Ghostbed vs Purple vs Casper Mattress

By Sakibul Islam

We choose three best mattresses from Ghostbed, Purple and Casper and reviewing them on this page.

So, it is a battle between the three; Ghostbed vs Purple vs Casper Mattress.

In the end, we will select the winner depending on the built, foam type, and features of these mattresses.

Let’s get started.

Ghostbed vs Purple vs Casper Comparison

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Overview Of Top 3 Mattress

Here, we are providing a brief description of the mattresses under our scanner today. For those who are looking to close the deal quickly.

  • Ghostbed mattress

An affordable latex mattress that has the right level of bounce and temperature regulation abilities. With excellent support and outstanding bounce, the 11-inch Ghostbed mattress is one of the most comfortable, yet affordable sleeping solutions. It gives you the full value for your investment.

  • Purple mattress

Made of unique hyperelastic polymer and polyfoam, the mattress gives you a contouring comfort. If you are dealing with back pain, then it will help in prevention and recovery. Due to zero motion transfer, the bed never allows anyone else to disturb your sleep.

  • Casper mattress

Tremendously comfortable mattress with enough support to keep your spine aligned naturally. Four layered mattresses with a hypoallergenic polyfoam layer keep the airflow going and keeps you fresh all night. You can get all the comfort and support without paying a high amount because the bed comes with a low price tag.

Mattress Construction

Let’s compare Purple vs Casper vs Ghostbed are entirely made of foam.

Ghostbed mattress

This 11-inch mattress also contains three different varieties of foam, as listed below

  • 5-inch layer made of aerated latex foam makes the first contact with you. It provides the required bounce and better response time than memory foam.
  • The second 2-inch layer is made of gel-infused memory foam that keeps you fresh and moisture-free. It also gives you contouring comfort that feels like a hug. As the gel is included in a liquid state, it gives you an even comfort and temperature regulation throughout your body.
  • Support foam makes the final 7.5-inch base layer, that works as a foundation and adds to the support.

Latex and memory foam used in the mattress keeps everything balanced and gives you the necessary cooling, bounce, pressure relief, and contour.

Purple mattress

Another mattress using three different materials in the three layers that work together to give you the right cooling, responsiveness, and bounce.

  • For excellent support, pressure relief and bounce, the mattress has 2 inches of the hyperelastic polymer as the top layer.
  • The next 3.5 inch of poly foam adds to the comfort and also works as a transition layer between soft polymer and solid foundation.
  • 4-inch support foam makes the last layer for the mattress.

Casper mattress

The 12-inch mattress from Casper has a four-layered structure.

  • The top 1.5-inch layer made of responsive polyfoam gives you the required comfort and bounce.
  • The second 1.5-inch memory foam layer hugs the body to give you contouring support and pressure relief from neck shoulders and hips.
  • The third 1.5-inch layer is made of polyfoam and works as a transition layer between memory foam and the solid base. It also provides proper weight destruction and excellent support to keep your spine aligned.
  • The final 5.5-inch layer of base foam acts as a foundation and also adds another layer of support.

Combining all these distinct foam materials, Casper brings you the taste of everything; bounce, responsiveness, and cooling. Also, the mattress gives you a hug like feel for a comfortable and sound sleep.

Comfort level

  • Ghostbed mattress

This one has slightly high firmness, so we rated bed 6.5 out of 10. However, the feeling of hardness changes with the Ghostbed queen mattress as the time passes. Initially, it might feel 7 or 7.5, but once the latex and memory foam adjusts according to your body, it starts giving a soft feel.

The 11-inch mattress uses latex as its top layer, however, due to the memory foam layer, it is responsive and contours your body.

  • Purple mattress

10-inch purple mattress has more than a firm feel as it stands at 6.5 out of 10. When compared with the other two, this one has a unique experience.

All thanks to the hyper-elastic polymer that has lots of bounce ad instant responsiveness to offer. Sleepers with a weight up to 140 pounds may feel it extra firm and get a floating feel.

One hundred forty pounds is the standard we can think of; however, the free feel increases with the decline in the sleeper’s weight. For medium and heavy users, the mattress offers medium firmness and moderate hug feeling.

  • Casper mattress

The 12-inch bedding has a rating of 6 on the firmness scale, where ten is the firmest. It has a soft top layer that gives you the right amount of contour and sinkage.

Due to the smooth upper layer, heavier sleepers feel the firmness. Why? Because their increased weight makes deep contact with lower polyfoam and comparatively firm support layers.

Sleeping experience

All three mattresses have high buyers rating. Most of the users state that the mattress gives an ultimate sleeping experience.

However, you should always remember that the sleeping experience depends on your body weight, height, and sleeping positions. Still, we can give you an idea based on a medium-sized body.

Ghostbed mattress: Sleeping experience

GhostBed Gel Memory Foam-Mattress

The bed is comparably firm for medium and lightweight individuals, however, if you are a heavy sleeper; you will get a plush feel.

It is because the top Latex layer is thin, your extra body pressure will reach the second memory foam layer, which is comparatively softer than latex.

Its thick base also shows its importance while giving the necessary support to more than medium-sized individuals. The bottom makes sure that the upper two layers do not sink extra and hence prevent sagging. If you do not mind an extra firm mattress that comes with a low price tag, then you choose Ghostbed mattress.

Purple mattress: Sleeping experience

Due to the top polymer layer, the bed is highly flexible in terms of adjustment to your body weight and size. Polymer adapts to your body and gives a better comfort then latex or memory foam. It gives you a plush feel where you want it to be soft and remains firm where you want it to be rigid.

Purple Mattress

Grid elastomer components of the polymer maintain airflow and also reduces motion transfer to give you a fresh and error-free sleep. Its bounce is comparable to latex, but do not expect anything better.

Due to the adaptive nature of this mattress, it is a perfect sleeping solution for couples, especially those with different body weight and sizes, but do not want to spent or purchase two mattresses with variable firmness.

Casper mattress: Sleeping experience

It offers a medium level of firmness but has weak edge support. Similar to Ghostbed bed, it also takes a few nights to get comfortable.

Casper Sleep Original Foam Mattress

Initially, it gives you an extra firm sleeping surface. Due to the open cell poly foam, it keeps you cool and fresh. Also, it has less or no motion transfer and the right bounce that gives you undisturbed sleep.

Shipping and delivery

All of the three beds are built to order and ships compressed in a box or bag. Amazon delivers all the mattresses to your physical address.

Ghostbed shipping and delivery

The brand charges approx. $600 if you are from Alaska or Hawaii. However, if you are from any other state, you will get free delivery.

There is no special delivery of white-glove included with the mattress, so once you receive the package, you have to unpack and unroll it.

Purple shipping and delivery

Another brand that charges for the users located in Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. However, delivery to the other 48 states is free. Once again, you will not get any assistance for the delivery, so you have to call someone for help.

Casper shipping and delivery

You can get free shipping to all 48 states of the USA. It will be delivered via UPS, but they do not offer white glove delivery with the product.

So, either keep one of your friends or family members nearby when you receive the box. You can also contact UPS for special delivery instructions, once you receive the tracking number.

Trial period

Before you purchase any of the mattresses, you should know about the warranty and return policies. So, make sure you read that on Amazon or the company’s website. Let us talk about the trial periods offered by different brands and compare between Casper vs Ghostbed vs Purple Mattress.

  • Casper

They offer a 100-night trial period; however, the brand wants to invest 30 nights of your life before you decide to return. Even after sleeping for 30 nights on the mattress, you do not like it; Casper offers free pickups and a full refund for the product.

  • Ghostbed

Sturdily constructed and durable Ghostbed mattress comes with a 100 nights return period. Once you raise the request for replacement or refund, the company will bear all the shipping charges. They will either donate or recycle the bedding depending upon the location.

  • Purple

Similar to Casper a Ghostbed, Purple offers a trial period of 100 days. If you are not satisfied with the mattress, contact the customer support and they will arrange the pick up at no extra costs.

User reviews

In terms of positive customer reviews, Purple mattress scores high from Casper and Ghostbed. We will see some of the most frequent comments from the users.

  • Ghostbed mattress

One of the best sleeping solutions you will ever encounter. Easy to unpack or roll and takes less time for expansion. High cooling and superb motion deadening are other perks. Due to the latex and memory foam, it has the unique sleeping experience

  • Purple mattress

With medium firmness and perfect spinal alignment, the bed from Purple contours according to your body curves. If you are using a regular sheet on the mattress, it will always slip, and you will never sleep comfortably. However, use a stretch mattress, and you will never have to make adjustments.

  • Casper mattress

The mattress from Casper does not take very long to expand, it returns to its original dimensions within 24 hours or so, which is faster than another mattress that may take up to 48 hours for complete expansion.

It is comparatively soft from the other two beds and also comes with a removable cover, which helps while machine washing. Surprisingly, the mattress has proper bounce as well as contouring comfort.

Bottom Line – Which One Should I Buy?

All the three beddings under our scanner; Casper vs Ghostbed vs Purple Mattress are the bestsellers, and each one of them has their targeted audience. There are two primary reasons for the high sales figures; all three of them are affordable and offers the necessary comfort, bounce, and cooling using different types of foams.

As you saw, there are differences in the structure of this product. So, which can be your choice under what circumstances; this is what we will discuss in this section.

Ghostbed mattress

The mattress has an exciting feel. Although it consists of both Latex and memory foam, the overall experience is more impacted by the memory foam.

As we discussed, the mattress has a more than medium-firm feel; it offers better support for heavier sleepers. Apart from that, the bed has the lowest responsiveness among the three products we are reviewing in this post.

Good for:

  • If you want an affordable mattress
  • Individuals who will not mind the extra firmness
  • Users who want to sleep cool
  • Sleepers who needs proper support

Purple mattress

With a unique feel, the purple mattress gives you complete motion control, expert cooling, and necessary bounce. Hyperelastic polymer and poly foam distributes the body weight and gives you enhanced support than the other two mattresses.

The web design of the polymer enhances the airflow and regulates your body temperature. Also, it gives you a contouring comfort better than any other traditional memory foam mattress.

Good for:

  • Users dealing with back pain
  • Sleepers looking for complete support and excellent pressure relief to prevent any back pain
  • Couples, especially with different body weight and size
  • Individuals looking for contouring support
  • Buyers look for a comfortable and supportive mattress

Casper mattress

Right sinkage and contouring comfort are the two unique features of the bed from Casper. However, there is a difference between the hug-like feel.

Although, Casper uses poly foam that creates a bowl-like feel, which is different from the exact adjustment made by memory foam. Polyfoam never molds according to the body curves and gives an outline hug-like feel.

Good for:

  • If you are a heavy sleeper
  • Individuals looking for the right amount of support and comfort
  • Users dealing with a bad back
  • You, if you hate a warm sleeping surface


Built with high-quality materials including latex and memory foam, the 11-inch mattress from Ghostbed gives you the right firmness and enhances airflow.

It also includes a cover, which removable and washable for better maintenance. So, we declare it a winner of the fight between Ghostbed vs Purple vs Casper Mattresses.

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