
  • Supportive & firm addition of steel coils in the bottom


  • Gets too firm in cold environments and too soft in hot places


9. Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Bamboo Cool Gel Memory Foam

A memory foam mattress is always comfort, but even more so when it comes with the most outstanding cooling-gel infusion. This 10-inches Imagine Mattress option will help you have a fantastic experience even after years of using, reducing overall warm and promoting a softer feeling every night.

This mattress is perfect for neck and shoulder support with its outstanding pressure relief. But what really makes it so much of a great choice is the 25-year warranty, so you get all its benefits without worrying about how dependable it is.

Exceptional Two-Layer Construction: Coming with an 8-inches base of supportive core foam, this mattress leaves no firmness or support behind. But the 2-inches top layer with cooling gel memory foam is what makes it so exciting and compelling for comfort. You won’t have anything left to ask for with this mattress.

Durable and Reliable Build: Apart from being one of the most comfortable in the market, this build will help you get one of the most reliable mattresses in the market. Its medium-firm feeling will keep you comfortable, but with its thick 8-inches supportive foam you’ll receive exceptional durability back with 25 years of warranty.


  • Gel-infused memory foam promotes a cooling effect for a fresher feeling
  • Exceptionally comfortable build with unbeatable support
  • Offers one of the most durable and dependable builds with its thick supportive layer
  • Backed with a 25-year warranty so you can use it stress-free


  • Offers little softness and sinkage that can be uncomfortable

10. Cariloha Luxury Bamboo Mattress

Bamboo Full Size Mattress

Cariloha luxury bamboo full-size mattress is one of the most reliable, soft, pressure-relieving, and body-contouring mattresses in the market. You’ll feel like in a cloud with this mattress, mainly thanks to the viscose plush feel of the bamboo foam layer. As soon as you lay on it, you’ll feel like there’s no better choice.

It is also one of the freshest out there with top-notch airflow with a Flex-Flow base foam that increases breathability. And of course, you get a 10-year warranty with a 100-night trial so you can use it comfortably for the first few months.

Extremely Healthy & Safe: The bamboo-infused foam layer will help you get one of the safest products on the market. Not only because it will feel fresher and eliminate dust mites, but it will also prevent all types of contaminants and toxins from getting to it.

Top-Notch Comfort & Freshness: You won’t feel any pressure while using this mattress. It helps with pressure relief, reduces overall compression, and increases softness to the highest level. Best of all, you get a natural Flex-Base base support layer that promotes exceptional breathability for a cooler experience.


  • Excellent comfort and freshness for a hugely enjoyable sleeping experience
  • Totally clean and healthy build that offers safe use for years
  • Durable construction that keeps its firmness and softness
  • This bamboo mattress full size mattress comes with a one-hundred-nights trial for dependability


  • Deficient support on the edges


Is Bamboo Mattress Better Than Normal Mattress?

A bamboo brand mattress is always better than most other types of bed. This type has the only purpose of keeping the sleeper more comfortable, at peace, and free of contaminants. It will relieve any kind of allergy, reduce overall pain in pressure points, and even produce outstanding breathability.

Despite these benefits, bamboo also helps to make the mattress safer. It reduces moisture and creates a quality build that prevents dangers. And what’s even better, bamboo may also promote a tough experience, making the mattress strong and long-lasting.

Types of Bamboo Mattresses

You may think there’s only one type of bamboo mattress out there, but there’s not. There are actually many types, but only two are the most common.

  1. Memory Foam/Gel Bamboo Mattresses

A bamboo memory foam mattress is the one that comes with a regular memory foam set of layers and with a bamboo infusion. You will get the benefits from memory foam while enjoying the high-quality advantages bamboo fibers offer.

This means you can get the cooling effect, the hypoallergenic benefits, the contouring advantage, and more from both the bamboo infusion and the memory foam.

The best of all, you can also find them in gel foam or other similar kinds of memory foam, which can make the mattress even better.

  1. Bamboo Charcoal Mattresses

This type of bamboo is not easy to find and commonly costs more than standard ones. It is the same type of bamboo fibers but with an unusual treatment that converts the fiber into charcoal.

This technology is then injected into the foam or mattress material that provides pollutants and absorbs toxins. This type of bamboo is also more breathable and increases the protection against contaminants such as dust mites, bacteria, bad odors, and more.

So, you could say it is slightly better than natural bamboo fibers, but more expensive as well.

Key Benefits of Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress

There are several benefits you can get for using bamboo memory foam mattresses. Here, we have the reason why you should get one of these right now:

Ecological Materials; Most bamboo mattresses use more environmentally-friendly materials than the rest. Bamboo, of course, is a totally natural product taken directly from the trees, so it is totally free of contaminants and offers excellent resistance towards toxins and chemicals.

Breathability & Coolness: The ability of bamboo to provide a more breathable build is outstanding. It promotes better airflow and ventilation in the parts that boast bamboo fibers, and eventually hold the cooling effect for long as well.

Support & Pressure Relief: Even though it is not directly associated with the bamboo, it is common to find mattresses with it that are much more supportive and pressure-relieving than those that don’t have it.

This happens mostly because memory foam is the material that is commonly used for bamboo infusion, and it is one of the coziest and supportive out there.

Hypoallergenic & Safe: There’s no doubt about this advantage, bamboo keeps the mattress breathable but also safe & healthy. It keeps dust mites, bacteria, allergens, and many other contaminants away from the bed.

Bamboo also helps to reduce moisture, which is another reason it maintains mattresses safe to use.

Temperature Control: With the breathability bamboo mattresses have, they are also much better at regulation temperature. In cold places, it maintains the mattress warm, and its hot spots, it keeps the mattress fresh. But of course, it’s also about the type of foam used in the mattress, but bamboo helps a lot.

Softness & Skin Protection: Seems counterintuitive, but bamboo actually helps mattresses to feel soft prevent sensitive skins from getting damage. By reducing bacteria and other contaminants, bamboo improves the overall usefulness of the mattress as well.

Main Features of High-Quality Bamboo Mattresses

Apart from all the significant benefits a bamboo foam mattress offers, you will obtain a set of features only the best ones will provide. Here are a set of features that make bamboo mattresses superior to many other types.

Natural Materials: Most bamboo mattresses use little or no synthetic materials at all. This makes the products more ecological but also safer to use than the rest. The best of all, the mattresses won’t have a bad odor as synthetic options, and will probably last longer without side effects.

Moisture Reduction: The bamboo addition on any foam material makes the mattresses more breathable but at the same drier than without. Whether you sweat too much, pour liquid in the bed, or just live in a very humid place – bamboo will keep the mattress always dry and free of moisture.

And of course, this moisture reduction will also give a longer lifespan than no other material, so you get double the benefits.

Comfort & Support: It is very typical to find bamboo mattresses way more comfortable and supportive than standard models. They offer the outstanding ability of bamboo to be flexible but firm enough to support all types of weight.

These mattresses still manage to be hugely comfortable, provide pressure relief and compression, and increase ventilation and cooling effects.

With a bamboo mattress, you’re merely getting all the benefits you could hope to gain from any bed. And that’s something you can’t merely beat, especially for a natural material such as bamboo. Even more so when you consider the standard thickness of bamboo mattresses, that go over 12 inches most of the time.

Motion Isolation & Odor Reduction: Bamboo is a slightly firm material, so it does its best to keep the mattress from moving too much. While it is not the firmest, it still manages to offer a very relaxing experience, especially when compared to other materials or infusions that add more bounce that can be uncomfortable.

And with this firmness & motion isolation, you also get exceptional odor reduction, which is something you don’t usually enjoy.

How to Examine a Bamboo Mattress Before Buying?

Want to pick the best bamboo mattress in the market? Then you’ll have to know more about the factors that can tell a lousy mattress from a good one. Here is what you must consider before making your choice.

Materials: You will have to pick not only the right type of foam (memory, latex, gel, poly, plush, etc.), the right base (high-density, coil, support foam, etc.) but also the type of bamboo (fiber or charcoal).

Here, you can have many different effects depending on what you pick, so you’ll have to be very careful before making your choice.

We recommend going for a memory foam mattress for softness and excellent pressure relief. If you prefer firmness and support, go for latex, or ultimately go for a coil or hybrid mattress that leaves no support behind.

Size: Picking the right size for your needs is essential. If you are going to sleep alone on the mattress, go for a twin or bamboo full-size mattress. But if you are going to sleep with a partner, going for a Queen or King size will be your best choice.

Firmness & Support: When it comes to a mattress, there aren’t many factors as necessary as the support and rigidity. You should always look for those that are supportive enough with enough stiffness to hold weight without issues.

We recommend mattresses that are medium-firm to the very firm if you are a side or stomach sleeper, for example. But if you are a back sleeper, a less firm and supportive mattress will work better.

Motion Isolation: This is another useful factor to consider, related to firmness. The firmness will tell you how motion-isolating the mattress is, giving the right experience depending on the size of the product.

This works better if you have a companion to sleep with, but you don’t like to be disturbed. Motion isolation works wonders to reduce overall movement in the mattress.

Pressure Relief: Another essential factor is the pressure relief, as it will take the pressure from points such as shoulders and neck away. It will help side sleepers, especially, to get a more comfortable night of sleep, and reduce the pain for those who have neck and back problems.

Durability & Warranty: Want a product that will stand the test of time and at the same time give you the reliability you need? Then make sure it comes with an excellent build and design, as well as the best warranty possible.

We recommend the firmest materials for durability, especially the ones with the thickest layers and profiles. For example, a coil or innerspring mattress tends to last much more than a support foam layer, so that’s important if you want better results in the long term.

When it comes to warranty, make sure it offers at least a 10-year warranty. This is what most mattresses, even bamboo ones tend to last without any issue. If any problem surges before the ten-year mark, you already know what to do.

To make it even better for you, some brands can go up to 25 years of warranty, while others may offer a 100-night trial so you can test the mattress before buying it.

Hygiene & Safety: Keeping contaminants away is one of the benefits of bamboo mattresses. However, not all will offer the same results. We recommend going for options that come with a CertiPUR certification as well as more ecologically-friendly materials. This way, you are guaranteed of having a safer and more reliable mattress.

Hypoallergenic options are also a plus, especially if you are an allergic person. Whatever you pick, though, make sure it does not hold any moisture and prevents contaminants such as dust and bacteria to develop.

Comparison of Bamboo Mattress To Other Mattress

Even though bamboo mattresses are amazing in their own way, they still hold several similarities with other materials, designs, and builds. Here, we compare bamboo options with the most common out there:

Bamboo vs Latex

While bamboo tends to be more responsive and offer hypoallergenic effects, latex does not. You may find bamboo mattresses less durable than the others. However, between latex and bamboo, the biggest difference is the overall firmness.

Bamboo mattresses with memory foam tend to be soft while latex ones focus on rigidity and support. If you prefer softness over firmness, go for bamboo this time.

Bamboo vs Tempurpedic

Tempurpedic is the same type of memory foam as others, but with a more innovative touch of synthetic materials that improve the benefits. However, these benefits are still not as good as the hypoallergenic effects of bamboo and the exceptional cooling ability the fiber and charcoal offer.

The real difference here, however, is that bamboo uses more natural properties, which is a significant advantage.

Bamboo vs Memory Foam

A standard memory foam mattress offers excellent benefits such as great softness, support, responsiveness, and pressure relief. But regular memory foam does not provide the advantages of bamboo, such as the hypoallergenic effect, odor prevention, moisture reduction, and superb cooling ability.

So, if you prefer a cooler, odorless, hypoallergenic mattress, pick bamboo over regular memory.

Bottom Line

You will find thousands of mattresses out there, so finding the right one will probably be a problem. However, after reading this guide thoroughly, you will surely find the right choice more efficiently and without so many doubts.

But of course, it comes down to how much attention you pay to our recommendation and considers each one of our reviews.

Remember that picking the best bamboo memory foam mattress is not so easy, especially if you don’t know much about them. That’s why we always vouch for contemplation on the advice we give here, so they can eventually pick the ideal mattress for their needs and desires.

So, if you are looking for a bed that is worth your money – don’t hesitate to choose one from our list. You won’t regret it!

About the author

Sakibul the founder of Houzmark and co-founder of Houzhold, is a product reviews analyst who researches, compares, reviews, and writes about home appliances. With his extensive knowledge and experience, he provides valuable insights and recommendations to help consumers make informed decisions when purchasing products.