Casper vs Purple vs Tuft And Needle Mattress

By Sakibul Islam

Today, we will share some vital information and compare Casper vs Purple vs Tuft and Needle mattresses.

Although all of them are 10-inch foam mattresses, there are differences in their structures and features.

To know all the required details, we will talk about their design, comfort level, sleeping experience, and everything else that you need to know before choosing one of them.

Casper vs Tuft and Needle vs Purple Comparison Chart

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Overview: Products at a glance

  • Casper mattress

The brand revolutionized the bed in a box concept for all good reasons. Updated 10-inch mattress from Casper is built with four layers that work together to give you the necessary comfort, support, and bounce.

It keeps you cool and fresh for the whole night and never allows excess sweat or moisture to disturb your sleep.

  • Purple mattress

With the company’s ultra-flexible Hyper-Elastic polymer, the bed from Purple gives you a soft and responsive sleeping surface. It has all the support you will ever need to keep back pain at bay.

With proper spine alignment and excellent motion deadening, the bedding gives you an unmatched sleeping experience.

  • Tuft &Needle mattress

Famous with the name of the budget mattress, the bedding from Tuft & Needle performs well in every department and overshadows most of the expensive products.

With the right support and bounce, the bed gives you full value for your money. It is one of the bestsellers on Amazon with maximum positive reviews in the USA & Canada among the three.

Mattress Construction

Casper mattress

  • Made of four layers, the bed from Casper starts with a 1.5-inch open-cell proprietary foam layer, which gives you a soft feel which is not only comfortable but also enhances necessary airflow and has the right level of bounce.
  • The second 1.5-inch layer is made of memory foam that adds to its breathability.
  • The third 1.5 layers is made of the brand’s patent Zones Support Foam, which is polyfoam having two different firmness levels. It remains soft in areas where you need maximum pressure relief – shoulders and legs. On the other hand, the foam is firm where you need support – under the lower back and trunk.
  • The mattress ends with a 5-inch support layer made of thick polyfoam.

Purple mattress

Made of three layers, the 10-inch bed comes wrapped in a 0.5-inch thick knit fabric cover.

  • The top 2-inch layer is a unique “Smart Grid system,” made of small polymer squares. The squares compress once the pressure is applied and bounces back immediately to their original shape after removing the weight. Due to this trait, the system patented by Purple offers excellent resilience and responsiveness.
  • The second layer made of polyfoam is 3.5 inches thick and works as a transition from the smart grid to the dense bottom layer.
  • Polyfoam makes its appearance again in the final layer, stays there for 4 inches, and provides the necessary level of stability and support.

Tuft & Needle mattress

Made, of two layers, the bed comes covered with a mix fabric of polyester and rayon.

  • The top 3-inch layer is made of Adaptive Foam, developed by the brand. The material takes the clues from latex, and memory foam and gives you a new sleeping experience altogether. It has the right pressure relief of latex but lacks extra sink of memory foam. As we said, it takes some clues but performs in its own way.
  • The bottom layer is made of egg crate foam that lasts for the rest of 7 inches.

Comfort level

Another valid point of comparison between Purple vs Casper vs Tuft And Needle Mattresses is the firmness level and the feel once you lie on any of them.

It can be soft, harsh or medium-firm, and that’s what decides how comfortable you will be. All the features are void if you don’t get the right fee and comfort from the mattress.

  • Casper mattress

Talking about the firmness, the 10-inch mattress falls right in the middle of the firmness scale. So, it has the right balance between comfort, support, bounce, and pressure relief.

Being middle firm, it is accommodating for a wide variety of users, mainly medium weighed.

  • Purple mattress

The cushion stands at 6.5 at the firmness scale, where ten is the firmest. It properly distributes the body weight to provide you the necessary level of support.

So, it is a perfect choice for individuals suffering from back pain or someone who wants to live a strain-free and healthy life.

  • Tuft & Needle mattress

Similar to Purple Mattress Tuft & Needle also has a firmness level of 6.5. However, users have reported that the latter is comparatively firmer.

As the night passes, the cushion breaks a bit and goes softer as you use it regularly.

Sleeping experience

We all want comfort from a mattress, but there are different factors responsible for providing you with the right level of comfort, and all together with an ultimate sleeping experience.

Such factors include motion isolation, temperature control, bounce, and more. We will discuss such factors in this section, so you will get to know more about the products we are reviewing.

Casper mattress

Casper Original Foam Mattress

  1. Temperature control: The bed keeps you at neutral temperature, so you will never wake up due to excess sweat. However, it will not keep you cool on hot summer nights. If you want to sleep moisture-free even in the summers, you should look at other options.
  2. Motion transfer: It’s an ideal sleep solution for couples because the mattress is excellent at deadening motion. You can enjoy peaceful sleep, even if you have a loving partner.
  3. Responsiveness: The bed has the right support that keeps your spine aligned and eliminates any chances of backache.
  4. Bounce: Due to the four-layered construction, it has the required bounce. The memory and polyfoam instantly regain the original shape to give you the necessary bounce, and you never get the stuck like feeling on the bed.
  5. Edge support: It provides decent edge support. You cannot expect the edge support similar to an innerspring or a hybrid, but it holds well. There is no roll-off feel while you are sitting or sleeping on the sides.

Purple mattress

Purple Mattress

  1. Temperature control: Smart Comfort Grid of the bed traps minimal body heat. Even the polyfoam is built with cooling properties, which adds to the buildup. The mattress does not have an extra sink as well, so there are no interruptions in the airflow that can cause excess moisture.
  2. Motion transfer: With high ratings for motion restriction, a Purple queen mattress is a viable option for couples. The three layers work together to keep all the disturbances at bay to give you a sound sleep.
  3. Responsiveness: Polymer squares change the shape only where the pressure is applied, so the mattress distributes the bodyweight properly and relieves the pressure points. The bed has excellent support and responsiveness that keeps your spine straight and gives you a pain-free sleep.
  4. Bounce: Smart Grid System of the mattress compresses quickly once they feel any weight and restores soon after removing the pressure. Due to decent responsiveness, the mattress gives you a bouncy and spring-like feel, which is comfortable and keeps you relaxed.
  5. Edge support: A weak brick in the wall. The mattress compresses to no small extent once you sit on the edges. There are no reinforcements along the sides, so if you need a bed that is good along with the corners, skip this one.

Tuft & Needle mattress

Tuft & Needle Mattress

  1. Temperature control: Adaptive foam of the mattress tends to trap heat. However, cooling properties have been added to the foam to enhance body temperature regulation. It does not sink extra due to your weight. Hence there are no interruptions in the airflow and heat regulation.
  2. Motion transfer: If you are a light sleeper and even a slight movement can wake you up, you should choose the mattress from Tuft & Needle for the bedroom. Due to its design and structure, the mattress has excellent ratings for motion deadening.
  3. Responsiveness: The bed is very responsive; distributes your weight in the right manner and keeps your spine aligned. It gives you a contouring comfort without sinking extra for a stuck like feel.
  4. Bounce: Due to the adaptive foam, the mattress is the right bounce. However, the bed from Purple has a better bounce if compared to Tuft & Needle.
  5. Edge support: Similar to Purple, this one also has weak edge support. So, if you need a mattress with robust corners, then the best option among these three is Casper mattress.


You will notice some light smell from each of these queen mattresses. The scent comes from the compressed foam materials, but as soon as the bed expands, it will go away. Leave the mattress for 24 to 48 hours and allows it to expand before you sleep on it.

User reviews

Tuft & Needle surpasses Purple and Casper in terms of positive buyer reviews in the USA, UK & Canada. In this section, we will have a look at some positive comments from the users of each mattress.

  • Casper mattress

You will love the way it contours your body and keeps you at an average temperature. There is minimal smell during expansion. It is very comfortable and gives you better cooling results without a waterproof cover. A waterproof cover barricades airflow, and you might wake up due to excess sweat.

If you are dealing with lower back strain or you are a gym lover, then you should try this mattress. It has an excellent ability to relieve your muscles and keep your spine aligned naturally.

  • Purple mattress

The mattress gives you a remarkable sleep experience. Keeps you cool and relieves the pressure points in a way that you get a sound and comfortable sleep. It makes a great impact on health by keeping you painless and stress-free.

  • Tuft & Needle

High-value mattress at a low cost. You will sleep comfortably and wake up without any back pain. Medium firmness and zero motion transfer add to its value.

Moreover, it keeps you cool and moisture free for the whole night and makes sure that you never wake up due to excess sweat or irritation.

Bottom line – Which one should you buy?

Mattresses look alike, but if you take a close look at their construction and features, you will get reasons to prefer one bedding over another.

We will discuss some of those points in this section, which will give better ideas to make the right selection depending upon your preferences and requirements.

Casper mattress is good if you

According to us, the bed can accommodate all kinds of sleeping styles. Whether you are side, back, stomach, or combination sleeper, the mattress gives you the required level of comfort for undisturbed sleep.

  • Are one of the low and medium weighed individuals; up to 250 pounds.
  • Want to sleep in a neutral temperature
  • Have a partner that moves while sleeping; the mattress is very good at limiting motions
  • Need a bed with decent edge support

Purple mattress is good if you

  • Like a bouncy sleep surface. The polymer squares are capable of jumping back to their original shape once you stop applying pressure. Due to such high resilience, you can move quickly on its surface with getting stuck. If you like a springy sleep surface, go for Purple mattress.
  • I want to enjoy a unique sleeping experience. Adaptive foam in Tuft & Needle mattress is a smart innovation; still, if you want a distinct sleeping experience, you should choose the bed from Purple. Smart Grid System has a different touch and feels that you cannot expect from a foam mattress. If you want to try one of the latest sleeping technologies, then Purple mattress is for you.

Tuft & Needle mattress is good for you if

  • Are you looking for an affordable mattress with optimum comfort. As we discussed earlier, you are getting an adaptive foam with optimum comfort and support that also at a comparatively low price. It is an excellent combination of low price tag and quality features.
  • Area couple. With “localized bounce,” the mattress makes sure that any of your movement never reaches your partner and vice versa.
  • Have a bodyweight crossing 200 pounds. Due to the extra thickness, the mattress fits better to people with a comparatively higher pressure.
  • Need a durable mattress. The extra bed is built with long-lasting material that can withstand regular wear and tear.


Now, we have discussed all the details that you should know about the comparison between Casper vs Purple vs Tuft and Needle Mattress.

Casper has the Zones Support Foam; then Purple stands tall with Smart Grid System. On the other hand, Tuft and Needle give you an adaptive foam mattress within your budget. So, now you can easily make an informed decision after reading this page.

Sleep well.

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