Nectar vs Purple vs Casper Mattress

By Sakibul Islam

Nectar, Purple, and Casper are three well-known mattress makers, and this is the reason why we receive requests to compare the best of their beds.

So, we will examine three mattresses on this page from these three brands.

On the contrary, we will not only review them, but it will be more like a Nectar Vs Purple vs Casper Mattress match here.

Let us break down all of them one by one, and in the end, we will see which mattress works for what types of sleepers.

Nectar vs Purple vs Casper Comparison

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Overview Of Top 3 Mattress

Let us take a glance at the Casper vs Nectar vs Purple, we are reviewing today.

  • Casper 12-inch mattress

The 12-inch bedding from Casper gives you a contouring comfort by utilizing poly and memory foam in the construction. It offers the right level of support, comfort, bounce, and also keeps you fresh by regulating the body temperature. It comes with a 100 nights’ trial period as well.

  • Nectar 11-inch mattress

For the buyers who like the feel of memory foam and do not want to spend a truckload of money on buying a mattress, Nectar presents a great option. Comes with two free pillows and 180 days of the trial period, which is almost double than other brands. Optimum comfort and fresh sleep are two departments where the mattress exceeds the expectations and gives you an uninterrupted sleep; all night long.

  • Purple 10-inch mattress

Getting bored of the same memory foam mattress? Purple gives you a sleep solution with Hyper-Elastic Polymer, which provides you with a patented feel that is not only unique and comfortable but also keeps you fresh by regulating the body temperature. With optimum support and excellent motion deadening, the mattress gives you an improved and sound sleep.

Mattress Construction

The best way to start a comparison review is looking at the built. That’s what we will do here by looking at the internal components of the mattresses inside the ring today. Let us start the first round of Purple vs Casper vs Nectar mattress.

Nectar mattress

The 11-inch mattress starts with a Tencel cover, which is cool and gives you a soft and smooth feel. Inside the cover, there are four layers that complete the mattress.

  • The top 1-inch layer is made of memory foam, which is infused with gel and hence enhances airflow and temperature regulation.
  • The second 3-inch layer is also made of memory foam that contours your body and relieves pressure from the neck, shoulders, and hip. Both the top layers are made of memory foam, but there are differences in PCF, the top layer has 4, and the second one has 3.5.
  • The third layer made of polyfoam extends up to 1.75 inches and acts as a transition.
  • The fourth and last layer is also made of polyfoam that works as a base for the upper layers and adds to the support and weight distribution.

Purple mattress

Covered by a knit fabric, the 10-inch mattress is made of three layers.

  • The top 2-inch layer is made of brand’s patent Smart Comfort Grid, commercially known as Hyper-Elastic Polymer; an array of small polymer squares, which compresses when any weight is applied and bounces back immediately once removed.
  • The second layer made of polyfoam extends for 3.5 inches and helps the upper polymer to provide the necessary level of comfort, support, and airflow.
  • Polyfoam appears again as the last 4-inch layer, which works as a base and extends the support for proper body weight distribution.

Casper mattress

Wrapped with a polyester cover, Casper mattress has four layers working together to give you a comfortable sleeping solution.

  • The open-cell polyfoam makes the top layer that is 1.5 inches wide. Built with contouring properties, however, the polyfoam lacks the extra sink feature of memory foam. As it has an open-cell construction, polyfoam is better than memory foam at body temperature regulation and giving a cool place to sleep.
  • The second 1.5-inch layer is made of memory foam, which adds another layer of support, responsiveness, and body contouring.
  • Polyfoam again comes as a third layer and fourth, which extends for 1.5 inches and 5 inches respectively.

Comfort level

The first thing every buyer concerns is the comfort; whether the mattress will be comfortable up to the expectations or not? And this is true in every sense. If you are getting a right feel after sitting on a cushion, how will you get a sound sleep? Mattresses have different comfort levels, which depends upon their firmness.

Terms like soft and firm can be confusing because there are various firmness levels for a mattress. So, we use a scale from one to ten to describe the firmness of a mattress, where one is the softest a bed can be, while ten is the firmest. Most of the mattresses fall between 4 to 7 on the scale, which is known as the widely accepted medium-firm range.

  • Nectar mattress

Similar to Casper, the bed from Nectar also falls in the medium range firmness and has a rating of 6.5 on the firmness scale. Made of breathable materials, the mattress keeps you cool even at the hottest night of summer. Molds according to your body curves and relaxes the pressure points. Also, if you are suffering from backache or joint pain, you will start feeling better within a few nights of sleep.

  • Purple mattress

Sitting at 6, the bed from Purple is the least firm among the three. However, if we talk about general stiffness felt by a medium-sized sleeper, it is moreover the same for Casper and Purple mattress. Remember, we are only talking about the hardness of the two beds.

  • Casper mattress

Stands at 6.5 on the firmness scale, the bed is medium firm. The mattress is evenly medium-firm still feels soft at shoulders while firming and extra supportive under the hips. So, if you are a fan of more firm or a plusher sleeping surface, you should look at other options available on Amazon.

Sleeping experience

All three mattresses try their best to give you the right combination of comfort, resilience, and support. Their motive is the same – to provide you with the ultimate sleeping experience; however, due to the difference inbuilt materials, there are differences in their responses as well.

In this section, we will discuss the main factors that drive the overall sleeping experience for each one of the mattresses.

Nectar mattress

Nectar Mattress

  1. Temperature control: If you have used memory mattresses in the past, then you know that it sleeps hot. Memory foam collects the body heat instead of regulating it and hence the required airflow never happens. Nectar mattress has memory foam as the top two layers, wherein the first sheet is infused with gel, which is supposed to regulate the body heat. It is valid up to a level. However, it never crosses the average mark.
  2. Motion transfer: With two layers of memory foam, the Nectar mattress does an excellent job at motion deadening. It contours the body and never allows any disturbance to wake you up.
  3. Responsiveness: Again the two memory foam layers are at work here. Due to the memory, you get body-contouring comfort, but a bit extra sink. So, does an above-average job to keep your spine aligned. Due to four inches of memory foam, the mattress will be extra relaxing for sleepers with a weight of more than 200 pounds. Heavy sleepers will feel additional pressure relief due to the extra cushioning.
  1. Bounce: Memory foam is less resilient; hence, it takes time to regain the original shape.
  2. Edge support: The mattress struggles in this department. It is not designed to be bolstered along the edges, so you will not feel the stability if you sit or lie along the edges.

Purple mattress

Purple Mattress

  1. Temperature control: The bed from Purple is the right choice for individuals who prefers to sleep cool. Its hyperplastic polymer never retains any heat. Due to the high resiliency of the material, it never sinks too much to interrupt the airflow. The mattress never gives you a stuck like feel as well.
  2. Motion transfer: Does an excellent job of restricting the motion from the other person sharing the mattress. Due to the bounce, there are some movement transfers, but they are not enough to wake you up.
  3. Responsiveness: The hyperelastic polymer compresses according to the weight applied. It has less contouring ability but keeps the neck and back aligned due to the personalized alignment of polymer squares.
  4. Bounce: The smart grid quickly returns to its original shape, and hence, you can quickly move on the surface without getting stuck.
  5. Edge support: The top polymer layer is weak at the edges because this is not made to be reliable, so if you sit or lie along the sides of the corners, you will not find much support.

Casper mattress

Casper Sleep Original Foam Mattress

  1. Temperature control: The open cell structure of the foam encourages airflow and tries to give you a refreshing sleep because it never retains the heat like memory foam. Also, it prevents extra sink and hence eliminates any airflow interruption. However, if we compare the cooling properties to Purple, Casper loses. Though, it does better than Nectar.
  2. Motion transfer: With poly and memory foam, the mattress gives you the contouring comfort and does an above-average job while motion deadening.
  3. Responsiveness: To provide the right amount of support, a bed should accommodate each part of the body according to weight and size. Casper mattress does an above-average job when it comes to responsiveness and support. Utilizing two layers of foam at the top, it gives you a contouring comfort and provides the necessary responsiveness to a wide range of sleepers.
  4. Bounce: Another factor that affects the sleeping experience is the resilience of a mattress. A cushion with low resistance takes time to regain its original shape while a highly resilient mattress quickly bounces back and never gives you a feeling that you are stuck on the bed. As Casper mattress has a polyfoam at the top, it has better bounce then Nectar. But, do not expect anything like latex.
  5. Edge support: Foam is not built to withstand any weight along the edges. Made entirely of foam, the Caser mattress will not offer any support if you sit on the sides or corners.

Bottom Line – Which one should you buy?

Making a final decision can be tricky. There are benefits and disadvantageous of all the three products we reviewed here. So, it can be tough for you to choose one of the three. In this section, we are giving some ideas that can work as hints for you.

Casper mattress is right if you

  • Like the feel of a foam constructed mattress. If you know that a foam mattress will give you the required comfort, then there is no point in experimenting with anything new. However, to be sure you must have used an all-foam mattress in the past.
  • Have a bodyweight crossing 230 pounds — the upper two layers made of poly and memory foam works to provide to complete support and comfort. If you weigh more than just 230 pounds, you will receive the maximum comfort the mattress can offer.
  • You need a queen mattress. It is not the only size available with the mattress. However, we are talking about the queen size here. So, the mattress works best if you need a queen mattress for a queen size bed where you two can sleep comfortably.

Nectar mattress is good if you

  • Want to try the mattress for long. Nectar offers the longest return period of 180 days. So, you have days and weeks to decide whether you are getting the right comfort or not.
  • Weigh more than average. In Nectar mattress memory foam is working as a comfort layer which is almost double than the mattress from Casper. So, if you are a heavy sleeper, you will get better support and responsiveness.
  • Need relief at the pressure points. If you prefer to sleep on your sides, then you will need some extra cushioning for the pressure relief from neck, shoulders, and hips. Due to a three-inch comfort layer, you get what you want to sleep comfortably.

Purple mattress is good if you

  • Are you ready to try something new. If you have already tried memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses, and want to try something innovative and unique, Purple mattress should be your choice.
  • Like to sleep on a bouncy surface. Due to the hyperelastic polymer, the mattress is more resilient. Means you will get the right bounce, and you will never get the stuck like feeling on the bed.
  • Are dealing with a bad back. The mattress distributes body weight properly, resulting in equalized support and natural spine alignment. So, you will get a relaxed sleep free from any back pain.


As we end the royal fight of Nectar vs Purple vs Casper Mattresses, we expect that you know every detail about the three cushions we discussed.

Expect some smell from any of the mattresses after unpacking. It will leave the bed within a maximum of 48 hours. If you keep the mattress in a ventilated area with the fans on for some time, the smell might go away early.

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