Casper vs Tuft And Needle vs Leesa Mattress

By Sakibul Islam

We called Casper, Leesa and Tuft & Needle, the top three bedding makers in the ring to see who can offer you the best sleeping solution.

In other words, we will see the battle between mattresses from Casper vs Tuft and Needle vs Leesa. On this page, we will see which one offers better comfort and sleeping experience.

We will also throw some light on other deciding factors that will help you buy one of their mattresses.

Let us start.

Casper vs Tuft And Needle vs Leesa Comparison

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Mattress Construction

The  Casper, Tuft and Needle, and Leesa mattresses are entirely made of foam. However, the structure or number of layers differs. They also have different technologies to keep you fresh and cool.

Casper mattress

The soft cover of this 12-inch mattress from Casper is constructed using 100 percent polyester. It is thick and adds softness to the bed. Fitted well, the cover regains its shape quickly if pulled and remains in place while you move. It promotes airflow, allows the mattress to breathe and keeps you fresh.

The queen-size mattress from Casper has four layers of foam. On the top there is 1.5-inch responsive poly foam, then you will see a 1.5-inch memory foam, a third 1.5-inch layer made of zoned foam and then comes the 5-inch base made of dense support foam.

The upper poly foam layer offers comfort and gives you the necessary bounce. Utilizing open cell technology, the layer enhances the airflow to keep you fresh and moisture-free. Memory foam is responsible for providing you with the necessary support, contouring feel, pressure relief, and cooling. Zoned foam avoids extra sink, irrelevant of your body size and weight while the last layer prevents sagging and adds to the durability.

Tuft and needle bed in a box

Made of Tactel and polyester, the cover of Tuft & Needle mattress is stretchable and breathable. It is tremendously thin and regulates body temperature to keep you fresh and moisture-free. Due to the Tactel involved in its construction, the cover dries quickly as well.

It has two CertiPUR-US Certified foam layers, and both of them use polyurethane foam or T&N adaptive Foam as a construction material.

Top comfort and support layer has a width of 3 inches, which is uniquely created by the brand to offer you motion control and pressure relief. It has an instant response and hence gives you a contouring feel.

The layers come infused with graphite and gel beads to prevent extra heat and keep you fresh and dry. The 7-inch bottom layer acts as a support and keeps you and the mattress stable. It also prevents extra sink in case you are a heavy sleeper.

Leesa mattress in a box

Before we talk about the layers or constructions, we should speak of its cover, which is soft, comfortable and has a pleasant feel.

Made of lycra and polyester, it enhances airflow and firmly wraps around all layers of the mattress to keep them together. It also protects the mattress from stains, spills, and even allergens. On top of that, the cover is removable, so you can easily wash it once required.

The mattress from Leesa uses three layers, where the 2-inch top layer is made of Avena foam, an alternative to Latex. Avena foam has similar comfort, pressure-relief and cooling properties to Latex, but the former excels in terms of longevity and is highly durable.

The Middle 2-inch layer is made of memory foam that gives you contouring support and adds to the pressure relief at your shoulders, back, and hips. The last 6-inch support foam made of high-density polyurethane works as a base and adds to its durability.

Comfort and firmness

All three mattresses offer medium firmness. However, there are slight differences between the comfort level.

Comfort level of Casper mattress

Casper Sleep Original Foam Mattress

The mattress stands at 6 or 7 on the firmness scale, where ten being the firmest. This is the reason it appeals to most sleepers, especially those who do not like a plush sleeping surface. The mattress hugs you while resting. Well, it never literally hugs you but gives a similar feeling.

It is a very supportive and responsive mattress, so whenever you apply any pressure, the foam will instantly reshape itself to its original state. Due to the responsiveness, the bed gives high-pressure relief and avoids extra sinks.

As stated earlier, its memory foam contours to your body; however, this adaptive nature depends upon your weight and body size. If you have a low weight, then you will get extra firmness from the mattress, while heavyweight users might feel it as a medium firm.

The polyfoam gives you a bouncy feel. However, the overall comfort depends upon your sleeping position. If you are a back sleeper, you will be able to move quickly without a feeling that you are stuck. It will also relieve the pressure on the neck and hips. Side sleepers sink deeply in the mattress so that their shoulders, neck, and hips can take benefit of the pressure relief.

As the bed expertly distributes the body weight, you will not face any problems while sleeping on the stomach. Due to its responsiveness, your hips will not sink too much, and your spine will be aligned naturally while you rest.

Comfort level of Tuft and needle

Tuft & Needle Mattress

It is also a medium-firm mattress standing at 6 or 6.5 on the firmness scale. The mattress gives you a little sink and hence creates a floating feel. If you have a substantial body, you will feel the bedding medium-firm and low-weight sleepers will get an extra firm feel.

Manufacturing a mattress consisting of only two layers was a risk for the brand, but it became a successful and one of the highest-rated mattresses. Contouring support, airflow, and comfort are all handled well by the upper layer. The bed has a medium-firm feel however it feels plusher than the sleep solutions offered by Leesa and Casper.

Due to a dual-layered construction, the mattress feels extra firm initially because the pressure on the top layer is directly handled by the dense base layer. However, once you get used to the bed, its firmness level decreases to medium, and you feel more comfortable.

When you sleep on your back or stomach, you will feel extra sinking, which means that your spine will be aligned naturally while you sleep. At the same time, side sleepers feel the right sink to keep their back straight. The mattress also has less motion transfer so you can sleep with your partner without any disturbance.

Comfort level of Lessa

Leesa Original Foam Mattress

Scoring 6 out of 10 at the firmness scale, this mattress also has a medium-firm feel. The bed offers the right level of contouring comfort and sink. It feels softer than Casper, but not extremely plush which can make you feel stuck on the surface.

The mattress is made of Avena foam, which draws its properties from memory foam and Latex. Due to the medium firmness, the bed is suitable for a wide range of sleepers and sleeping preferences. It has an even feel and firmness across the surface as well as edges, which means that you will not get a feel of rolling off the bed even if you sleep along the edges or corners.

It shows that its base layer is not only useful in providing support but also maintains shape and stability. These are the various reasons why the mattress can accommodate all the sleeping positions, whether you are a back, stomach, or side sleeper, you will feel comfortable and breath quickly.

Sleeping experience

You invest in a mattress to get a comfortable sleep. So, the most crucial factor that decides the value of a bed is its sleeping experience.

We will discuss the same here. Keep in mind that none of the three mattresses are luxurious so you cannot expect an extra-plush feel from them.

Sleep experience by Casper mattress

The mattress has a conventional memory foam mattress feel. As stated earlier it is responsive and stays cool due to the use of open-cell technology.

Casper mattress excels in two most important areas – support and comfort. Also, it has a supreme motion deadening.

Sleep experience by Tuft & Needle

Due to the hug-like feel, the 10-inch mattress by Tuft & Needle is an expert in pressure relief. So, if you are an individual dealing with backache or joint pain, this is the bedding you should be looking for.

Due to the infused gel and graphite, it keeps you cool and fresh throughout the night.

Sleep experience by Leesa

The Avena foam used by the Leesa mattress on the top is bouncy and keeps you fresh. Initially, it may feel extra firm, but after one of two nights, the bed will turn comparatively soft. The memory foam layer adds to the comfort and gives a hug like feel, especially if you sleep on the sides.

As this mattress has the least motion transfer among the three, you can sleep without any disturbance even if your partner is tossing and changing positions all night long.

Unique features

Let’s check unique features of the Tuft And Needle vs Casper vs Leesa Mattress.

Casper mattress

A proprietary Poly foam layer

Most of the beds come with a memory foam layer at the top for the required comfort. However, the mattress from Casper is topped with a poly foam layer that gives you a different feel and greater appeal. Polyurethane foam is better with airflow as compared to traditional memory foam.

Transition Layer

An additional layer between the memory foam and the base takes care of those who like the feel of a traditional spring mattress. It also adheres to the needs of users who wish to sleep on a memory foam mattress. Overall, you get the bounce of spring bedding as well as the pressure relief of a memory foam mattress.

Tuft & Needle mattress

Compatible with all

The brand invests extra hours in making sure that its sleep solutions can attract all sleepers, irrelevant of their preference for firmness, temperature control, feel and sleeping style. The hard work results in a mattress that can accommodate all body types and sleeping styles.


Bed in a box is the current sensation in the mattress market. Buyers are attracted to it because of the low price and secure delivery options. However, the mattress from Tuft & Needle has a comparatively low price tag without compromising the quality. Overall, the bed offers quality construction and incredible comfort at an affordable cost.

Leesa mattress

Avena foam layer

The memory foam layer in the bed is covered by a top layer of Avena foam, which minimizes the heat capturing ability of the former.

Due to a construction that enhances airflow, Avena foam instantly dissipates heat and has better durability then Latex.

If you use a Latex mattress in rough ways, it starts to wear out in a short period. However, Avena foam is up to three times less prone to damage and problems raised due to aging.


Overviews of the top three Leesa vs Casper vs Tuft And Needle Mattress.

Casper mattress

Casper Original Foam Mattress

One of the best mattress makers, Casper is into this industry since 2014. The 12-inch mattress under the magnifying glass is made to fit your sleeping requirements as well as your budget.

Four layers of bedding work together to give you the appropriate comfort, bounce, and breathability. Due to the open cell hypoallergenic top layer, it keeps you cool and fresh like no other sleeping surface.

Tuft & Needle mattress

Tuft & Needle Mattress

Commencing in 2012, T & N is one of the first to hit the online mattress market. Unlike other manufacturers, this 10-inch queen mattress comes with a dual-layered construction.

The mattress instantly adapts to your body weight and relieves pressure points. Due to medium firmness, it has the right amount of comfort, support, and bounce. Using graphite and gel, the mattress is also an expert in keeping you fresh and relaxed throughout your resting period.

Leesa mattress

Leesa Universal Adaptive Feel Memory Foam

Started in 2015 by two X-employees of Paramount Sleep, Leesa manufactures an extended range of beds that are loved by buyers as well as reviewers.

The 10-inch cushion from the brand is designed to offer comfort and support to all types of users and sleeping styles. Three-layered construction of the mattress gives you the contouring pressure relief, airflow, bounce and proper support for even distribution of your body weight. It has high-quality construction, yet comes with a price which is affordable by most of us.

Trial period and returns

You get 100 nights to know whether you are keeping the mattress or you need a replacement. That is right, on all the three beds, you get a trial period of 100 days, and if you are not satisfied with the comfort level, you can call the manufacturer for a free pickup.

However, none of the brands will accept returns before 30 days, because as per them, the mattresses take time to expand and users take time to adjust.

All the three brands will send the current mattress to charity centers or recycling process. While Tuft & Needle offers both – cash refund or replacement, Leesa and Casper will give you a replacement.

User reviews

Casper, Tuft & Needle and Leesa, all the mattresses have mostly positive reviews. However, Tuft & Needle tops the charts.

T & N buyers state that the mattress easy to set up and the brand has terrific customer support. Lessa is the runner up in terms of feedbacks given by the users. Due to the support, conforming comfort, and relaxing muscle ability that benefits sleepers having a backache, it is liked by most of the buyers.

Casper mattress is also loved by the sleepers; however, it has the last position among the three. This medium-firm mattress with pressure relief has a magical effect on joint pains and backache. If someone you know has Arthritis or Fibromyalgia, this is the best 10-inch mattress you can suggest.

Customer service

Whenever you purchase anything, you should look for supportive customer service. You can know about it by reading user and expert reviews. As a mattress is prone to problems like sagging, you need a support service that can assist you quickly and efficiently.

Tuft & Needle has the best customer support while it is also easy to contact and get answers from Casper support. However, the support services of Leesa needs improvement. Difficulty while reaching the support executive, lousy responses, slow returning process are the things that should be taken care of.

Shipping and delivery

Casper mattresses are made to order, so if you are ordering it from Amazon, you will be able to track the delivery after a couple of days. In some cities, you will receive a white-glove service, wherein an executive will set up the mattress for you.

Tuft & Needle delivers to the US and Canada without any extra charge. However, if you are from Alaska or Hawaii, there is a delivery charge of $100. The brand does not offer white glove delivery, so if you are ordering a T & N mattress, get ready to roll it yourself.

Like Casper, Leesa mattresses are also made to order. And like T & N, it never offers white glove delivery or old mattress replacement. You will get the bed delivered on your doorstep; then you have to take it forward from there.


If you do not like any of these mattresses, then we suggest you should check some of the hybrid options from brands like DreamCloud, Helix, and Nest.

Hybrids are blended mattresses, constructed using a spring base topped with a latex or memory foam layer. You will have an altogether different feel from regular memory foam or latex mattresses.

You will get the trial periods under this category as well. So, if by chance you do not like the new experience, you can opt for a replacement or refund.

Bottom Line: Which one should I buy?

Choosing one among Casper, Tuft & Needle and Leesa can be difficult because of the similar features offered by all the three mattresses.

They have identical firmness, airflow, contouring comfort, and suits all the sleepers irrelevant to the weight and sleeping preferences. Still, some differences give them different appeals from each other.

So, choose a mattress that can provide you the expected level of comfort and match your sleeping preferences.

Casper mattress is good for:

  • Sleepers who would like to experience the best from both the world. Means, it has the bounce of a traditional spring mattress while the contouring comfort and pressure relief comes from its memory foam layer.
  • Users who like to sleep on a medium-firm mattress with a soft feel
  • Individuals who want to sleep with a cold comfort
  • Joint pain sufferers, as the mattress evenly distributes the body weight for complete support
  • Sleeping partners as it keeps all the motion away. So, your partner will never wake up due to your movement and vice versa.

Tuft & Needle is good for:

  • Those who want a high-end mattress, but at an affordable price
  • All the sleepers as it’s a well-researched product that is ideal for any sleeping style or bodyweight
  • Sleepers who do not want to lose on airflow and temperature control
  • Users suffering from muscle or joint pain and backache
  • Couples as the mattress is aided by a motion-free base
  • Individuals who do not prefer the extra sink

Leesa mattress is good for:

  • Back, stomach and side sleepers as the mattress have a medium firmness that is even across the surface.
  • You, if you do not want to sleep alone. There is less or no motion transfer, so do not worry about a partner who continually changes sides while sleeping.
  • Users who like to sleep cool. The Avena foam layer on the top enhances airflow and disperses the extra body heat you generate while sleeping.
  • The buyers looking for a durable sleep solution. As stated earlier, the included Avena foam layer in the mattress is built to last, even if the bed is used roughly.
  • Individuals are suffering from joint pain and backache. Due to the contouring comfort, the mattress promotes natural posture while sleeping.
  • Allergic sleepers, as the removable cover are anti-allergen and also protects the mattress from stains and spills.

Now, You have discussed all the details that which one you should make the comparison between Casper vs Tuft and Needle vs Leesa Mattress.

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