Tuft And Needle vs Purple Mattress 2024 – Which One Is The Best?

By Sakibul Islam

Comparing the Tuft and Needle vs Purple means taking a look at several factors from the construction, the firmness, performance, sleeping positions, and much more. After deep consideration, we think the Tuft & Needle is the best mattress between the two.

It is a unique mattress with a superb build, exceptional results, and capable of promoting a highly comfortable experience for a very affordable price.

Want to know more about why the Tuft & Needle is our favorite mattress?

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Let’s look at the most common similarity and different on Short Purple vs Tuft and Needle mattress.

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Purple Mattress vs Tuft and Needle – Build & Materials

Purple bed vs Tuft and Needle differences when it comes to overall build, especially for the number of layers and materials used.

First, we have the Purple mattress. It is composed of three layers, correctly put together to provide excellent comfort, pressure relief, bounce, and exceptional cooling improvements.

The top layer is 2-inches thick, made of a unique Purple material called a hyper-elastic polymer. It offers excellent elasticity, yet it promotes top-notch cooling and bounces with excellent pressure relief.

The second layer is 3.5-inches thick of polyurethane foam, perfect for support & firmness. And when you add the final foundation layer of 4-inches of polyurethane foam again, you get a hard and firm mattress for superb comfort throughout the night.

The stability and overall firmness you get is merely unmatched.

Let’s not forget it also comes with a breathable thin cover made of polyester, viscose, and lycra. This cover comes with a diamond pattern that improves the overall looks of the mattress. It’s perfect for demanding users and those who look for a beautiful style.

The 10-inches Tuft & Needle mattress is a different story. This one focuses on top-notch pressure relief and compression, a very relieving sinking effect, and exceptional bounce without leaving overall comfort behind.

The first layer, for example, is 3-inches of polyfoam. It helps to provide firm support with excellent cooling effects.

And the second and final layer is also polyfoam, at 7-inches this time that increases the overall firmness and support of the mattress, while offering an improvement in compression not many mattresses have.

When it comes to the cover, the thin design of the Tuft & Needle is nothing to be mad about. It’s a white cover made of polyester and nylon blend, perfect for durability and stretchiness.

It will also help with breathability and promote a superb feeling on the skin if used without sheets. This would make a very comfortable and good-looking mattress overall.

Tuft & Needle vs Purple – Performance

The purpose of a mattress is to be comfortable and supportive. However, some of these mattresses go a little further with more features, especially when comparing the Tuft And Needle vs Purple when they can spot several high-quality features that make them very special.

Here, the Purple performs amazingly well. It works excellent for light users as it won’t offer much sinkage, but the pressure relief is very outstanding nonetheless, and with a great bounce. You have a pretty comfortable mattress for those who like responsiveness.

Heavy users will experience better sinkage. Yet, the compression won’t be too much. Luckily, the mattress offers exceptional softness and support, perfect for users who don’t like to sink in their mattresses.

The cooling effect is also outstanding in this mattress. With the hyperelastic material and breathable cover, this mattress performs really well when it comes to freshness.

When it comes to the Tuft & Needle, you get a reasonably comfortable design entirely. This one, however, focuses on compression and sinkage more than in the Purple. However, it is still a firm and supportive mattress, not as soft as other mattresses out there.

You will get excellent compression, outstanding pressure relief, and perfect sinkage that keep active users in a single position. The polyfoam construction with only two layers is pretty impressive. It offers excellent breathability, yet it does not lose any support or firmness in the process.

The sinkage is top-notch, and the compression provides a very safe & comfort experience, which is very unique.

Adding the breathable cover and overall high-quality construction, the Tuft & Needle is just outstandingly comfortable and supportive. You won’t have anything to complain about this mattress.

What Does Each Mattress Weigh?

Here, you will see that the Purple is heavier than the Tuft & Needle. It’s not common to see polymer mattresses being heavier than memory foam blends. Yet, this time the Purple manages to weigh 10 pounds more than the Tuft & Needle.

It does not mean it will be hard to move or transport at only 80 pounds, but surely the 70 pounds of the T&N will make it a much more convenient mattress.

Will the Mattresses Stand the Test of Time?

Durability is something that matters as much as comfort. There’s no point in buying a mattress that won’t last between 5 years up to 10 as a minimum. Here, we find that both of these mattress companies are pretty new on the market, so picking the more durable or reliable is hard.

But looking at its overall construction, we can say that the Purple, with its blended polyester + lycra cove alongside a three-layered build, will probably last more than the Tuft & Needle, something around the 7 years.

But the T&N does not stay too far behind, offering between 5 and 6.5 years of durability before starting to wear and tear. So you get fairly similar products regarding resilience.

Which Mattress is the Firmest?

Firmness is a hard thing to test. Luckily, we know precisely the differences between the Purple mattress vs Tuft and Needle to help you find the firmest and most support between the two.

For us, the Tuft & Needle & the Purple offer practically the same level of firmness. But the tuft & Needle goes a little further to provide a highly firm experience without reducing any sinkage, softness, compression or pressure relief in the process.

The firmness of the Purple is not bad either. However, while it still offers excellent pressure relief and sinkage with heavyweights, the compression is not that good, and the support then loses a few points.

But overall, you could say both mattresses offer the same firmness, but the Tuft & Needle does the work better when it comes to supporting and additional foam effects.

What Sleeping Position is Each Mattress Best For?

The sleeping positions differences between the Purple vs Tuft and Needle are not that many. Remember it is critical to pick the one for your favorite sleeping position, so it gives you the perfect amount of comfort you need.

Luckily, both of these mattresses are perfect for almost all sleeping positions. The Tuft & Needle, for example, is an ideal choice for back and side sleepers who need more compression and pressure relief.

However, stomach sleepers will also enjoy it with its great firmness and slight cushioning sinkage. Let’s not forget it is also highly responsive and with excellent bounce.

The Purple, with a slower sinkage& cushioning, it is still a perfect choice for back and side sleepers. It’s pressure relief and compression is not as good as in the Tuft & Needle, but it is still fairly comfortable for medium and heavy sleepers.

Stomach sleepers, however, won’t find it bad either, especially those who don’t like sinkage too much.

Which Mattress Has the Highest Customer Ratings?

Comparing both of these mattresses from the reviews & opinions of the customers is a little hard. Not only we have to consider the number of reviews & opinions, but also the quality of them.

After taking an in-depth look, however, we can see that the Tuft & Needle is the favorite among users.

The satisfaction and overall performance of the Tuft & Needle, alongside a far more significant number of reviews, are much better than the Purple. It not only offers a 70% 5-star rating percentage, but it also provides a highly reliable number of reviews that you can count on.

The Purple, however, does not offer a lousy satisfaction either. It has much fewer reviews and comes at only 60% of 5-star rating percentage, which is 10% lower than in the Tuft & Needle.

But overall, both are pretty well-received by the public.

Tuft and Needle vs Purple – Which One Should I Buy?

Now that you’ve come to the end of our Tuft and Needle vs Purple comparison, it is time to tell you which one is the best. And there’s no doubt, the Tuft & Needle is merely the option to go for in overall terms.

Not only it is more responsive and supportive, but it is also the most comfortable of the two.

The Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress is a perfect choice for those who like a medium firmness with excellent compression and pressure relief. It does not let any comfort behind and promotes exceptional breathability. And of course, it is far more affordable than the Purple.

But the Purple Queen Mattress is not a bad option either. It is also a medium-firm, yet it provides a slight improvement in support. However, the pressure relief and compression are not as good, and the price goes a few hundred over the cost of the Tuft & Needle.

Nevertheless, it is the fresher of the two with unmatched bounce, so if you want a mattress that’s easy to maintain and to sleep in, this is your choice.

Overall, however, it’s all about what you prefer and what you need. Remember there are many ways to tell a mattress apart from the other, and for us, the Tuft & Needle is better.

But that does not mean the Purple is a bad choice, and being slightly different it will still offer a great experience. So don’t hesitate and pick the perfect one for you right now!

MattressPurpleTuft & Needle
Layers2-inches Hyper-elastic Comfort Polymer – 3.5-inches Polyurethane Foam – 4-inches Support Polyurethane Foam3-inches of Polyfoam – 7-inches of Support Polyfoam
Height9.5 Inches10 Inches
CoverViscose, Polyester and Lycra Blend
Firmness / SupportGood Firmness with Good SupportGood Firmness with Excellent Support
Perfect ForCalm and Light Users – Stomach & Side SleepersCalm and Light Users – Back, Stomach & Side Sleepers
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