Queen Vs Short Queen – Which Mattress Is Right For You?

By Sakibul Islam

The battle between Queen vs Short Queen mattresses is far more common among many users than you think!

Many people tend to have issues when it comes to picking the right size of Queen mattress, and sometimes they end up with the wrong one. However, we already know which one is the best, especially for use at home.

For us, the Queen is the best size if you want a reliable and overall top-notch choice. It is not only a little longer than the Short Queen, but it is also far easier to find in the market and comes with thousands of accessories you can pick.

What’s more, by having more popularity it even ends up having a better price, so it becomes an instant best choice in this battle.

However, there are many ways the Short Queen is better than the Queen. Want to know how?

Come further and find out!

Short Queen vs Queen – Comparison

Let’s look at the most common similarity and different on Short Queen mattress vs Queen mattress.

Queen Vs Short Queen

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Our Top 2 Recommended Mattress

Best One: PlushBeds Organic Mattress

For those seeking an eco-friendly mattress made with the highest quality organic materials, the PlushBeds Organic Mattress is an excellent choice. This model features GOTS-certified organic cotton as the main component. The cotton offers a soft, breathable surface to allow airflow and prevent overheating.

Best Budget: Sweetzzz Honey Hybrid Mattress

The Honey Hybrid Mattress from Sweetzzz offers the perfect combination of comfort and support. This mattress features a hybrid design with both foam and pocketed coils, providing pressure relief as well as bounce and edge support. The top layer is made of cooling gel memory foam that contours the body and relieves pressure points.

Queen vs Short Queen Mattress – Sizes

The construction difference between Queen vs Short Queen mattress is not that much. It is only a 4 to 6 inches of difference in length.

While the Queen has 60-inches of width and 80-inches of length, the Short Queen commonly has 60-inches of width but between 74 and 76 inches of length.

Sometimes, a Short Queen can go as far down as 70 inches in the less marketable versions, preferable for mobility.

This slight difference in size makes the Queen a perfect choice for overall use, especially to have at home in a standard Queen bed. It works perfectly well for two people and delivers excellent comfort entirely, even for tall people.

In contrast, the shorter length of the Short Queen makes it a little uncomfortable for people who are too tall, and sometimes tricky to install at home as it does not offer many beds or accessories to pair up with.

But this length also makes it perfect for transportation and mobility, so many people tend to use it at camping trips, and the most common use of all, in RVs and similar installations.

Short Queen vs Short Queen – Performance

As said before, the shorter size of the Short Queen is not really a disadvantage as long as you know what you’re getting.

It works wonders for small spaces, like the inside of an RV or inside a camping tent. Also, it fits excellently well in tiny homes, especially those homes that don’t have a bed.

The Short Queen also works really well in older houses. These houses, sometimes, tend to be really small in comparison with modern ones, so picking a smaller mattress can be the best choice.

And when it comes to making it easier for you to fit the mattress, a Short Queen can also be a great choice. Whether you want to fit more furniture in your bedroom, or just try something different, it will work.

A Queen, however, offers a more traditional and popular design. It will perform really well in almost any scenario, especially inside large homes. Most couples actually prefer a Queen mattress than any other, including King mattresses.

Yet, it does not offer the advantage of mobility the Short Queen offers. So, you could say it is slightly less convenient.

What Does Each Mattress Weigh?

In terms of weight between the Queen vs Short Queen mattress, there’s almost no doubt the Queen is the heaviest.

Not only is the Short Queen the shortest, but it also manages to be commonly made of lighter materials, mainly when the mattress is oriented towards a more adventurous audience, like camping people and RVs owners.

While a standard Queen-size mattress tends to weigh between 70 and 90 or more pounds, making it perfect for durability, a Short Queen does not go over the 70 or 80 pounds, for its adventurous spirit.

Will the Mattresses Stand the Test of Time?

While both sizes of mattresses can come with similar constructions depending on the brand and oriented audience, most of the time the Queen size mattress is the most durable.

Here, you get the same result as in the weight, as the Short Queen is mostly a mattress for different activities such as camping and RV use, it comes with slightly less durable construction.

But this is not the rule every time. It is also a matter of overall use and wears.

Sometimes, a slightly used Short Queen can last decades before showing any sign of wear or tear, while a Queen may need replacement in the first five years. Typically, however, the Queen takes the lead in resilience.

What Sleeping Position is Each Mattress?

When it comes to the sleeping positions available for both Short Queen vs. Queen, it is essential to first consider who’s going to use the mattress.

While they can both be made with the same materials and have a similar build, the size may tell tall people apart from the Short Queen size. Tall people won’t be able to stretch all the way in a Short Queen, and they won’t find it too comfortable either.

So, a Queen is better for practically any type of sleeper, even active combination sleepers who tend to move a lot at night.

The shorter size of the Short Queen makes it almost as versatile, but not as useful for active sleepers, especially those who like to stretch a lot.

Which Mattress is the Firmest?

There’s really no difference in firmness when it comes to comparing a Queen to a Short Queen mattress.

But as the Queen is commonly made with superior materials and with the whole purpose of providing a better night of sleep among anything else, it tends to come with a firmer build than in the Short Queen.

Which has the Highest Ratings?

There’s no doubt that between the Short Queen vs. Queen, the latter has the highest rating. Not only it is the most popular and the one with the most demand, but it is also the mattress with the best performance when it comes to traditional home use.

But a Short Queen also manages to get good reviews, especially from RV users and camping people. A Short Queen is also more affordable most of the time, which means it can be well-received by budget users as well.

Frequently, however, the Queen takes advantage regarding overall convenience & reliability in reviews.

Our Top 2 Recommended Options

It is interesting to know about the difference between queen and short queen, but even more interesting is to know which mattresses are the best on each size. Here is what you should know.

Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress

Tuft & Needle Mattress

Tuft & Needle is one of the best-established brands when it comes to mattresses, and they offer tremendous advantages and features in each of their products. In this one, you get everything you could need from top-notch firmness and support to excellent pressure relief and overall softness.

This mattress is an option not to overlook, and it comes perfectly fitting for both demanding users and those on a tight budget.

  • Adaptive Foam

The use of Adaptive T&N Foam in the mattress improves the overall bounce and pressure relief you get. This helps to make one of the most comfortable yet reliable products in the market. And it works very well for isolating motion and even to keep the sleeper fresh.

  • High-Quality Build

The overall build of this mattress is merely unbeatable for its price range. It uses Adaptive Foam, latex, and top-notch support foam. You’ll get a mattress that won’t disappoint in any way, whether it is for support, firmness, or simply temperature.


  • Build provides T&N Adaptive Foam that increases overall comfort & firmness
  • Uses exceptional materials such as latex to promote a very supportive experience
  • Manages to keep the body fresh and fresh throughout the whole mattress


  • Poor edge support may decrease overall durability


Live and Sleep Ultra Mattress Short Queen

This Short Queen mattress is one of the most affordable in the market, while still being one of the highest quality and reliable ones.

This mattress comes with three layers that improve its overall build, and a very durable design that will keep the mattress working correctly for years.

Live and Sleep Ultra Queen Mattress

Its design is mostly oriented towards users of RVs so you can be assured it is also one of the easiest to transport. With a weight of only 59 pounds, this mattress is simply a top-notch choice for adventurers.

  • Exceptional Build

This mattress comes with three layers, a 3-inches memory foam layer, a 2-inches comfort foam layer for pressure relief, and a 5-inches layer for overall support and stability. This creates the most outstanding build that increases comfort, overall compression, and promotes a more stable performance despite its short size.

  • Excellent BioFoam Material

The BioFoam material used in the first and second layer of the mattress is composed of traditional petroleum and a touch of natural plain oilseed that increases the durability of the product. It also helps to get more freshness and improve the smell.


  • Excellent build and layering for superb comfort, firmness, and support
  • Very light yet durable construction perfect for adventurous users
  • BioFoam material promotes a lasting and cooling performance


  • Feels too rigid and firm for most people

Queen vs Short Queen – Who Wins?

So, you are now aware of the differences between a Queen vs Short Queen mattress. What comes next is picking the right one for you. And that’s where you need to consider their performances and overall results.

For those who prefer an adventurous form of life, the Short Queen will easily be their best choice. It’s a mattress that does what it should when it comes to lightness and overall convenience.

However, it falls a little behind of the Queen size when it comes to durability and even firmness.

The Queen, in contrast, is the best for an overall high-quality experience. It is not the most portable size of mattresses, but it will offer the best durability, resilience, comfort, softness, and sometimes even firmness.

So, there’s no doubt that the Queen is the best mattress here. However, it all comes down to what you need, as may be the Short Queen is the best for you, if you are a camping person or an RV user, for example.

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