Zinus vs Tuft And Needle Mattress Comparison 2024

By Sakibul Islam

To find a mattress that suits your sleeping style perfectly, it is as tough as finding a needle in the haystack. But the game can be changed instantly when you bring a big magnet. Consider us the magnet if you need a better mattress for sound sleep.

It is about time, that the two heavyweights go toe to toe with each other. Thus we present to you the Zinus vs Tuft and Needle.

But mark my words, choosing anyone from them is not easy work.

You can leave all the hard work to us, as we have compared both of these mattresses with one another. We have considered all the important factors such as pricing, firmness, pressure relief, support levels and many more.

After several rounds of cross verification, Zinus edged over its competitor by some distance.

Tuft And Needle vs Zinus – Comparison

When you compare Tuft And Needle vs. Zinus mattress then first look at layer combination. Let’s check it.

When you are looking for a much premium experience in the mid-range mattresses, Tuft and Needle is the viable option for you. It is made using Proprietary foam. Moreover, it features a bi-layer construction.

On the other hand, we have Zinus which has a triple-layer construction. Also, it uses green tea extracts and castor oil seeds in the top layer construction. This gives it the natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. You get this entire feature at a price, which is nearly half that of Tuft and Needle.

Even when you need a mattress with a softer top layer, Zinus makes the optimum choice.

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Zinus Memory Foam vs Tuft And Needle – Construction

Zinus Memory Foam and Tuft And Needle mattresses have been constructed in a layerwise manner for a long time. The multiple layers serve multiple functions. For our contestants, Zinus features a triple-layer construction whereas Tuft And Needle features a bi-layer construction.

Top Layer: The top layer of a 10-inch green tea Zinus is made using a gel memory foam. It is 2.5 inches in thickness and has been made porous by using castor oil seeds and green tea extracts. The pores create air channels, which provides better ventilation and thus controls temperature excellently.

Also, this gives it the well-known plush feels with the fresh essence.

If you look at the other corner, the Tuft And Needle have provided a solid 3-inch layer of proprietary foam. This foam has the perfect blend of comfort and firmness. It is a kind of hybrid between latex and visco-elastic.

Mid Layer: The top layer of Zinus is quite plushier, so the mid-layer is made using support foam. The role of this layer is to evenly distribute the weight throughout the mattress. It prevents you from sinking further in the mattress. At the same time, it promotes motion isolation and provides necessary body contouring.

Whereas in the case of the Tuft And Needle, there is no mid-layer.

Base Layer: For both of our mattresses, the base layer is made using high-density foam. The high-density foam provides support and at the same time adds life to your mattress. Zinus has 5.5 inches thick base layer whereas Tuft And Needle features a massive 7 inches base. This provides it with increased edge support.

Coming to the quality of the raw materials used in the construction of our beloved mattresses. Zinus uses CertiPUR-US foam, which is known globally for its endurance and performance. While Tuft And Needle have developed its own foam. Both of these forms are of superior grade.

Zinus Mattress vs. Tuft And Needle – Performance

Let us now focus on different aspects of the mattress and see how Zinus mattress vs Tuft And Needle mattresses had performed.

Heat Retention: Zinus sleeps much cooler than its rivals, thanks to the gel-based top layer. The airflow channels keep the temperature in check. Even when you sleep in hot and sweat, you won’t feel any discomfort.

Although Tuft And Needle have graphite infusion in its construction to keep the temperature under check, it is not as good as Zinus.

Firmness and Support: Due to a dual-layer construction and a much thicker layer of High-Density foam in the base, Tuft And Needle feel firmer and offers better support.

Motion Isolation: Both of the mattresses offer motion isolation of equal levels, but if I have to choose one I’ll go for Tuft and Needle.

Edge Support: Because of the much bigger and firmer base layer, the level of edge support was quite better in Tuft and Needle.

Off-gassing: None of the mattresses have off-gassed up to this very moment. They are good, just give them proper time to expand.

What Does Each Mattress Weigh?

We have discussed it multiple times in the past, but still, I would like to tell you guys that the weight of the mattress should be an important consideration while selecting one. A lighter mattress is much easier to move and set up in new places. Whereas if you go for the heavier ones, you will have to take the help of others.

  • Zinus: 33.4 – 67 lbs
  • Signature Sleep: 44 -82 lbs

Will The Mattresses Stand The Test Of Time?

Whenever in doubt about the durability of any product, go check for the warranty period. WAO!! Both of these mattresses offer 10 years of warranty on their products. It certainly means they will last for a longer span of time.

Both the foams used for the construction of either mattress are of supreme quality. All of these lead to a much better product.

What Type of Sleeping Position Is Suitable For?

These mattresses are really good, but there are slight differences when you consider which sleeping style they complement more. They provide nice support and easy pressure relief, as a matter of fact, they are much better than most of the available mattresses today.

Zinus:  It has been designed to be a universal mattress, which means any type of sleeper should be comfortable on it.

Tuft and Needle: This king mattress slightly favors those who tend to sleep on sides. Because of excellent motion isolation, it’s good for couples where one person who moves a lot in the sleep.

Which Mattress Is Firmest?

These mattresses are medium-firm, which means that they will be soft and plushier while being firm enough that you do not sink in the mattress. The firmness levels on both the mattresses are quite similar.

But if you are still looking for clearer differences then we would give Zinus a flat 6.0 out of 10 and Tuft somewhere around 6 to 6.5.

Which Has The Highest Customer Ratings?

You should look at the customer’s rating very carefully, as they tell about the real-time performance of the mattress. Moreover, you can get to know about even the slightest of issues, which may trouble you at some later point of time.

People have a rated Zinus at 4.1 and Tuft and Needle at 4.2 out of 5. That’s nearly identical, considering Zinus has almost four times the sales.

Tuft And Needle vs. Zinus, Which One Should I Buy?

People, we have arrived at the last stop of our journey, and if you are still in dilemma, don’t be afraid we are here.

Let’s get this sorted, we recommend Zinus over Tuft and Needle because of many reasons.

  • It is much more of an economical option, why to spend a lot of extra bucks when you can get almost similar features at much affordable pricing
  • It sleeps much cooler, no worries even if you sweat a lot
  • Constructed using natural green tea extracts and castor oil seeds
  • Offers a longer period of warranty
  • It had been trusted by a large number of happy customers

When we started Zinus Vs Tuft And Needle, who would have thought that it comes down to the wire. At last, Zinus proves itself slightly more capable, which doesn’t mean that Tuft would be a bad choice.

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