What Are the Dimensions of a Toddler Mattress?

By Sakibul Islam

Just as there are specific sizes of Mattresses that are suitable for couples, teens or single adults, there are also specific mattress sizes which are ideal for toddlers to sleep in.

A toddler bed is usually small and designed for crawling children. However, this is not the only thing you should know about toddler mattress dimensions.

If your child has outgrown his crib, keep reading to learn more about the toddler bed sizes that you can get for him.

What Size is a Toddler Mattress?

Toddler mattress becomes necessary when a baby outgrows its crib. A child becomes too big for the crib when the infant reaches one and a half years or two years.

Typically a toddler mattress is the same size as a crib bed, and crib mattresses can often be transitioned into a toddler bed. However, the child is also likely to outgrow the bed by the age of four and then the child will need a twin-size replacement.

A toddler mattress is 27 inches wide and 52 inches long. They usually have low side rails which are sometimes removable. This prevents the child from rolling over and falling off the bed while sleeping. The bed is generally flat so that the infant can easily and safely enter or exit the bed.

What Are the Dimensions of a Toddler Mattress?

It’s an exciting thing for parents when their child is graduating from a crib. It’s a clear indication that their child is growing and thus needs a freer bed.

The dimensions of a toddler bed differ, though they are usually around the size of a crib. The dimension of a toddler mattress ranges from 70 cm (28 inches) x 140 cm (55 inches) to 78 (31 inches) x 180 cm (71 inches).

Beds of this dimensions are ideal for toddlers because they are small in size and will, therefore, fit well when placed along the bed of an adult.

When placed beside an adult’s bed, there should be at least 30 inches of space between the toddler’s bed and the adult’s bed so that there will be easy movements. Toddler mattresses are slightly softer than crib mattresses and are usually used with a toddler bed frame.

Mattress Safety Concerns

In a situation where you have a convertible crib or a kit that allows you to convert your crib into a toddler bed, it is very likely that the mattress and bed fit together snugly.

If, however, you’re buying a new toddler bed, you have to make sure that the mattress fits into the bed tightly. In other words, make sure that there’s no space between the mattress and the foundation. Though most cribs are the same size as toddler beds, this is not true for all cribs.

As such, there can be cases where the mattress is a few inches shorter than the bed. The result of this is that there’s an unsafe space between the bed frame and the mattress. When this is the case, the infant can easily crawl into the opening or gets its arm or leg trapped in it. This is, of course, a dangerous scenario and we do not want that, do we?

As a safety measure, make sure to measure the frame, including the length of the inside of the frame, before buying. Know the size of your crib mattress and compare it with the size of the bed frame as you buy. When you find a bed that fits snugly without any hole of space, buy it. This will help keep your child out of danger.

Toddler Mattress Dimensions

As a parent, you’re saddled with the responsibility of choosing a toddler mattress for your child. As you know, one very vital thing to consider when choosing the bed is the toddler mattress dimensions.

On average, the dimensions of a toddler bed mattress is 27 inches wide by 52 inches long. This size is the same as a regular crib bed.

However, if you want your toddler’s bed to last longer and still be useable as the child grow older, you can proceed to buy a twin bed mattress for toddlers. Nevertheless, a toddler bed is perfect for a child that is coming out of a crib bed. It is also the standard size for bunk or loft beds.

Difference between a Crib and Toddler Mattress

Since there are many similarities between a Crib mattress and a toddler mattress, they are not entirely alike. If you’re about to get neither of these mattresses, here are some difference that you should take note of.

  • Size

The overall dimensions of a crib mattress iare51 5/8 inches length by 27 1/4-inches width. It is also usually no thicker than 6 inches. You won’t find a crib mattress of any other dimensions.

However, there is no particular size for toddler mattresses. Though most of them are the same size as a crib mattress, their thickness and size may shift.

  • Firmness

Typically, crib mattresses are firm. They are firm because a soft mattress can easily suffocate the baby, thus the need for a firm mattress that is comfortable for the baby to sleep and move in.

On the other hand, toddler mattresses tend to be softer and cozier than a crib bed. As the baby grows, the chances that the baby may get suffocated by the bed begin to dwindle.

Thus, by the time the baby outgrows the crib, the baby is usually also able to sleep comfortably in a soft bed without any danger of suffocation. Nevertheless, toddler mattresses shouldn’t be so soft that the child sinks into it.

  • Materials

The majority of baby mattresses are usually froth with vinyl coating or innerspring. The crib mattress is made with very soft organic cotton. On the other hand, toddler mattresses are made with memory foams and springs.

Toddler mattresses offer more variety than crib beds. For instance, they can come with pad top or flexible foam because of the reduced danger of SIDS.

Parents, however, tend to go for natural materials so as not to expose their children to too many chemicals.

Mattress Size FAQ

What to look for in a toddler mattress?

The price of your baby’s mattress matters, but so does other features of the mattress. When choosing a toddler bed, the well-being of your child should be a priority. Make sure to buy a mattress of the right size. Also, you should consider the materials used to make the bed. Natural materials will expose the child to less risk when compared to artificial materials.

Also, consider the firmness of the bed. While a toddler mattress is softer than crib beds, they are not expected to be too soft as this may pose a danger to the child’s well-being.

What is the standard size of a toddler mattress?

The standard size of a toddler mattress is the same as that of a crib mattress. It is usually 52 inches long and 27 inches wide. A toddler can fit comfortably in this bed size. However, the size of a toddler mattress can still vary slightly. Some are just a little bit bigger than the crib bed.

Bottom Line

All in all, your child’s crib mattress can be converted to a toddler mattress. You can also decide to get a softer mattress to make your baby feel more comfortable.

Thankfully, there are different beds in the mattress market today, and getting a toddler mattress size that will meet your child’s needs won’t be difficult.

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