Ghostbed Vs Purple Mattress Comparison 2024

By Sakibul Islam

Picking the best mattress between Ghostbed vs Purple is not an easy job. There are hundreds of things to consider before making a final decision, but of course, there’s always a winner.

Here, we can totally say that Ghostbed is slightly better than Purple in many scenarios, from construction to comfort, firmness and even in cost.

However, the Ghostbed and the Purple mattress are pretty different from each other, so they work for different users depending on their needs.

So, if you want an even more accurate answer to which is better, you will have to come further and find out.

Let’s look at the most common similarity and difference on Purple vs. Ghostbed mattress.

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Ghostbed vs Purple Mattress – Construction & Quality

When it comes to construction, Purple mattress vs Ghostbed offers an entirely different result. First, however, let’s say that both cushions are incredibly soft and come with many layers each.

They offer thin covers and provide an excellent experience no matter your needs. However, their builds differ in many things.

The Purple mattress, for example, comes with exceptional firmness thanks to a hyper-elastic gel polymer, and two layers of polyurethane foam.

It is one of the firmest mattresses in the market with this construction, despite only being 9.5-inches thick. And it also comes with a soft quilted cover made of cotton, so you get superb softness without using a sheet.

The first layer of the Purple mattress is composed of 2-inches of Purple Smart Comfort Grid. This is a hyper-elastic polymer that not only adds firmness but also keeps the mattress fresh and improves its bounce.

Then you have the middle & bottom layers, the middle is 3.5-inches thick, and the last is 4-inches. Both are made of polyurethane foam, yet the foundation is slightly more supportive.

The Ghostbed, on the other hand, is mostly latex, memory foam, and a few gel beads. It is one of the densest mattresses out there with a 10-inches profile, giving outstanding support and promoting a very comfortable yet reliable experience.

The first layer of the Ghostbed is based on 1.5-inches of aerated latex foam. It gives excellent coolness and support with a slight touch of bounciness. The second layer is 2-inches of gel memory foam, for body contouring, pressure relief, and even more coolness and firmness.

Finally, you get a thick 7.5-inches layer of high-density support foam, perfect for firmness and exceptional support.

The cover of the Ghostbed is made of stretchy polyester in the top, and a mix of polyester and propylene in the sides, giving excellent durability & resistance to liquids.

Purple Mattress vs Ghostbed – Performance

When it comes to performance, the Purple vs. Ghostbed mattresses offer an entirely different experience. While the Purple is one of the most supportive and firmest cushions in the market, the Ghostbed offers superb comfort & overall firmness.

Let’s begin with Purple and its expensive build. First, this mattress can hold up to 300 pounds of weight without issues.

That would be two 150 pound persons, or even more. Its softness is excellent and offers unbeatable bounce. However, the sinkage and overall pressure relief are not as good as expected.

But it does a great job when it comes to keeping users cool. The Purple mattress offers exceptional airflow and breathability that will keep it cool & comfortable for longer. Even in the hottest nights, this mattress manages to stay superbly comfortable without issues.

An additional performance-related factor to consider is the motion isolation. It is designed for couples or multiple sleepers who want to prevent waking up at night from the other’s movement.

Isolating motion and equalizing the pressure across the mattress, this option will keep you wholly rested at night, even when sleeping with other people.

In contrast, you have the Ghostbed mattress. It is an entirely different mattress regarding performance from the Purple One. This one focuses on being preventing heat retention, promoting more support and firmness, and increasing overall comfort with a little sinkage.

Its construction is merely exceptional, even for its lower price when compared to the Purple mattress. This build is not only comfortable and entirely reliable, but it is also one of the most durable out there.

And with its additional gel memory foam and aerated latex layers, you will stay cool & well-rested at all times.

What Does Each Mattress Weigh?

When it comes to weight, it is hard to say which one is heavier than the other. Simply because the Ghostbed comes with a slightly thicker design and with gel & latex foam plus a polyester/propylene build in the cover, it is easily the heaviest.

But the Purple does not stay behind. Being 0.5-inches thinner than the Ghostbed at 10-inches – it still manages to be very close.

Its polymer foam construction is not really heavy, but slightly more than ordinary memory foam, so you must be careful before choosing.

Typically, a Ghostbed Queen mattress is between 75 and 90 pounds. A Purple Queen size mattress does not go over the 85-pound mark, being at 75 pounds in the lowest measure.

Will the Mattresses Stand the Test of Time?

When it comes to durability, both will perform really well. The reliability of both Purple vs. Ghostbedmattresses is exceptional.

Yet, the Ghostbed will perform a little better thanks to the use of a few outstanding materials in its construction, including polyester in the cover, and aerated latex foam.

However, the real advantage in durability is the thick 7.5-inches layer of supportive foam.

Purple, on the other hand, comes with a polymer construction. This build is not precisely less reliable or durable but is far more fragile towards common contaminants.

Despite its breathable materials, this mattress offers a slight disadvantage when it comes to protection against mold, mildew, and other pollutants. With the right maintenance, however, it will last at least 10 years without problems.

It does not mean the Purple mattress will last less than the Ghostbed. But it means the Ghostbed will stand longer without issues.

Whether it is sagging or loss of firmness, the Ghostbed will perform a lot better, offering between 5 to 20 years of lifespan.

What Sleeping Position Are These Mattresses Perfect For?

While the Ghostbed will promote better pressure relief and excellent spine alignment, especially for those with heavy back problems, the Purple will work for those who expect to get more sinkage and bounciness.

The Ghostbed is a mattress for those who prefer sleeping on their stomach and on their backs. However, it performs well enough for side and combination sleepers as well.

However, the firmness of the mattress may not be the most comfortable for those who tend to stay on their side for a long time.

Also, its stability works better for heavy people than light or medium size.

The Purple mattress is perfect for side, back and combination sleepers the same way. It offers exceptional sinkage and compression, which means you will sink in the mattress and stay there for long without any issue.

The coolness and the softness will provide outstandingly restful nights for both side and back sleepers, yet stomach sleepers may not feel too safe with this one. And of course, it is not the preferable option for heavy people either.

Which Mattress is the Firmest?

There’s no doubt, when comparing Purple mattress vs Ghostbed, that the latter is the firmest of the two. Ghostbed mattress offers one of the most reliable and most supportive constructions for memory foam mattresses. It is excellent, perfect for heavy sleepers, and promotes a very comfortable yet supportive design.

Composed of three layers, especially with its last 7.5-inches one, you get the firmest mattress of the two. But of course, it is a nice combination between firmness and softness, so it works exceptionally well for a wide array of sleepers without issues.

When you try the Purple, in contrast, you get more sinkage and squishiness. Your body will sink in the mattress and feels a little pressured with its build.

It is highly supportive nonetheless, and offers exceptional breathability, but does not manage to keep people firm and stable as the Ghostbed does.

So, for those who prefer firmer mattresses, the Ghostbed is the option to go. Especially heavy people, they will benefit the most if they’re looking for a firm choice.

Which Has the Highest Ratings?

There’s not a real difference between the Purple vs. Ghostbed when it comes to customer satisfaction. But we could say that the Purple has received more than double of reviews than the Ghostbed.

And what’s even better, the Purple offers a 60% 5-star acceptance, while the Ghostbed only provides 55% of 5-star ratings.

You could then say that the Purple is more recommended by customers than the Ghostbed. Yet, the ratings are very close, so it wouldn’t really be too accurate to declare a winner here.

But if you want a general opinion, the Purple would be the most sought after between the two, so it will probably offer slightly more satisfaction.

Ghostbed vs. Purple – Which One Should I Buy?

Now that you’ve read the guide entirely, it is time to give you an answer as to which mattress will perform better between Ghostbed vs Purple. Well, we can just say: it depends.

The GhostBed Mattress-Queen is a firm and stable mattress that offers excellent coolness and overall support. It is perfect for back and stomach sleepers as well and provides outstanding durability with its thick memory foam layering.

It is also pretty affordable, yet it does not work very well for side sleepers.

Otherwise, the Purple Queen Mattress provides softness, pressure relief, and incredible sinkage. As soon as you lay on this mattress, you will feel the mattress suctioning your body and pressuring to release stress and overall tension.

It is one of the softest in the market, and works amazingly well for the side, back and combination sleepers. Yet, stomach sleepers may feel a little claustrophobic on it.

In general, we could say that for those who want to try something new, a polymer mattress with great comfort and softness – the Purple would be their best choice.

Instead, you can pick the Ghostbed mattress, perfect for traditional memory foam build and exceptional firmness without losing any comfort.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite mattress between the two, and you won’t be disappointed. They are exceptional without a doubt!

Layers1.5-inches Latex Foam – 2-inches Gel Memory Foam – 7.5-inches Support Foam2-inches of Hyperelastic Polymer – 3.5-inches Polyurethane Foam – 4-inches of Supportive Polyurethane Foam
Height / Profile11 Inches9.5 Inches
CoverPolyester and Propylene Sides with Stretchy Thin Polyester TopQuilted Cotton Fabric
Firmness / SupportVery Good Firmness with Excellent SupportVery Good Firmness with Very Good Support
Perfect ForCalm and Light/Medium Weight – Stomach & Side SleepersActive & Heavy – Back, Side & Combination Sleepers
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