Best Hybrid Mattress Under $500

By Sakibul Islam

Hybrid mattresses draw all the comfort from memory foam or latex, and components of innerspring beds to give you the best of both worlds.

Foam is responsible for right cushioning and pressure relief while the coiled base provides you with even weight distribution. Coils also help in reducing backache and joint pains. In addition, if they are pocketed and separated, they will not make any noise, unlike other coiled beds.

Continue to read to know about the best hybrid mattress under 500. All the entries have detailed reviews based on intensive research and team testing.

So, if you will ever need a new hybrid bed, you can easily choose one. Let us start with the top three.

Top 12 Hybrid Mattress Under 500 Ricews

Here are our 7 recommendations of the best hybrid mattresses under $500 reviews 2024:

1. Twilight Hybrid Mattress

Twilight Hybrid Mattress

If you’re looking for the best hybrid mattress under $500, Sweetnight Twilight should top your list. Expertly crafted with individually wrapped steel coils and gel memory foam, this queen size mattress delivers exceptional comfort and support for an unbelievable value.

The coil system provides unmatched durability, structure, and edge support. Each coil moves independently to minimize motion transfer, making the Sweetnight Twilight ideal for couples. This responsive layer also increases airflow for a cool and breathable sleep surface.

Nestled above the coils lies 2 inches of gel memory foam that adapts to your body’s natural shape for pressure relief and spinal alignment. Infused with cooling gel, this proprietary foam cushions without trapping excess body heat like traditional memory foam. The result is a medium firm feel perfect for any sleep position.

For less than $500, the Sweetnight Twilight outperforms both all-foam and hybrid mattresses double the price. Compressed and shipped free to your door, this mattress sets up quickly and comes backed by a 10-year warranty.

If you want the cooling comfort of gel memory foam paired with the exceptional support of an innerspring – don’t overspend! For the best hybrid mattress under $500, the Sweetnight Twilight optimizes comfort and quality at an unbelievable value. Sleep soundly on custom support built to last.




When it comes to finding the best hybrid mattress under 500 dollars, the Arctic Luxe by Hush delivers outstanding quality without the premium price tag. Expertly engineered with precision-pocketed coils and innovative cooling covers, the Arctic Luxe keeps you comfy and chill all night long.

Inside the Arctic Luxe rests a support core of 6 inches of fabric-encased, pocketed steel coils specially zoned to match your body’s weight distribution. This dynamic system delivers superior spine alignment, motion isolation, and edge support so you rest easy. Up top lies a 1-inch Arctic gel memory foam that adapts to body contours while cooling covers and airflow prevent overheating. Together, these layers provide a gently firm yet cloudlike feel.

For the best hybrid mattress under 500 dollars, the thoughtfully designed Arctic Luxe proves you don’t need to overspend on restorative rest. Topping performance benchmarks and backed by a 10-year warranty, the Arctic Luxe keeps you cool, cushioned, and supported for years of exceptional sleep.

If you seek a luxurious feel combining the dynamic pressure relief of pocket coils with the contouring comfort of cooling memory foam, the Artic Luxe has you covered – literally and figuratively – for under 500 dollars. Sleep cool, easy, and affordably nestled into temperature-regulating hybrid technology that adapts every inch to your unique shape. Emerge rested without breaking the bank.


3. Honey Hybrid Mattress

Honey Hybrid Mattress

If you’re seeking an exceptional hybrid mattress without spending over $500, the Sweet Zzz Honey brings cool, cushioning comfort specifically designed as a hybrid mattress under 500 dollars. Contouring memory foams float above a durable coil base for cloudlike pressure relief you can actually afford.

Inside, a 2-inch layer of open-cell memory foam cradles your body, focusing extra support in areas that need it most like the shoulders, hips and back. Quick response airflow through the foam’s open structure prevents heat and sweat often associated with slower memory foams.

This comfort foam layer gently nestles into the Honey’s thick layer of fabric-wrapped Nanobionic coils. A dynamic system engineered like a hive with different firmness zones, these individually wrapped coils deliver even weight distribution, minimal motion transfer, and reinforced edge support everywhere you need it. Together, the foams and coils create a lightly plush feel ideal for side and combination sleepers under 500 dollars.

Compressed, sealed and shipped free straight your door, the thoughtfully designed Sweet Zzz Honey sets up with ease to deliver cool, contouring comfort night after night. Rest assured this exceptional pressure-relieving hybrid mattress under 500 dollars has you covered for countless nights of restorative rest ahead. Lie back, relax into its body-cradling embrace, and buzz with energy every morning. Sweet hybrid dreams await!


4. Hybrid Latex Mattress

Hybrid Latex Mattress

If you want the pressure relief of natural latex combined with resilient coil support for under $500, consider the Luxury Bliss hybrid mattress by PlushBeds. Handcrafted in the USA from premium organic materials, this high-value hybrid mattress delivers a luxury feel without the outrageous price tag.

The Luxury Bliss starts with 3 inches of 100% organic Dunlop latex that contours gently to alleviate tension while providing buoyant push-back support. This creates less stuck-in-the-foam feel than memory foam alone. Exceptional breathability also prevents heat retention.

Underneath lies a 6-inch pocketed coil layer with lumbar reinforcement called the “Spinal Zone.” These fabric-encased coils adapt individually to your body’s natural curves for ergonomic alignment, while isolating motion transfer. Heavy-gauge perimeter coils provide reinforced edge support. Together, these layers provide gentle firmness perfect for back and stomach sleepers.

For under $500, the Luxury Bliss offers incredible value with premium construction rarely seen in a mid-range hybrid mattress under $500. Its thoughtful blend of organic latex and supportive pocketed coils makes restorative rest accessible night after night.

If you want an eco-friendly hybrid under $500 that contours naturally to your shape for a zero-gravity feel, PlushBeds delivers luxury performance without outrageous costs. Achieve exquisite pressure relief affordably with the Luxury Bliss.


5. Hybrid Latex Mattress

Hybrid Latex Mattress

If you want the responsive bounce of latex combined with durable coil support for under $500, the EcoTerra Hybrid Latex mattress delivers as the best hybrid mattress under $500. Handcrafted in the USA from natural and organic materials, this competitively priced mattress doesn’t cut corners on quality or comfort.

The EcoTerra hybrid starts with a thick layer of organic latex foam that provides contouring pressure relief similar to memory foam but with more lift and responsiveness. This makes it easier to change positions without feeling stuck. Exceptional cooling airflow through the latex layer also prevents heat retention.

Underneath lies a thick ascending innerspring unit made from heavy-gauge steel coils that reinforces the entire latex structure for full-mattress durability and edge support. These two layers work together to provide a gently firm feel perfect for back and stomach sleepers.

For the best hybrid mattress under $500, the EcoTerra provides all the benefits of natural latex at an affordable price point usually reserved for lower-quality foam beds. Shipped factory direct to your door at no extra cost, this thoughtfully designed mattress offers incredible value, especially as latex costs continue to rise industry-wide.

If you want an organic, eco-friendly hybrid mattress that cradles your body with buoyant ease, the EcoTerra proves you don’t need to overspend. Rest easy and breathe healthy knowing you received the best hybrid mattress under $500.



6. LUCID 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress

LUCID Hybrid Mattress

The 10-inch hybrid mattress from Lucid gives you moisture-free and fresh sleep. It has all the comfort of a memory foam mattress and also has the right support due to the individual wrapped coil base.

Construction: Starting with a soft zippered cover, the mattress has three layers.

First comes a 2.5-inch memory foam comfort layer infused with aloe vera, which discourages any standard memory foam odor. Then you will see a comfort layer responsible for acting as a transition between memory foam and coil base. Finally, there are 5.5 inches of individually encased steel coils that respond to the movement and increase airflow. A 5-inch support layer covers the steel coil from all four sides to give you the necessary edge support.

Comfort level: According to Lucid, the bed has a soft feel but according to our tests the bed stands at the middle of the firmness scale, which means it is medium firm. So, the mattress gives you little sinkage but also offers some bounce.

Motion isolation: Due to the steel coils, there are minimal motion transfers. So, even if a couple sleeps on the bed, none of them will face any movement wake-ups.

Good for:

  • Stomach sleepers as the mattress have enough support for proper weight distribution and spine correction
  • Side sleepers due to the right sinkage


7. Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam Bed

Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam

The combination of supportive springs and contouring memory foam provides ample comfort. Lienspa gives you the same construction as this 10-inch memory foam. So, we already told you what you should expect Optimum comfort and support.

Construction: The top memory foam layer is quilted into the cover and has a width of 1.5 inches, next comes a 2.5-inch comfort layer, then a 6-inch wide steel springs and finally you will see a support foam that protects steel springs from the surface.

The bed has a soft irremovable cover, which looks cheaply made but is placed nicely using blue piping along the edges. You cannot wash its cover so, you will need some detergent and warm water for spills and spots.

Comfort level: The 10-inch mattress has a medium-firm sleeping surface, so it offers the required level of pressure relief on the shoulders, hips, and feet.

Motion isolation: Due to individually wrapped steel coils, the mattress does well in motion deadening. So even light sleepers will not face much trouble while sleeping.

Good for:

  • Stomach and back sleepers as the mattress have enough support for proper weight distribution
  • Combination sleepers
  • Users who like to sleep cool
  • Couples looking for an affordable sleep solution


8. Idle Sleep Luxury Two-Sided Hybrid Bed

Idle Sleep Mattress

The luxury mattress from Idle Sleep gives you the best performance from both springs and memory foam. The bed can be flipped for dual sides use, which boosts its life and prevents unwanted sagging.

Construction: Designed to be used with platform beds, adjustable bases, or wooden slats, the mattress is 14 inches wide and has seven layers. Its cover is manufactured using Thermocool™ technology, which utilizes smart fiber cross-sections to maintain an average temperature. In other words, it keeps regulating the temperature, and once you are cold, it retains the heat to give you a relaxed and natural feel.

The first 1-inch layer made of IDLE quilting foam adds a plush feel to the sleeping surface while the second 1-inch Air Flow Response Foam layer regulates heat and gives you proper bounce. The third Cooling Buoyancy Foam layer has a quick response time, so gives a conforming feel.

The fourth 6-inch layer works as a support system using Quantum Edge-to-Edge pocketed coils to provide ample support and distribute the weight and keep your spine naturally aligned. Another layer of Cooling Buoyancy Foam adds 2 inches, and the sixth layer is also the same Air Flow Response Foam. The last layer is also the same material that makes its top layer – IDLE quilting foam.

Comfort level: The firmness rating of the mattress read right at 5.5, so it is made with a medium firmness to accommodate a variety of body styles and sleeping preferences.

Motion isolation: As we talked about earlier, the bed has the required bounce, but still, it has minimal motion transfers. Even if you are a couple with light sleeping habits, the Idle Sleep mattress appears as the right option.

Good for:

  • Users who like a cold sleeping surface
  • Back sleepers as they will love the conform and support
  • Side sleepers as their pressure points will get proper relief
  • Light and average weighed stomach sleeper


9. Classic Brands Gramercy Euro-Top

Classic Brands Gramercy

Perfect for those looking for a soft and supportive mattress, this Gramercy Euro-Top Cool Hybrid 14-Inch Mattress from Classic Brands has more than what you see.

Construction: The mattress has six layers starting with 1-inch gel-infused memory foam, then comes a comfort foam with a width of 0.25 inches, the third layer made of comfort foam has a width of 5 inches, the fourth layer made of 1-inch memory foam, then there is a comfort foam with a width of 2 inches, then you will see the thickness of 0.75 inches comfort foam and finally there is an eight-inch individually wrapped coils that work as a support layer as well.

All the layers are made of certified CertiPUR-US foam. This means they are tested by third-party establishments for durability, environment-friendly content, and performance.

Comfort level: Due to the pocketed coils and gel-infused memory foam, the mattress has a medium-firm feel. The gel combined with memory foam regulates the body temperature and takes the extra heat away from you.

Motion isolation: The spring coils prevent any motion transfer, so both of you can sleep without any disruption.

Good for:

  • Users looking for an adjustable sleeping solution
  • Sleepers who like to sleep cool
  • Combination sleepers


10. Zinus 12 Inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam

Zinus Memory Foam

The 12-inch memory foam mattress from Zinus combines the best of two sleeping solutions to give you sound sleep throughout the night.

Construction: The cover of the mattress is quilted with 1.25-inch soft polyfoam, then there is a 1.5-inch gel memory foam, the third 1-inch layer is made of violates foam, and finally, you will see a 7.25-inch of pocketed coils that works as a comfort layer and also gives you the proper support.

Comfort level: Our team states that the bed has a medium-firm feel. So, if you are a person who does not like a sinking feeling, this is the mattress for you.

Motion isolation: The mattress has a substantial motion deadening, so it is perfect for couples who want to sleep tight even if any one of them has a habit of changing sides while asleep.

Good for:

  • Back and stomach sleepers
  • Buyers looking for an affordable sleep solution


11. Tomorrow Hybrid Mattress


A hybrid design of mattress from Tomorrow comes with a mixed design of foam and coils but also includes cooling technology. The bed comes with two different firmness levels – medium soft and medium firm. We will talk about the medium firm version, which is the company’s bestseller and suits most sleeping positions and body styles.

Construction: The mattress has a height of 10 inches that includes five layers inside a removable cover made of stretchable polyester and nylon, which gives you a smooth and soft feel.

  • The top layer has a width of 1 inch and is made of Tomorrow Cool memory foam that is responsible for even weight distribution and pressure relief. It works with Black Diamond Phase Change technology, which is a unique mechanism that regulates heat, but also traps it if you feel cold.
  • Then you will see a gel-infused 0.5-inch wide Tomorrow Comfort foam, which adds to the pressure relief and temperature regulation.
  • The third is a 1.5-inch Dynamic Response Foam that adds to the body contour and also works as a transition layer between foam layers and coil.
  • Pocketed high-carbon steel coils form the fourth layer, giving necessary support, stability, and bounce to the sleeping body.
  • The last layer is made of 1-inch foam where the steel coils rest. The steel coils are surrounded by a 6-inch high and 3-inch thick ventilated foam layer that gives proper edge support and adds to the airflow.

Comfort level: We measured and found the hybrid bed has a firmness level of 6.5, wherein 10 in the highest. It is the reason this bed suits a wide variety of sleepers and all sleeping preferences.

Motion isolation: The mattress from Tomorrow performs exceptionally well at motion deadening. We can give its credit to the memory foam that isolates motion and stop it from traveling further. Steel coils are also separately pocketed, which means none of them will disturb their neighbor coils while adjusting the body weight and movement.

Good for:

  • Sleepers who like cradled feel and pressure-relieving sinkage
  • Individuals who wish to sleep cool as the mattress has maximum temperature regulation
  • Users who want some bounce


12. Hybrid Memory Foam King Bed

Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress

Combining both pocket springs and memory foam, the Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress by Perfect Cloud is very supportive and highly comfortable.

Construction: There are three layers that work together to give you a gentle sleep. The mattress starts with a 3.5-inch CoolTouch plush memory foam, then a 2-inch Gel-integrated memory foam that is ventilated to enhance the airflow and give you a fresh sleep. The last 5.5-inch layer is made of encased coils that are surrounded by a foam layer.

All the layers are settled inside a textile stretch-knit cover that has a soft and luxurious look. The cover adds to the heat dissipation and gives you a moisture-free rest.

Know that the mattress is CertiPUR-US certified and is backed by a 10-year warranty.

Comfort level: The bed has a medium-soft firmness, so it will be suitable for users looking for a plush sleeping surface. The bed has a soft feel, and still offers the necessary support.

Motion isolation. One thousand twenty-three individually wrapped steel coils work together to absorb all the movements and give you a disturbance-free sleep.

Good for:

  • Users who like to sleep cool
  • Couples as the mattress has superb motion deadening



Our Top 2 Hybrid Mattress Under $500

Note: This is just an idea. Most hybrid mattresses are priced under $500, but there are a few hybrid mattresses that may exceed this price range.

Our Recommendation: LUCID 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress

The hybrid mattress from Lucid comes infused with aloe vera and charcoal. So, it will absorb moisture, keep you fresh and will not release any smell, which is a usual trail for memory foam mattresses. With such arrangements, the bed gives you a calm, comfortable and refreshing sleep.

Second Recommendation: Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam

One of the best hybrid mattresses, the Linenspa 10-inch memory foam bed is affordable and offers excellent support due to the inner coils. And because of the included memory foam layer, it gives you the necessary comfort and pressure relief.

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Buyer’s Guide Of Hybrid Mattress Set Under 500

Let us have a look at some of those features that you need to check or consider while buying a hybrid mattress.

Comfort level: The firmness level is the first thing you should check while looking for the best hybrid mattress. Eighty percent of the sleepers prefer a bed with medium firmness. However, you should match firmness with your body weight and sleeping styles.

For example, a heavy sleeper should look for an extra firm mattress as a soft sleep surface will sink too much. Similarly, if you have a medium or low-weight body, you should go with a plush bed.

Sleeping preferences: Your sleeping style plays a crucial role in what type of bed you should choose. There are four types of sleeping styles or sleepers.

Back sleepers: You should look for a supportive mattress that can offer you conforming comfort and natural spine alignment. So, choose a mattress with memory foam as a top layer so that you can get a well-supported as well as a comfortable sleep surface.

A combination of foam with coiled springs always results in improved back support, so you should check the mattress which is suited for back sleepers. On this page, we have already mentioned the preferred mattresses depending on sleep preference, so you can select the one that suits you best.

Stomach sleepers: Users who like sleeping on their stomachs should also look for a supportive mattress. A combination of memory foam with individually encased steel coils works best for them.

Side sleepers: If you prefer to sleep on your sides, then it is clear that you need pressure relief on your shoulders, hips, and feet. You should look for a mattress that adjusts according to your body weight and sleeping position. So, pick a bed that is on the softer side of the firmness scale that offers proper sinkage.

Temperature: If you want to purchase a hybrid bed, then you should also think about body heat. For a comfortable sleep, you can select any of the mattresses given on the list.

But, if you want to sleep cool, you should look for a bed that has memory foam infused with gel. Also, choose a bed that has proper airflow for temperature regulation.

Motion isolation: Unlike solo sleepers, a couple needs a mattress with excellent motion absorption. So, select a hybrid bed for under $500, depending upon the situation.

Bounce: Due to the responsiveness and bounce, hybrid mattresses are suitable for intimate times. However, if there is an added comfort layer, you will also get proper pressure relief and added conform. So, look for a hybrid mattress with a comfortable layer of memory foam layer.

Bottom Line

It is an excellent decision to purchase a hybrid mattress under 500, but as you see, there are too many options in the market. We hope that we provided you with some useful information that can guide you while choosing the right sleep solution.

The beds mentioned in this list are the most popular ones on Amazon because all of them combine great features and have competitive price tags. So, read the reviews, check the buying guide and make the right selection.

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