Which Mattress Is Bigger Queen Or King?

By Sakibul Islam

People have varying preferences for things, and when it comes to mattresses, this does not change. There is a lot to love about both the queen and king mattresses. They’re both comfortable, elegant and remarkably big.

However, people still wonder about which mattress is a bigger king or queen? Anyway, that question will be adequately addressed here.

So, let’s get to it, shall we?

Which Is Bigger King Or Queen Size Bed?

which is bigger king or queen

Compared to other known sizes, the California king size bed is known to be the largest. It has a width of 72 inches, but its length is up to 84 inches.

While it is a little narrower than the standard king size bed, it is longer than it by 4 inches. Some people also consider standard king size beds as the biggest seeing that it is wider than the California king by 4 inches but shorter than it by 4 inches.

Very tall people may prefer the California king because it’s long enough and their legs won’t dangle off the edge of the bed.

However, standard king size mattresses are preferable for those who have a large body size or extra space where a child or pet can fit in. Nevertheless, some companies focus on making special mattresses that are extra-large.

These mattress sizes include Emperor and Caesar mattresses. A standard emperor bed is usually 215 cm long and 215 cm wide. However, they too also come in different lengths and sizes. Some of these kinds of mattresses have varying lengths. Some are 200 cm, 205 cm or 220 cm long.

Caesar mattresses, on the other hand, are a royalty mattress that is very very large. A typical one has a dimension of 8 feet x 7 feet. It also has a more extensive variety of 9 feet x 7 feet. These beds are designed for extra-large bedrooms.

They are enormous and can contain up to 7 people. It is the largest bed that is available in the USA market today. Spreading over nine feet of the floor, the bed is more than 2 meters long and almost 3 meters in width. These beds are quite rare but if you manage to find them, they’re elegant and spacious.

Standard Dimensions

Typically, a king-size bed has more width than the queen size bed. While a king-size bed is 76 inches (193 cm) in width, a queen size bed is only 60 inches (152 cm) wide. However, both beds have the same length of 80 inches (203 cm).

Non-Standard Dimensions

It is possible for mattresses and bed frames sometimes to have slightly nonstandard dimensions. Of course, this can easily cause some problems for the buyer.

However, it is best that you measure the bed and also refer to the manufacturer’s details concerning mattresses, box-springs and bed frames to prevent a mismatch of products. Also, note that some mattresses that have nonstandard dimensions may also require particular kinds of sheets.

Most Common Nonstandard Queen Mattress Sizes

  • Olympic queen mattress

Olympic Queen Mattresses are also known as expanded queen mattresses. These beds are more extensive than the standard queen mattress. They have a width of 66 inches (167.6 cm) and are thus wider than standard queen size beds by six inches. Their length, however, is the same as when beds.

  • California queen mattress

These mattresses are four inches longer than standard queen size mattresses. They have become unpopular but can still be found from time to time.

  • Split queen mattress

These mattresses can easily pass as a standard Queen size if not for the fact that it has a split down middle. This makes them adjustable and easily moved for different purposes. Each of the sides measures 30″ by 80″ (76 cm x 203 cm)

Most Common Nonstandard King Size Mattress

  • California king mattress

California king, also called Western king mattress, happens to be the most commonly used nonstandard king bed. This kind of mattress is so common that one may not see it as a nonstandard king size bed but simply as another variety of king size beds. It has a 72″ by 84″ dimension, which means they are narrower but longer than standard king size beds.

  •  Split king mattresses

Like split queens, split King Mattresses to have a split down their middle. However, with a total width of 78 inches, they are 2 inches wider than the standard King size. Each of the sides has a dimension of 39″ x 80″.

  • IKEA Dimensions

IKEA in the U.S does not make their king and queen size mattresses to be the standard sizes. Their beds are usually half an inch or a full inch shorter than the standard lengths. While standard bed sheets will fit these mattresses, the same cannot be said for bed frames. When a buyer buys a mattress from this company, the buyer will be forced to also buy a bed frame from them too. This also implies that an IKEA bed frame will be too small to fit a standard size King or queen mattresses.

Pros and Cons

When you consider the width of both beds, you’ll realize that the King size bed is more spacious. Two people of average sizes can comfortably sleep on the bed with enough space to stretch out.

On a king-size bed, each person can have up to 38 inches to explore and spread out. Two people can also sleep on a queen-size bed.

However, it only leaves them with a width of 30 inches per person. While this helps to bring the couple closer while sleeping, it can also affect their sleep negatively.

It is true that in terms of comfortability the King size bed is not lacking. However, the hassle of moving it around, as well as a large amount of space that it requires, are some of its downsides.

Some people desire the bed but can’t get it because their apartments or bedrooms are too small to contain it. Apart from the enormous space that the bed will occupy, there still needs to be an extra space of about 61 cm at the three sides of the bed.

This space is so that there’s enough room to walk around the room comfortably. You might even need more space, depending on the position of the other furniture in your room.


Considering how King size mattresses are wider than Queen size ones, it is not surprising that King size beds cost more. Even so, is the higher upfront cost of King Size beds worth it?

Other related and future prices of this particular kind of bed like frames, sheets, and box-springs are usually costlier than that of Queen Size beds. Thus, the whole cost may end up overwhelming.

Neither of the two mattresses has a real average price. Their prices differ depending on the distributors, manufacturers, and materials used (i.e. foam, spring, latex, etc.).


In the U.S, Queen Size beds are more common and sold more than any other bed size. According to a survey by the Sleep Products Association, 36% of mattress purchases are Queen beds, 30% are twin beds, 21% are full beds and only 7% are King beds.

Bottom Line

Though both the king size and the queen size mattresses have the same lengths, the king size is bigger because it is more extensive. The king size gives the user a good 16 inches in width more than queen size beds.

Thus, sleepers can sleep more freely and stretch out all they want. So, for those wondering which mattress is a bigger king or queen? There, you have your answer.

However, before you run off to purchase the bigger bed, consider both the immediate and future costs.

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