Tulo vs Nectar Mattress Comparison 2024

By Sakibul Islam

Today we will be doing a tulo vs nectar mattress comparison. If you are confused between these two mattresses, then today is your lucky day.

In these reviews, we will look to answer some of the most basic questions, that come into your minds while selecting a mattress.

When we compared these two mattresses under all the different features and aspect such as firmness, support, pricing, and comfort, Nectar always came on top. It doesn’t imply that the tulo is a bad pick, but somehow Nectar edged over it.

Nectar Vs Tulo Mattress Overview

If you just Google for a nice and comfortable mattress, I am sure that you will definitely find this nectar mattress vs tulo mattress on many websites. Both of the above mattresses are unique in their own ways, as they are constructed differently.

Nectar sleep mattress comes with Gel memory foam, making it really good for persons who sleep on their back and stomach. The mattress provides good support and the additional layer provides soft pressure relief. This mattress gives you the feel of classic memory foam. Even motion isolation is very good for Nectar.

On the other side, tulo mattress provides you with a different level of firmness and excellent support. Heat retention is one thing, which keeps it much ahead from the competition. The mattress is much more responsive but low on motion isolation.

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Tulo vs Nectar Mattress Layers Reviews

If you have ever looked under the cover of your old mattress, a sure thing which could have been noticed is the layerwise construction. Almost all the mattresses consist of three basic layers.

So, let us have a deeper understanding of the construction of this mattress. We will try to find out how they provide a similar level of comforts while being of different thicknesses.

Top Layer: In the case of a tulo mattress unique blend of open-cell technology. It has a gel-like grid structure that buckles and bends depending on the body position. The material is of temperature neutral nature. This also provides great support and pressure relief.

On the other hand, the top layer in Nectar is of 3 inches and is made by combining two layers. The Tencel Cooling cover and the Quilted Gel Memory Foam together provide the air circulation, heat wicking. The cooling gel memory foam provides perfect contouring to your body.

Mid Layer: The second layer in the tulo combine to form an exclusive airflow system. This forms the transition layer between the grid and the base. The extra comfort which you feel is thanks to this layer.

Here also, the Nectar has two layers; the gel memory foam combined with the 1.5 inches of Adaptive Hi core memory foam. Together they provide the proper weight distribution and support the body. At the same time, they provide bounce and rebound.

Base Layer: In both cases, these layers are made from the high-density foam. It acts as a foundation layer and provides support for heavier sleepers.

Talking about the quality of material, both companies use the same CertiPUR-US foam which has been certified for safety, durability, and performance.

Performance Of This 2 Mattress

Let’s discuss the performance of this tulo vs nectar under various mentioned aspects.

Heat Retention: Out of the two, when you are looking for a mattress that has better heat retention properties, Nectar should have been your choice. Its quilted gel memory foam and TENCEL cover which has a phase changing technology, promote airflow greatly.

On the other hand, the unique blend of open-cell technology of tulo provides good heat retention. Also, its design promotes airflow and somehow it beats Nectar in this regard.

Firmness and Support: Both of these mattresses are medium level firm, having a negligible difference in their firmness ratings. On a scale of 1 to 10, you can rate Nectar anywhere between 6 to 6.5 while tulo scores a flat 6.

Motion Isolation: It means that when you are sleeping with your partner, you will not feel any of his/her movements on your side of the mattress.

We know that mattresses with memory foam offer much better motion isolation. But here, in this case, both the mattresses do an equally good job. In any of these mattresses, you can sleep undisturbed throughout the night.

Off-gasing: In this regard, both the mattress are quite similar as both of them are breathable. And till date, no reports for off-gassing has come in.

What Does Each Mattress Weigh?

Whenever you are going for a new mattress, you should always inquire about the weight of the mattress.

The weight decides the fact that how easily you can move your mattress from one place to another or whether it will require the help of somebody else while doing so. Mostly, people prefer a lighter mattress.

You can see that Nectar is much lighter than the two brands.

Will The Mattresses Stand The Test Of Time?

Talking about the test of time, these mattresses have been designed to last for decades not just years. The CertiPUR foam used in the construction makes sure that the mattress lasts much longer without any wear and tear.

For average, they will retain their shape for at least 6 to 7 years. The companies believe in their product and offer a direct exchange of products under the warranty period.

The durability can be validated from the fact that both the manufacturers are providing 10 years warranty for tulo whereas Nectar provides a lifetime warranty for their products. It certainly means that they are definitely durable.

What Type of Sleeping Position Is Suitable For?

The key factor in deciding between tulo or nectar mattress is how well they complement your sleeping style (1). It is a fact that each and every mattress is designed for different kinds of sleepers.

So the ideal thing would be to analyze your sleep type and needs. Then accordingly, you can go for the mattress that suits you the best.

So we have filtered out the very best offerings that each mattress provides you with.

Tulo: This king mattress features the unique grid which gives great support even if you sleep on your stomach or on back. Just for the record, users have found it much firmer in these positions.

Nectar: When you always tend to sleep on your sides, this becomes your most viable choice. Also, if you are an average-sized sleeper you will definitely enjoy this mattress.

It provides great pressure relief and is even good for those who switch from back to the side.

Which Mattress Is the Firmest?

Both of the mattresses are of medium firmness. But if you are looking for a variable firmness, Nectar is the choice.

For the firmness rating, Nectar is rated at 6 – 6.5 whereas 6 for the tulo. Users felt Nectar slightly more firm than tulo. These are really good ratings for any medium-firm mattress. The nectar is made by using denser layers of memory foam together, meaning it has deeper compression support.

Just in case, if you are looking for a firmer mattress which also provides a bit of sinkage, then Nectar makes the ideal choice.

Which Has The Highest Customer Ratings?

One should always go with available reviews and ratings for any product which you are buying. If your product satisfies the customers then it will have a better rating. Higher the rating of a product, more easily will people trust it and quickly it will be sold.

When you are looking at the customer rating of these two mattresses, they are almost similar to one another.

On a scale of 0 to 5, the average rating for both the mattresses are is 4.0. So, Ladies and gentlemen, we have got ourselves a tie.

Which One Should I Buy?

We have reached the concluding part of tulo or nectar, if you are still not able to make up your mind, we can help you in making the final decision. Herein, we would like to recommend Nectar over tulo because of multiple reasons.

  • As it provides better support and relieves pressure much effectively. If you are a side sleeper you will love it.
  • Nectar is much firmer and provides great support if you sleep on the stomach or back.
  • If you are looking for a mattress with slight sinkage this is your pick.
  • Has a higher degree of motion isolation, means you can sleep easily even if your partner makes lots of movement.
  • Economically it will be a great choice, as it is much cheaper than tulo.
  • It has a much-balanced foam feel.
  • It comes with 365-day trial and lifetime warranty.

In the battle of tulo vs nectar, we see the Nectar outshining tulo by a slight margin. To honestly conclude, both the mattresses are good at doing their jobs, it’s now up to you to identify your needs and make the right selections.

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