Queen Size Bed Dimensions In Feet

By Sakibul Islam

For a long time, the full bed reigned. However, queen size beds have taken over the market because they are the most popular bed amongst buyers.

It’s not hard to see why it is so. A Queen Size bed is one of the biggest size beds as far as standard bed sizes are concerned.

It is suitable for both single individuals and couples. Let’s take a look at the queen size bed dimensions in feet.

How Long and Wide Is a Queen-Size Mattress in Feet?

Queen Size Bed Dimensions In Feet

Purchasing a mattress is not quite as easy as most people think it is. Before you come to the final decision, there has to be a lot of, thinking, comparing and testing.

As much as you want to buy a mattress that is made with quality materials, and which does not cost a fortune, you must also consider the length and width of the mattress. Is the mattress big enough to accommodate the number of sleepers meant to sleep on it?

These days, a queen size bed seems to be the ideal choice for all, especially couples and adults who need a lot of space. Below is a breakdown of the bed’s width and length in feet.

Our Top 2 Recommended Queen Size Mattress

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Best Budget: Sweetzzz Honey Hybrid Mattress

The Honey Hybrid Mattress from Sweetzzz offers the perfect combination of comfort and support. This mattress features a hybrid design with both foam and pocketed coils, providing pressure relief as well as bounce and edge support. The top layer is made of cooling gel memory foam that contours to the body and relieves pressure points.

  • Width

The width of the queen size mattress is 5 feet (60 inches). This bed is wide enough to accommodate two people comfortably. This is perhaps why it is the choice of most couples.

Each of the two sleepers has a width of 2 feet and 5 inches (30 inches) to their self. This space is big enough for the couple to stretch without disturbing each other.

Since it is also not as wide as a king size bed, a queen mattress is small enough to allow the couples to come to snuggle together if they wish to.

  • Length

The queen size mattress measures 6 feet and 8 inches in length (80 inches). The length of this bed is longer than that of regular twin and full-size mattresses.

Regular twin beds and full-size beds are only 6 feet and 3 inches long (75 inches). The extra length that queen size Mattresses have makes it possible for the foundation to accommodate very tall people.

  • King Width

A king-size mattress is one of the largest mattresses that are available for both width and length. The bed measures 6 feet 4 inches (76 inches) wide. This affords each person 3 feet and 7 inches (38 inches) of space on the bed to stretch.

The California king bed is a variation of the king-size mattress. It, however, has a smaller width than the standard king size bed with a width of 6 feet (72 inches).

As such, the bed offers each person only 3 feet (36 inches). Thankfully, the bed makes up for this with its length.

  • King Length

Like it, queen-size counterpart, the king-size mattress length is 6 feet and 8 inches (80 inches). However, the California king bed proves longer than both the queen size and the standard king size by 4 inches.

The bed is 7 feet long (84 inches). The bed is obviously made for incredibly tall people. Both the standard king size and the California king beds are suitable for couples. However, they are pricier than the queen-size beds.

  • Surface Area

While the surface area of a queen-size mattress is 4,800 square inches that of a standard king is equal to 6,080 square inches. Also, the surface area of the California king mattress is 6,048 square inches.

Queen Size Bed Means

Queen-size beds were created as a larger alternative to full-size beds. The bed is one size larger than a full-size mattress, but smaller than a king size by one size.

Therefore, it provides more space to sleep comfortably at night than a full bed. A standard queen-size bed measures a mean of 5 feet in width by 6 feet and 8 inches in length.

The Olympic queen size which is a variation of queen size beds measures 6 feet by 5 feet and 5 inches. Another difference, the California queen, measures a mean size of 7 feet by 5 feet. However, bed frames tend to differ in bulkiness and size.

Some queen size mattress specs to consider

Queen size mattress is the most popular size of mattress in America. It is recommended that your room has at least a dimension of 10 feet long x 10 feet wide for the bed to fit in comfortably.

This way, you can also have extra space to move around. When only a single sleeper is using the bed, the sleeper has the whole of 5 feet of the bed’s width to himself.

If it’s a couple, each one of them has 2 feet and 5 inches to their self.  Meanwhile, when a person that is 6 feet tall sleeps on the mattress, he or she would still have an extra space of 8 inches left.

Bottom Line

One advantage that the queen size mattress has over the king size one is that it is much easier to maneuver. King beds are large and therefore take up too much space.

However, the area that a queen size bed occupy is not so large. Besides, because of the popularity of the bed, the accessories that will fit queen size bed dimensions are easy to find. Keep these in mind as you shop for your queen mattress.

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