Olee Sleep vs Zinus Mattress Comparison 2024

By Sakibul Islam

When looking for a new mattress,  Olee Sleep and Zinus are names you will find on any top review list. Yet, choosing anyone among them will be a difficult task for you.

In order to reduce your workload, we came up with Olee Sleep vs Zinus Mattress guide.

Our team compared both of them, considering various factors in mind; somehow Zinus always had an edge over the Olee Sleep. It always had a slight advantage in terms of comfort, durability, pricing or construction support levels.

Olee vs Zinus – Comparison

NameOlee Sleep MattressZinus Memory Foam
Dimensions80 x 60 x 13 inches80 x 60 x 12 inches
Material TypeFoamFoam
Construction TypeHybrid Memory FoamMemory Foam
Price Check On Amazon Check On Amazon

Olee Sleep arrives with a five-layer construction feature and each of these layers serves a special purpose. It also features Dura spring-wrapped coils that provide better and lasting support. The gel-infused foam helps in sleeping cool while giving proper contours.

Zinus is made using multilayer foam tech that helps and supports you to sleep cool. It has also used green tea extracts in construction naturally. This minimizes any kind of smell and gas.

The Zinus is soft and provides you with a bouncy surface, it’s designed for everyone’s use.

Olee Sleep vs. Zinus – Construction

ZINUS 12 Inch Green Tea

Almost each and every mattress is designed following a similar three-layer design. But nowadays, companies are using various sub-layers to make their mattress perform better.

The three layers are as follows, the top layers usually have gel-infused foam, the underlying mid-layers mostly have comfort foam of varying firmness and for the base layer, we usually have high-density foam.

But when you look under the hood, you will come across different layers and how they are constructed, which are as mentioned below. For our comparison, we have considered the 10-inch mattress from both of these brands.

Top Layer: In the case of the Zinus mattress, it is made using a 2-inch thick layer gel infused with green tea extracts and castor oil. Altogether it is infused with memory foam which makes it porous and widely structured.

As a result, it has better ventilation, keeping the top surface much cooler. Plus, it gives a relatively plushier feel.

While on the flip side, the Olee has an inch-thick layer of Dura gel-infused foam. This layer does most of the heat retention.

Mid Layer: This layer is made using 2.5 inches of soft memory foam. Because of the much plush top layer, Zinus had to provide comfort foam in the mid-layer.

It is just a transition layer to support the weight but also offers much motion isolation and body contouring.

In the case of the Olee, we have two sub-layers each one inch thick and made from different foam. The first layer is made from 8 ILD soft memory foam while another one is made from 25 ILD convoluted high-density foam.

Altogether, these layers provide the much-needed contouring, and airflow and prevent sinking.

Base Layer: In most cases, the base layers are made out of HD foam. Both mattresses have a variable thickness of this layer as in case of Zinus, it’s limited to 5.5 inches whereas in the case of Olee it is a whopping 7 inches.

Looking at the quality of material used in construction, both companies are using the same CertiPUR-US foam. This foam has been certified and tested for safety and better performance.

Zinus vs. Olee Sleep – Performance

Olee Sleep Queen Mattress

We will now have a look at the performance of the Olee vs Zinus mattresses considering some of the important features.

Heat Retention: When you are considering heat retention, the top layer of the mattresses comes into play. Zinus having the much thicker gel-based top layer offers better heat retention.

Although, Olee features a similar but thinner gel layer and convoluted layers for airflow. It still remains the second best.

Firmness and Support: The Olee features multiple mid-layers of an ILD 8 and 25 ILD foam. The combination will surely sleep you slightly firmer. Being soft, it provides very good support. On the other hand, Zinus also has a very good support and firmness level.

Motion Isolation: Even if your partner has a habit of rolling around in bed, that won’t be a problem anymore. As both these mattresses provide a very high degree of motion isolation.

Considering the two mid-layers in Olee, it gains a slight advantage here.

Edge Support: Both of these mattresses hold you pretty well, you will hardly slip when you are near the edge.

Off-gassing: When you consider these mattresses, both of them are identical. They are highly breathable with proper air channels. We are yet to cite any incident of off-gassing in any case.

NameOlee Sleep MattressZinus Memory Foam
Dimensions80 x 60 x 13 inches80 x 60 x 12 inches
Material TypeFoamFoam
Construction TypeHybrid Memory FoamMemory Foam
Price Check On Amazon Check On Amazon

What Does Each Mattress Weigh?

Getting the new mattress is a great idea, but when you are making the final considerations, do give high importance to the mattress weight.

We are saying so because when you decide to move your bed to a new position, you will need to switch the mattress too. And in doing so, the weight decides whether you will need the help of others or not.

The weights of all the mattresses are decided by the following factors:

  1. The weight per square unit area is decided by the type of material used in its construction
  2. The size of the mattress which you are looking for, such as a Full size or a King or Medium one
  3. Another weight-deciding factor is the Style of the mattress you select

The weight range for our mattresses is as below:

  • Olee: 90-110lbs, slightly on the heavier side
  • Zinus: 65-90lbs, on the lighter side

Will The Mattresses Stand The Test Of Time?

When you are questioning the durability of any product, you should look at the two below-mentioned factors. They are the quality of the raw material used in construction and the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Both mattresses are made using high-quality materials. For example; the CertiPUR foam is used in both mattresses. This foam is known to maintain its shape for a very long time even when subjected to regular use.

The durability of the products can also be visualized from the warranty offered by the sellers. Each one of them has a 10 years warranty. So you can be sure that these mattresses will definitely stand the test of time.

What Type of Sleeping Position Is Suitable For?

Each mattress compliments a different kind of sleeper. They are designed in a specific way to serve the needs of a particular type. Now, let us see what each mattress brings on the bed.

Zinus: The mattress comes with great edge support which means you are at freedom to move around in the bed.

If you or your partner tend to sleep in a number of different positions through the night, it will be a more appropriate choice. Even if you continuously switch between side & back, it will be a great choice.

Olee: This mattress has been designed in such a way that it compliments all kinds of sleepers. Irrespective of your sleeping position, it will provide you with excellent support and comfort.

Which Mattress Is Firmest?

Each of these mattresses belongs to the family of mid-firm mattresses. But when you are looking to distinguish on the basis of firmness, Olee scores over Zinus in this case.

Because of the top layer, the added comfort layer in the Zinus makes it feels a bit plusher. On the other side in the case of Olee, there are multiple mid-layers of different firmness. This gives it a bit of extra firmness with the same levels of comfort.

On a scale of 0 to 10, if you rate Zinus between 5.5 to 6, you will have to give something between 6 and 6.5 to Olee. In case, you are looking for a much firmer mattress, then Olee makes the ideal choice.

Which Has The Highest Customer Ratings?

Now, we are looking at a major selling perspective, if it gets a better user rating it’s going to sell. Until and unless a product satisfies its consumers, it would be good for nothing. No doubt, the same goes for our mattresses too.

The rating provided by the actual buyers is the primary thing you should be concerned about before buying. This will give you a clear view of the behavior of the product in real time.

Also, we will be considering the customer base for each product.

The rating for these two has been considered on 5 star scale, the average customer rating for Olee is 4.3 which is really high, while the Zinus had an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 which seems really good.

But when you consider the number of satisfied customers, Olee has a mere 1400 whereas Zinus has almost 22500 happy users.

Olee Sleep vs Zinus, Which One Should I Buy?

Now, we are approaching the end of Olee Sleep Vs. Zinus, and still if you are not convinced about the selection of a mattress, then listen to our expert.

Our team prefers Zinus over Olee Sleep and would like to recommend the same. The main reason for the selection is mentioned below.

  • It’s far more effective in pressure relief and providing support simultaneously
  • Both of them perform well in terms of heat retention but Zinus is much cooler.
  • It provides great back and shoulder support.
  • It also offers overall better performance in a similar
  • Showcases a much higher number of satisfied customers.
  • Provides much better motion isolation, which means it would be really good for couples
  • Is definitely the lighter of the two mattress

Now, it’s time to conclude Olee Sleep Vs Zinus, We have a winner by a small margin. It is Zinus that has taken the lead in multiple departments and emerged on top.

So, now it is totally up to you to select any one of them, as both of them are really good.

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