Ghostbed vs Nectar Mattress – Which One Is The Best?

By Sakibul Islam

When we compare the Ghostbed vs Nectar mattress, we come to the realization that the main difference between them is the overall feel and their firmness.

While one is softer than the other, one is also much more supportive and reliable in the long term.

For example, the Nectar mattress offers a classic memory foam construction that provides an incredibly soft performance and outstanding sinkage with little firmness.

Meanwhile, the Ghostbed is more of a medium-feel bed, offering the right combination of durability, sinkage, and softness.

So, you could say the Ghostbed is slightly better for its versatile feel, as well as a little more durable for its construction. But it all really comes down to preferences, as those who prefer soft mattresses will undoubtedly make the best choice with the Nectar.

Let’s look at the most common similarity and different on Short Ghostbed Mattress vs Nectar Mattress size.

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Nectar vs Ghostbed Mattress – Construction

There are many differences when it comes to the Nectar mattress vs Ghostbed one. Not only they are of different looks and designs, but they also offer pretty different constructions.

Here, you can find the Ghostbed with three layers and an excellent top or cover. In the first layer, you find 1.5-inches of Latex foam that improves pressure relief and keeps the body compressed while sleeping.

The second 2-inches layer is gel memory foam, adding to the supportive yet soft feeling. And the final layer is a 7.5-inches high-density support foam, giving foundation and firmness.

The cover is of stretchy thin polyester with high softness on top, and polyester/propylene mix in the sides, adding to the firmness and durability of the bed.

On the other hand, we have the Nectar construction, another 11-inches profile mattress composed of a 3-inches layer of memory foam for pressure relief and body contouring with outstanding compression.

Then you have a supportive & soft layer of 1.75-inches memory foam. And a final 5.25-inches layer of support foam for foundation and even more deep compression and structure.

The top cover is made of 1-inches of gel memory foam, which promotes a superb cooling effect and the perfect compression for direct touch with the user’s body.

Nectar Mattress vs Ghostbed – Performance

Trying both of these mattresses, you realize there’s a massive change in performance & an overall feeling. The Ghostbed, for example, makes you feel a little stiff at first touch, but it gets to soften up with time making it easier and much more comfortable to sleep as it heats up.

The memory foam construction with a gel layer promotes excellent combination between a firm and soft feeling. When you add the latex layer, you get the perfect pressure relief, compression, and sinkage that keeps the body safe & comfortable while sleeping.

And the latex also makes it easier for the temperature to travel around the bed, giving the perfect coolness and heat when needed.

The Nectar mattress offers a similar yet slightly bulkier experience. While it comes with more memory foam than the latter, it comes with more gel as well, which increases its firmness and overall support. It is perfect to hold big weights and does not retain heat or cold either.

Due to its gel additive, you will obtain superior airflow, which keeps the mattress cooler almost at all times.

Despite that, the support is outstanding and the softness is there too. The edges are not as firm or reliable as in the Ghostbed, yet it tends to sag less with time. And of course, you will always sleep as comfortable as you want without issues.

What Does Each Mattress Weigh?

The weight between the Nectar vs Ghostbed is almost the same. Mainly because both of these mattresses come with similar layering, the weight has virtually no difference at all.

For example, the Nectar bed has a weight that goes between 75 and 90 pounds depending on the model and size. Its gel construction promotes a firmer build, yet it comes with lots of memory foam that reduce its weight exponentially when compared to other similar products.

The Ghostbed mattress, on the other hand, comes with polyester and latex layers, which means it is slightly heavier than the Nectar.

Another reason it is heavier is the thicker support layer, which at 7.5-inches when compared to the 5.25-inches in the Nectar mattress. But really, the difference is meager. This one weighs between 80 and 90 pounds.

Will The Mattresses Stand the Test of Time?

While the Nectar vs Ghostbed mattresses may feel like very similar products regarding durability, there’s an actual winner between the two.

Let’s just say that the Nectar is a firmer and more supportive bed than the Ghostbed. The Nectar has three excellent layers of memory foam with gel and foundation, it offers exceptional support and brings more compression & sinkage than the Ghostbed.

However, its layers are thin, and its cover is not the most reliable you will find.

In contrast, the Ghostbed comes with a standard memory foam support foundation of 7.5-inches thickness, and two other excellent layers of memory foam and latex.

This, alongside, the polypropylene/polyester sides and top cover made of stretchy polyester increases the durability exponentially.

Both mattresses will last a long time as they are entirely made for reliability, yet there’s no doubt the Ghostbed will offer better firmness and unbeatable support for longer than the Nectar.

What Sleeping Position is Each Bed?

We could easily say that both beds work for almost any position without problems. But of course, we can also say that one mattress is slightly softer than the other, which means one won’t be as good for stomach sleeping as expected.

Here, is where we need to consider compression and pressure relief as well. While the Nectar offers impressive support and firmness, it promotes better results for back and stomach sleepers, as well as side sleepers.

However, the memory foam tends to trap users, so it is crucial for stomach sleepers to be careful with it.

But with the Ghostbed you get not only a softer feeling but also incredible body contouring and bounce. The support of the Ghostbed, however, is far better, which means sinkage is little, making it a perfect choice for those who prefer really soft mattresses without the disadvantage of memory foam.

This one would be perfect for anyone, even stomach sleepers despite having less firmness than the Nectar.

Which Mattress is the Firmest?

The Nectar mattress is firm enough for most sleepers, offering excellent memory foam and high-density core with a slight touch of gel beads.

You will obtain the right firmness that promotes exceptional softness at the same time, helping a fresh experience with the gel beads, and increasing overall body compression. But the Nectar is still too soft for most users.

Instead, you can pick the Ghostbed, this is a bed that offers exceptional firmness despite its memory foam construction. This happens because it comes with a layer of latex and a thick support foam layer in the foundation.

This makes it far firmer than the Nectar and improves the overall comfort for light and medium-sized sleepers, especially those who don’t like to sink in too much.

Which Has the Highest Customer Rating?

When it comes to rating, we can find the Nectar mattress vs Ghostbed pretty similar. While the Ghostbed comes with a higher price, it offers almost the same number of scores than the Nectar mattress.

However, the Nectar wins when it comes to acceptance. It has 62% of users giving a 5-star rating, while the Ghostbed only offers 55% of 5-star ratings.

Typically, though, most users prefer the Ghostbed regarding performance and overall feel. With a firm yet highly durable result, the Ghostbed tends to leave more satisfied users than the Nectar.

Nonetheless, many users love the softness & sinkage of the Nectar, which makes it another incredible choice for comfort-seekers.

So, there’s not a clear winner despite the Nectar having a slight advantage on 5-star ratings. But this is nothing that would really tell a higher-rated bed.

Our Top 2 Recommended Products

While you know a lot about each mattress already, it is necessary to still go a little more into detail with each one, especially in their best version: the Queen size mattress. So come further and find out more!

GhostBed Mattress-Queen

The Ghostbed mattress is exceptional in almost every way. It is a reliable, durable, and very comfortable mattress for demanding users. You may find it too expensive when compared to other similar mattresses, yet it is easily one of the best, and entirely worth it.

  • Top-Notch Build

Adding a luxurious plush cover that offers coolness and softness with excellent texture, and an aerated latex foam layer that promotes heat reduction – you get cooler experience in the market.

Then you get the best gel memory foam for firmness and cooling effect, and a final thick layer of supporting foam is everything you need for a perfect mattress build.

  • Superb Looks

It comes with a very serious yet stylish design, boasting good blackish graphics on the sides and an elastic polyester plush cover that offers excellent comfort with little bumps.

NECTAR Queen Mattress

The Nectar stands out for its softness and overall comfort. It is also known for exceptional breathability and a magnificent performance when it comes to pressure relief and compression. Users who love to sink in and feel supported at night will undoubtedly love this bed.

  • Breathable & Cool Layering

The layers of this queen mattress are composed of a Tencel cover for a cooling effect, alongside two additional gel layers that not only improve air circulation but also offer superior sinkage.

Then you get a high-core memory foam that adapts to the body of the users perfectly and a final breathable thick layer of support foam that offers a firm yet incredibly soft result.

  • Unbeatable Softness

If there’s something that makes this bed stand out from the crowd is the ability to increase overall softness feeling when compared to other options.

It will provide an incredible sinkage, pressure relief, and compression that heavy users would heavily prefer. And it works excellently for side and back sleepers, which is a fantastic choice for most users out there.

Ghostbed vs Nectar – Who Wins?

Picking between the Ghostbed vs Nectar is not an easy job. While one goes towards the side of comfort, softness, and compression with excellent pressure relief, the other promotes a firm yet highly supportive perform with one of the thickest foundation layers in the market.

They are both incredibly useful, but for us – the Ghostbed is slightly better.

Not only it offers almost the same advantage in softness and cooling effects as the Nectar, but it also promotes a slightly more durable mattress with the thickness of its foundation layer.

Also, the exceptional cover made with polyester/propylene and latex increases the durability exponentially – which is something you need to consider before buying.

So, if you want a versatile mattress, go for the Ghostbed without a doubt. However, if you prefer a soft cushion with more sinkage & compression than most, the Nectar will come like an excellent choice for you.

Layers3-inches Memory Foam – 1.75-inches Memory Foam – 5.25-inches Support Foam1.5-inches Latex Foam – 2-inches Gel Memory Foam – 7.5-inches Support Foam
Height11 Inches11 Inches
CoverA mix of Cotton, Tencel, and Thin QuiltedPolyester and Propylene Sides with Stretchy Thin Polyester Top
Firmness / SupportGood Firmness with Excellent SupportVery Good Firmness with Excellent Support
Perfect For Active and Heavy Weight – Back & Side SleepersCalm and Light/Medium Weight – Stomach & Side Sleepers
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