Nectar vs Tuft And Needle Mattress Comparison

By Sakibul Islam

You may be here because you are looking forward to getting yourself a new mattress, that too without making it hard on your wallet. If that’s the case then Nectar & Tuft And Needle are amongst the few names that you might have heard many a time.

Most of the people tend to get confused when they have to make a choice between these two mattresses. But you don’t need to worry about that thing as today, we bring to you the Nectar vs Tuft And Needle guide.

After the comparisons considering the various key factors, we concluded that Nectar definitely had some advantages over Tuft And Needle. May it is the response or the sweat factor or the longer warranty, Nectar always came on top.

Tuft And Needle vs Nectar – Comparison

When you compare Tuft And Needle vs. Nectar then first look at the layer construction.

Nectar uses multiple layers of gel memory foam, for its construction. The overall thickness of this mattress is about 11 inches. The mattress provides a very bouncy feel and has a bit of more sinking in it.

This mattress offers really good levels of support for each and every kind of sleeper. In short, it’s good for anyone.

On the other hand, when you look at the Tuft And Needle, it’s made from Special Polyfoam. It is good for back and stomach sleepers. It provides you with a lot of support, thanks to the special foam.

When you consider the hot sleeper, they felt much comfortable on Nectar. Thanks to the multiple gel layers of foam, this mattress controls temperature excellently.

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Nectar vs. Tuft And Needle Mattress – Construction

When looking into the construction of both Nectar vs Tuft And Needle mattresses, you will find some major differences. The Nectar has multiple layer construction whereas Tuft And Needle has a Bi-layer construction.

As per the specs, Nectar is made using four different layers whereas the Tuft And Needle have only top and bottom layers. In order to keep the comparison on track, we will follow the standard three-layered approach.

Top Layer: When you look at the Nectar, its top layer is made by combining two layers together. An inch of quilted gel memory foam combined with 3 inches of gel memory foam results in the top layer.

It provides all the cushioning, pressure relief and the contouring required. The gel in both layers is more than enough to take care of the heating issues.

On the other hand, the Tuft And Needle’s top layer is made, using a single 3-inch thick layer of specialty polyfoam known as the Adaptive foam. This layer is infused with graphite and gel to draw the heat. The foam provides good bounce along with pressure relief.

Overall, the top layer of both the mattresses is highly breathable.

Mid Layer: The mid-layer is made from a special adaptive hi-Core memory foam. It is just one inch in thickness but does its job of slowing down the contouring response of the top layer.

It also prevents sinking and offers a smoother transition for the base.

There is no mid-layer in the case of the Tuft And Needle.

Base Layer: In both the above cases, these base layers are made from the high-density foam. In Nectar it is made from 5.5 inches of 55 ILD polyurethane foam, which is highly breathable.

On the flip side, we have 7 inches of HD polyfoam, it provides all the support and prevents you from sinking in the mattress.

When you look at the quality of material used,  both companies use the same CertiPUR-US foam which has been certified for safety, durability, and performance.

Nectar Mattress vs Tuft And Needle – Performance

Let’s discuss the performance of this Nectar Mattress vs. Tuft And Needle mattresses under various mentioned aspects.

Heat Retention: When the temperature regulation is considered, these mattresses are identical to each other. Both of them have specific cooling features. Nectar has the three layers of gel memory foam, and one of these is a quilted layer. All of this makes it highly breathable.

Meanwhile, the Tuft And Needle also feature the cooling gel, which has graphite infused in it for better heat retention.

Edge Support: The foams used in making the lower layer of Nectar has much higher ILD ratings, which provides it with better edge support. While you sit on the edges, it doesn’t feel anything like memory foam.

Meanwhile, Tuft And Needle have only two layers of foam so the edge support is not as good as the Nectar.

Motion Isolation: The memory foam used in multiple layers of Nectar comes into play here. All the shocks caused by sudden impacts are absorbed instantly and are not spilled in the adjacent sides. Nectar has one of the highest degrees of motion isolation in its class.

On the other hand, Tuft And Needle have latex-like foam which gives its slight bouncy feel. The motion isolation is there but not as good as Nectar.

Off-gasing: In this regard, both the mattresses are quite similar as both of them are breathable. And to date, no reports for off-gassing has come in.

What Does Each Mattress Weigh?

Before selecting Nectar or Tuft And Needle mattress as your final choice, there should be a proper consideration made about its weight. A lighter mattress is much easier to move from one place to another.

If you go for a heavy mattress, just remember you will always need the help of others to move it around.

The weight any of any mattress depends on two factors; primarily the size of mattress you choose such as twin, Full, Medium or King. And secondly, the style of mattress selected such as Twin XL, King, or Full XL.

For our consideration, we have picked Queen from each brand.

  • Tuft And Needle: 70 lbs
  • Nectar: 82 lbs

Tuft And Needle, obviously the lighter one here.

Will The Mattresses Stand The Test Of Time?

Mattresses Stand The Test Of TimeThat should have been a really tough question to answer, but it’s not. Both the mattresses are made from high-quality materials. The mattresses are known to retain their shape for a much longer period of time.

The CertiPUR foam used in the construction makes sure that the mattress lasts much longer without any wear and tear.

The Nectar offers a lifetime warranty for its product, whereas Tuft And Needle provide you with 10 years of warranty. Such long warranties indicate the durability of the mattresses.

What Type of Sleeping Position Is Suitable For?

Every person is different from another, so does his sleep requirements. Thus to serve that purpose, each mattress is designed differently. So we have filtered out the very best offerings that each mattress provides you with.

Nectar: This would be ideal for side sleepers. The mattress has better edge support which means you are at freedom to move around in the bed. Even if you switch between the sides, the stomach and back can also have it.

Tuft And Needle: If you love to sleep on your sides, then this becomes your most viable choice. Even if someone who tends to launch their body in sleep will also enjoy this mattress. People who sleep on the back and stomach will enjoy it.

Which Mattress Is Firmest?

Firmest MattressBoth of the mattresses are of medium firmness. We can still differentiate between them when you draw a line either Nectar or Tuft And Needle will cross it.

Because of the multi-layer construction, Nectar gives you a bit more plushier feel. On the other side in the case of Tuft And Needle, there is no multiple layers that provides it with a bit of extra firmness, while maintaining the same levels of comfort.

On a scale of 0 to 10, if you rate Nectar anywhere between 6 to 6.5 then you will have to give at least 7 to Tuft And Needle. In case, you are looking for a much firmer mattress, then Tuft And Needle makes the ideal choice.

Which Has The Highest Customer Ratings?

Now that we are nearing the end of this article, it would be an ideal time to see which mattress is much successful. It does not matter how much well-built and technically superior a product may be. Until and unless it satisfies its target consumers, it would be good for nothing, same goes for our mattresses too.

The customer rating is the main thing, which you should look at before making the purchase. It gives you a much detailed idea about how the product is behaving actually. When you are looking at the customer rating of these two mattresses, cutthroat competition can be felt.

On a scale of 0 to 5, the average rating for Nectar is 4.1 which is really good, while the Tuft And Needle receive an average of 4.2 out of 5. Tuft And Needle have the slight lead over here.

Nectar vs. Tuft And Needle, Which One Should I Buy?

We have reached the concluding part and if you are still confused we can help you make the final decision. We would like to recommend Nectar over Tuft And Needle because of multiple reasons.

  • As it provides better support and relieves pressure much effectively.
  • Both of them perform well in terms of heat retention but Nectar is much cooler.
  • The mattress has lots of breathabilities, if you sweat a lot it will be ideal
  • Has a higher degree of motion isolation, means you can sleep easily even if your partner makes lots of movement.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty and also the cover can be replaced for free of cost if gets damaged
  • It comes with a much longer trial period

We find that in the battle of Nectar vs Tuft And Needle, Nectar stands tall by a slight margin. To honestly conclude, both the mattresses are good at doing their jobs, it’s now up to you to identify your needs and make the right selections.

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