Zinus vs Leesa Mattress Comparison 2024

By Sakibul Islam

Today, we will be compared Zinus Vs Leesa, to help you understand which mattress should be your first pick. Selecting anyone from them is going to be really hard, we have got ourselves a “CHAMP vs CHAMP” situation over here.

Our team had tested both of the mattresses individually under the same set of circumstances. And just for the sake of convenience, we looked at very common features that every mattress needs to provide.

You will be surprised to know that Zinus came on top on multiple occasions, may it be pricing, support or comfort.

Leesa vs. Zinus – Comparison

When you are looking at Leesa, you can expect the premium-level qualities. Although it’s priced significantly higher than its counterpart, overall, stands somewhere between budget and premium mattresses. Ideally, it is a better option if you look for memory foam.

Zinus has been in the market for a long time, so it was inevitable that it would offer serious competition to all other brands. It’s best for people who are on the budget.

Also, it boasts natural antibacterial and fungal properties, thanks to green tea and castor oil seeds used in its construction.

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Zinus Mattress vs Leesa – Construction

Both of our mattresses are quite similar in design and features a three-layered construction. Both companies have they’re specifically designed infused in the foam.

They kind of use similar ones, for example, Zinus has memory foam in the top layer whereas Leesa has it in the second layer. Let’s have a much more detailed look below.

Top Layer: Zinus has a much ventilated and porous top layer. It is 2.5 inches thick and comprises of memory foam infused with natural green tea extracts along with castor oil seeds.

The resultant structure remains much cooler while providing a plushier feel. Also, it provides the necessary contouring for your body.

On the counter side, the Leesa features 2 inches of Avenue foam. The foam has specifically designed air columns for excellent heat retention. The mattress is highly breathable. This gives you a bouncy feel with the right support.

Mid Layer: The second layer of Zinus is also memory foam. It acts as a transition layer, distributing the weight throughout the mattress evenly. It provides high-quality motion isolation while providing excellent levels of support.

The mid-layer of the Leesa is made by using 2 inches thick memory foam. It provides body contouring along with the popular back pain relief of the Leesa.

Base Layer: For the mattress’s base layers, usually a thick layer of very high-density foam is used, besides providing support, it enhances the durability of the mattress.

Well, there should be no doubts in anyone’s mind about the quality and ratings of the materials behind the manufacture of these mattresses. The companies have used CertiPUR-US foam; lab-tested by independent agencies ensuring its safety and performance.

Zinus vs. Leesa Mattress – Performance

Now, you have to have a better understanding of the various features of these mattresses under specific working conditions. They are as below;

Heat Retention: Hot sleepers are going to love both of these mattresses. The gel-based layer at the top of Zinus handles the heat excellently. Even the lower layers have proper airflow channels, which means even if you sweat, you can sleep peacefully.

Leesa also has some good counterheat measures which enable you to have a peaceful night of sleep.

Support and Firmness: When we are talking about support and firmness, everyone knows about the support and pressure relief of Leesa. On the counter side, Zinus too features pretty good levels of support.

Motion Isolation: Both of the mattresses offer you a similar degree of motion isolation. Both mattresses are considered good for couples.

Edge Support: It is the one feature which totally depends on the thickness of the base layers. For our cases, both the mattresses have identical bases, 5.5 inches, and 6 inches to be exact. More or less, they offer similar levels of edge support.

Off-gassing: It can happen in some cases, but by the time mattresses expand to full size, they will fade away. Just for the record, no off-gassing case has come in for Zinus.

What Does Each Mattress Weigh?

The weight of a mattress is something that depends on three major factors, the size of the mattress, the style and finally the quality of the foam used to construct the mattress.

Whenever you are planning to get a mattress, its weight must be given utmost priority. You should always opt for a lightweight mattress if possible. It would be much easier to set up and move to different places, on your own.

Here is the range in LBS, for two of our mattresses.

  • Zinus: 33.4 – 67 lbs
  • Leesa: 50 -95 lbs

Will The Mattresses Stand The Test Of Time?

This should be the question on your mind when you are willing to invest quite a few hundred dollars in a mattress. If I am investing such an amount, I would definitely like my mattress to be good for more than five to six years.

Here, both our mattresses are made from high-quality Certi-PUR foam. We all know that these materials have been tested on multiple occasions for safety and performance under high stress.

They don’t lose their shape for as long as 7-8 years of tough service. Thus, there is no question in their durability.

What Type of Sleeping Position Is Suitable For?

The two of the above mattresses are really enjoyable, but when it comes to a proper sleeping position, every mattress is quite unique. Both of these have been carefully designed as the universal mattress which means that they will support almost all types of sleeping styles.

If you sleep on your back and sides, Zinus becomes the obvious pick. On the other side, if you prefer sides and stomachs, then Leesa is a good pick as it offers more sinkage.

Both the mattresses offer nice support and pressure relief, you can select any one of them depending on your personal sleeping preferences.

Which Mattress Is Firmest?

If you look at the detailed review of the Zinus or Leesa mattresses, you will find that most of them have rated each one of them at either 6 or 6.5. These two are from the group of medium-firm mattresses. They both feel good and provide great levels of support.

Just in case, if you wish to differentiate them by drawing a line between these two, Zinus takes the slight lead. This is because Leesa feels much plushier and sinkage. So if you are willing to get the firmer one, Zinus is your pick.

Which Has The Highest Customer Ratings?

Customer ratings are the key point, you should give full attention to before any kind of purchase. Whether you are buying a needle or tank, make sure to look for the ratings and read the user reviews carefully.

Here in the case, Zinus has 4.1 in 5 with around 23000 ratings, whereas Leesa has an average of 4 stars out of 5 in nearly 700 ratings.

Zinus vs Leesa, Which One Should I Buy?

We have arrived at the last stop of this guide, I would like to prefer Zinus over Lessa for a number of reasons.

  • It provides similar levels of support and pressure relief
  • Zinus sleeps slightly cooler than Leesa
  • Its a more natural and eco-friendly option out there
  • Zinus offers similar performance, in a much smaller budget
  • Has slightly higher user rating
  • Has a 10-year-long warranty

We are at the closure of Zinus Vs Leesa and we declare Zinus as the champion, by split decision. For most of the people, Zinus serves the purpose as it is much friendly to your wallet and environment too.

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