What Are Deep Pocket Sheets

By Sakibul Islam

As the world experience more and more creations of beds that are thicker than the ordinary, there’s an increasing need for special fitted sheets that will cover these thick mattresses better.

What are deep pocket sheets? They are sheets made specially to fit beds that are more than 14 inches thick.

Their deep pocket nature makes them appropriate for very thick mattresses.

How to Determine if Your Mattress Needs Deep-Fitted Sheets

You know how frustrating it can be to try to force a fitted sheet into a large mattress. Despite their name, fitted sheets still have the tendency to pop out of the mattress if they happen to not fit the bed well enough.

Nowadays, beds are getting thicker and mattress toppers more common, and these make buying deep fitted sheets that will fit your mattress entirely quite challenging.

Even so, there are some few tricks and tips to tell whether your bed actually needs one of these deep-pocketed sheets.

Measuring Your Mattress

You might be tempted to merely gauge whether or not your mattress needs a deep-pocketed sheet by just looking at the mattress. However, this is not enough.

You’ll get a more accurate analysis by measuring the thickness and height of the bed. This helps you to know how deep fitted the sheet has to be to fit the bed.

Meanwhile, merely measuring the sides will not do for some beds designed with pillow tops. As such, you need to put a long straight edge on the highest area of the mattress such that it sticks beyond the edge of the bed. Without making any indent on the mattress, press the straightedge down.

Thus, your straightedge should be completely horizontal. Then, go ahead to measure the distance between the straightedge and the bottom of the mattress making use of a yardstick or tape measure. You’ll know you need a deep-pocket sheet when the length exceeds 12 inches.

Selecting Sheets: Mattress Height Specifications

After measuring the height of your mattress, it is essential that you read the information on the packages of the deep-pocket sheets carefully while you shop.

It is not unusual for producers to use the term “pocket depth” or similar terms in place of mattress height. The packages of the sheets will also likely reveal that the sheets will fit mattresses that have the same height measurements as the pocket depth of the sheet.

Sheet Pocket Sizes

While shopping for a deep pocket sheet and checking out their packages for mattress height, you may come across the terminology “pocket depth”. This term means the same as the depth or height of the fitted sheet.

However, it could also be a little complex too. To determine whether the sheet will fit your mattress, subtract 2 inches from the pocket depth. In other words, if the sheet has a depth of 14, it will likely fit a bed that is 12 inches high. Buying a fitted sheet that is exactly as deep as your mattress is highly risky.

This is not recommended because there is a huge tendency that the sheet will not fit your bed thoroughly. It will likely keep popping out at the corners.

Non-Number Measurements

Occasionally, there are cases where the deep fitted sheet depth sizes that are on the sheet packaging don’t give the exact pocket measurement or sheet depth. In situations like this, watch out for terminologies that indicate the depth like deep, standard, and extra deep. Deep pocket sheets will fit beds that are around 15 inches high. A standard pocket sheet tends to fit mattresses that are 12 inches high.

Meanwhile, sheets that are termed “extra-deep” will do for beds that are 22 inches high. Always go for a sheet that is larger than your bed height if you don’t find a fitted sheet that has your mattress measurement. You can always hide the extra fabric underneath your mattress.

FAQs about Deep Pocket Sheets

Regular sheets will probably not fit your mattress if it is thicker than 14 inches. Though fitted sheets are made to cover many of the mattress types, pillow-top mattresses require deep pocket sheets. Here are some questions people ask about deep pocket sheets.

Why use deep pocket sheets?

When mattresses come with pillow tops, tight tops or euro tops, it is not likely that regular sheets will fit them. In fact, adding a separate topper to your mattress can present this same challenge.

As a result, a cover that will cover your mattress better like a deep pocket sheet becomes necessary. These sheets are more profound than the regular ones and can thus fit full beds or those with toppers.

How deep are deep pocket sheets?

The depth of regular sheets ranges from 7 to 14. However, deep layers are at least 15 inches deep. Meanwhile, extra deep sheets range between 16 and 22 inches in depth.

Always remember to check the measurements of your mattress and check the measurements of the sheets too.

Which fitted sheets do I need for my mattress?

The best way to determine which you need is to measure the thickness of your mattress. It even helps to jot it down somewhere so that while shopping, you can compare the mattress size with that of the sheet you want to purchase.

If your mattress happens to be thicker than the regular sheet sizes, buy a fitted sheet.

What are deep pocket sheets made of?

Many deep pocket sheets come in the same material as regular sheets like cotton, flannel, and sateen. The depth of the fitted sheet does not affect the materials used to make it in any way.

What colours are deep pocket sheets available in?

Deep pocket sheets also come in various colours just like ordinary sheets. Thus, you’ll have the freedom to choose a colour that will complement the rest of your beddings.

However, patterned and printed deep pocket sheets are not as many as those of regular sheets. Even so, you’ll get plenty of options to choose from.

Are deep pocket sheets available for all bed sizes?

Yes, you’ll find deep pocket sheets for all bed size be it California king bed or twin size bed. All you need do is search thoroughly in stores.

How do you wash deep pocket sheets?

This is dependent on the material of the sheet. The best thing to do is to refer to the label of the sheet for instructions on how to wash it. Thicker sheets require a sizeable front-loading washer so that they can be thoroughly cleaned.

Bottom Line

You now know what deep pocket sheets are. You should also know that they have some distinct advantage. At least you won’t have to worry about the sheet being too small for your bed.

Also, deep pocket sheets ensure versatility in every situation because they also prevent mites and allergens. Put these in mind as you buy!

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