Best Queen Size Air Mattress Reviews 2024

By Sakibul Islam

Are you looking for a temporary bed for guests or a sleep solution that you use on outdoor trips? If the answer is yes, you are on the right page.

Here, you will be able to find the top ten queen size air mattresses and a detailed buying guide, so that you can select the best queen size air bed according to your preferences and requirements.

Let us start with the top three contenders and then we will move to the description where you will see the variety of queen size air mattress available at the different price range, and useful features.

Our 3 Best Queen size air mattress

Our Recommendation:  SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

Whether you want a bed for your guests or for your personal use, the mattress from SoudAsleep is the most appropriate option. Forty coils in the mattress work together to give you the necessary comfort. A sturdy bed that can be used for many purposes, that is why it is one of the top-rated air mattresses among the buyers.

Second Place:  King Koil Luxury Raised Airbed

Provides comfort and support similar to a regular mattress, if you need an all-rounder air mattress, this King Koil air bed should be one of your top considerations. It has the perfect height, build material and stable enough to keep your bedding in place. Can be crowned as the king of air mattresses.

Also Great:  Air Mattress Queen Size

Perfect for those who do not like the look of a regular air mattress, this queen size bed from Air Mattress comes with a fitted sheet and skirt. The hypoallergenic bamboo bed skirt drapes around the bed and disguises it to look like a traditional foam mattress. Made of laminated vinyl, the mattress never stretches and gives you a firm sleeping surface.

Top 10 Queen Size Air Bed Reviews 2024

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Here are our 10 recommendations of queen size air mattress reviews.

1. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

We will start with a mattress that gives you such a level of comfort; you will feel like sleeping on a traditional foam mattress – Dream Series air mattress from SoundAsleep.

Comfort level: Using 40 internal coils, the mattress gives you enough stability and comfort. Unlike most of the air mattresses, Dream Series bed will never slip around. Well, that is the effect of unique Sure-Grip bottom.

Pump: It comes with an internal pump that can inflate the mattress within four minutes.

Height: The queen size air bed reached a height of 19 inches. So you will not feel like sleeping on the floor.

Air retention: It holds the air well. If you inflate the mattress once, it will remain filled for many days to come.

Warranty: SoundAsleep ships the air mattress with one year of warranty.

The bed comes with a short power cable, so either you can place it near a power outlet, or you can inflate the mattress and then carry it to the designated place. The mattress also lacks support on edge, so you will not be able to sleep along the sides.


  • 40 internal clicks for optimum support
  • One touch inflation
  • Convenient height of 19 inches
  • No sliding due to the Sure Grip bottom
  • Waterproof and puncture resistant top


  • Short power cable
  • Lacks edge support



2. King Koil Queen Size Air Mattress

King Koil California King

Optimum comfort and convenient height are the two considerable features of the luxury raised airbed from King Koil. If you are looking for an air mattress that can give you the level of support similar to a traditional bed, you should consider this one.

Comfort level: Comfortable, stable and firm, the mattress gives you an undisturbed sleep. It has a waterproof top, which is also suede to keep the bedsheet in place.

Pump: The queen air mattress comes with a 120V AC pump that inflates it within four minutes. However, the bed also has an external valve, so that you can carry it to the camping or any outdoor trips.

Height: 20-inch height of the mattress makes it comfortable to get in or out of bed.

Air retention: It holds the air really well. However, you can use the pump to inflate or deflate the bed as per requirement within seconds.

Warranty: The manufacturers offer a one-year guarantee with the mattress.


  • Includes built-in pillow
  • Comes with a 120V AC pump
  • Built-in external valve for outdoor trips
  • Suede and a waterproof top
  • A patch kit is also included


  • Make squeaky noises
  • Initial odor



3. Air Mattress Queen Size Bed

Air Mattress

Hypoallergenic bed sheet and the skirt is the most impressive features of the queen size bed from Air Mattress. Once inflated, the skirt wraps around the edges and this mattress looks like a traditional foam bed. If you need an air mattress that can give you a sound sleep and also add style to the living room, queen size Air Mattress is a good option.

Comfort level: Made of laminated nylon vinyl, the mattress is comparatively lightweight than other air mattresses. Apart from making it lightweight, the materials also provide you with ample of comfort and backbone support. The bed also comes with a woven cover that gives warmth to your body and also adds to the style.

Pump: You need to plug in its built-in air pump to inflate the mattress within a few minutes.

Height: After inflation, the air mattress reaches a height of 18 to 20 inches and gains a capacity to handle 600 pounds.

Air retention: If an air mattress leaks, it is worthless. The manufacturers believe in the same. Nylon coated vinyl never expands or stretches and hence prevents any air loss. Due to the lack of further expansion, the mattress will have double life than any other air mattress.

Warranty: The product comes with a hassle-free one-year warranty and 60 days’ trial period. If you do not like the comfort level or any of the other features in the mattress, you can ask for a refund – no questions asked. Even the return charges will be covered by the manufacturers.


  • High weight capacity of 600 pounds
  • Hypoallergenic bed sheet and skirt


  • May develop tears
  • Pump overheats if overused



4. TILVIEW Queen Size Air Mattress

TILVIEW Air Mattress

Comfortable, lightweight and durable, queen size air mattress from Tilview is a perfect sleeping solution for your guests.

Comfort level: The mattress has ample of comfort and support for your body. You can use the control dial to inflate or deflate the bed as per your requirements. The mattress easily folds up, so you will no trouble while storing it.

Pump: It comes with a built-in air mattress that can ready your temporary bed within four to five minutes. Also, the mattress has an onboard storage box for the power cable.

Height: With an above-average height of 22 inches, the mattress makes sure your guests can get in out of bed quickly. Due to its comfortable height, the bed is accessible to all age groups, including elderlies.

Air retention: Two layers made of high-quality materials complete the mattress. Due to sturdy dual-layered construction, the bed never loses its shape.

Warranty: The manufacturers provide a 2-year warranty and support for life. So, even after the warranty expires, they got your back. Make sure you expand the mattress on a plane surface free from any sharp objects the can cause any damage.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to store
  • Accessible to all


  • Develop tears if used frequently



5. Best Inflatable Bed By Fox Airbeds

Best Inflatable Bed

Here comes an air mattress that has a memory foam layer on the top. That is why the inflatable mattress from Fox Airbeds sells it as a flagship model.

Comfort level: I-Beam coils inside the mattress provide you with even weight distribution and support. While the bed is comfortable, it is easy to inflate as well. It also has side champers the prevent sagging and keeps the mattress comfortable for long. There are no motion transfers on the bed so that you can have a relaxed and undisturbed sleep. Apart from being comfortable, the built material is puncture resistant and durable.

Pump: The mattress comes with a built-in two-way pump. Apart from the built-in pump, you can also use an external pump for inflation. The bed offers this option because of the pinch valve so that you can use the mattress without the compulsion of electrical outlets. It will be a useful feature while you are on camping or hacking trips.

Height: Once inflated, the mattress reaches 19 inches, which is convenient enough for you and your friends.

Air retention. Build of thick vinyl, the mattress remains in shape and never loses the air.

Warranty: The air bed comes with a warranty of one year, where if you face any trouble, you have the support team to help.


  • Inflates quickly
  • Sturdy built
  • Pinch valve


  • May develop tears



6. Serta Raised Queen Size Air Bed

Serta Raised Air Mattress

If you are looking for a mattress that remains inflated for the whole night, you should check the raised air mattress from Serta. The manufacturers use a NeverFLAT pump technology that keeps the mattress inflated at the desired level without any air loss. That is the feature that makes this mattress ahead of other contenders.

Comfort level: Constructed using circular coil design, the mattress has 35 independent circular coils that distributes the body weight properly and provides ample support. The top surface is flocked, soft and keeps the sheets in place.

Due to vertical and horizontal beams, it has sturdy edges. We tried to sleep on the sides, and there was no tossing or tilting.

Pump: The primary pump inflates or deflates the mattress within four minutes. Also, the pump has automated controls like auto deflate, and auto inflate.

Height: Serta mattress reaches 18 inches of height once inflated. At this height, you or guests will be able to get in and out of bed conveniently.

Air retention: As we stated earlier, the mattress works on Never FLAT pump mechanism. The primary pump is used for inflation and deflation, which is familiar with all the beds. What makes Serta raised air mattress unique is its Never FLAT pump, which detects and compensates for any air loss while you are sleeping.

Warranty: The air mattress comes with a warranty of 2 years.


  • Made of tough polyvinyl chloride, so can hold heavyweight with bursting
  • Waterproof materials that also protects the pump
  • Gives better comfort to sleepers dealing with back pain


  • Heavy after inflation
  • Initial smell



7. Insta-Bed Ez Queen Size Air Mattress

Insta-Bed Ez Queen Raised Air Mattress

The unique air mattress from Insta-Bed sits on a frame. Whether you have to offer a temporary bed to your guests or you are going for an outing, the mattress appears like an excellent option.

Comfort level: The mattress offers a maximum level of comfort and is easy to contain when not in use. The bed comes with a carrying bag that you can use while camping and other outdoor activities.

Once inflated, the air mattress has 48 independent soils to provide you the necessary support, stability, and comfort so, that you can have a wonderful rest time.

Pump: There is an in-built pump, using the same the queen air mattress can be inflated within four minutes. There is also a NeverFLAT pump, which keeps the bed inflated while you sleep. So, you do not have to in the middle of the night to find a deflated mattress.

Height: The thickness of the mattress is 9.5 inches. However, due to the frame with a height of 12.5 inches, its sleeping surface is 22 inches above from the ground.

Air retention: As we talked earlier, the mattress comes with the NeverFLAT technology where the second pump works continuously to manage the air pressure. Whenever it sees any change, it automatically manages the same to give you the desired level of comfort.

Warranty: The warranty for this mattress expires after one year.


  • Convenient raised height makes getting in and out of bed easier
  • Coil construction results in full comfort and support
  • NeverFLAT pump engages automatically to provide you with the required air pressure


  • Develop tears after a few uses
  • Not build with sturdy material



8. Coleman Queen Air bed

Coleman Queen Airbed

Setting up a temporary bed inside a tent house or at a camping spot is altogether very different than setting it up at your home. At free sites, you will need something lightweight, compact and easy to inflate. That is where the queen airbed from a Colemen comes into the picture.

Comfort level: The mattress comes with a cot so that you can sleep above the ground at a convenient height. Coleman AirBed uses ComfortStrong coil construction, which gives you maximum support. Apart from the support and proper weight distribution, it gives you the required comfort, so that you can have a sound sleep even if you are away from your home.

Pump: It comes with a battery-operated pump. So, you do not have to worry about power outlets, and you can easily use the mattress in the wilderness.

Height: Once on the cot and inflated, the mattress can take op weight up to 600 pounds.

Air retention: The mattress comes with an AirTight system that prevents leakage. So, it maintains the shape for a long time.

Warranty: You will get a warranty for one year, but for that, you have to register the product on the company’s website.


  • ComfortStrong coil construction for optimum support
  • An AirTight mechanism to prevent leakage
  • 4D battery-operated pump
  • Includes cot for added elevation
  • Suitable for both outdoor activities and household use


  • Heavy for camping trips
  • High noise level of the pump



9. EnerPlex Never Leak Luxury Queen

EnerPlex Never Leak

Here comes a mattress that can inflate within 90 seconds. That is right; the Never Leak Luxury Queen mattress has a powerful battery-operated a pump that can inflate it within a few blinks.

Comfort level: Using Coil Beam construction, the mattress offers enough support and keeps your backbone straight and spine naturally aligned. So, you get the comfort of a regular spring mattress, that is also using less space. Made of Eco-Friendly and non-toxic material, the bed is safe for everyone including children.

Pump: The mattress features the EnerPlex pump, which needs only 1.5 hours for a full charge. Once charged, the pump can inflate and deflate the mattress for four times. You can also use the pup while it is getting charged. So, the bed allows you to quickly charge the battery while inflating the mattress without investing much time and effort.

Height: A 9-inch height after inflation is comparatively low, but it allows secure storage. However, the height is convenient to get in and out of bed. To prevent slipping on hard floors or wood, the mattress has an anti-slip bottom.

Air retention: It is a leak-free mattress that remains in shape for initial uses.

Warranty: The mattress comes with two years of warranty and 30 days’ trial period. So, whenever you have problems with the bed, you can consult the customer support.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for indoor use and outdoor activities


  • Manual flap



10. Intex Pillow Rest Raised Air bed

Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Inflatable Air Mattress

Our last entry comes from Intex, a well-known brand for sleeping solutions. It can be the right queen air mattress for you, only if you have to use it for household purpose.

Comfort level: The mattress employs Fiber-Tech Construction comprising vinyl fibers and lightweight, yet durable polyresin.

Pump: Inflating the mattress is very easy using the in-built pump. You only have to switch on the pump and once the bed reaches the desired firmness, switch it off. Due to the same, it offers umpteen support, even on the edges.

Its flocked top is very comfortable, feels soft and helps you getting proper rest. You can use any standard queen size bedsheet; however, adding a mattress top will give you a real spring mattress feel.

Height: Once inflated, the mattress measures 16.5 inches, which is good enough for you and your friends or other guests. It has a weight handling capacity of 600 pounds.

Air retention: The mattress does a decent job at holding the air for the first few nights. However, after initial uses, it starts losing air, and you have to use the pump at regular intervals.

Warranty: The product comes with a warranty of 90 days.


  • Supportive and comfortable
  • Durable finish
  • Looks stylish
  • Includes a duffle bag


  • Keeps losing air
  • Uncomfortable ridges need a mattress top for complete comfort



Buyer’s Guide Of Queen Size Air Bed

We know some of the best queen size air mattresses, their features, advantages, and disadvantages. Now, it is time to check a few factors that you need to think while purchasing the bed.

Usage conditions

The first thing that you should consider is the requirement, where and when will you use it. Let us get into the details.

  1. Temporary beds for guests: Offering couch to one of your guests is beautiful, but if they are going to spend the night on it, then the sleeping hours can be terrible. Be remembered for comfortable hospitality, not for a lousy morning. What we are trying to say is, when you are shopping for a guest bed, look for comfort, support, and convenient height. If you take care of these, apart from your guests you will also be able to rest on the bed.
  2. Take away bed for trips: If you have ever been to car trips, you know uncomfortable it is to sleep on a car seat. However, you can change such sleeping trouble into a comfortable one by buying an air mattress. If you need an air mattress that you can carry on the road trips, then look for something portable and lightweight. It will be even better if the mattress includes a duffle bag and shoulder straps.
  3. Bed for the wilderness: Let others sleep in their sleeping bed while you relax on an inflatable air mattress. If you look at the dimensions and weight of an air mattress, you will be able to find a better bed for camping or fishing trips.


Keep one thing in mind – thickness means comfort. A thick mattress will always be able to give you a comparatively better sleeping experience. You have two choices

  1. Raised (16-22) inches

An air mattress with a decent height gives you a traditional mattress like sleeping experience. They are not only comfortable and supportive but also keeps you away from the cold floor. For a long term solution, you should look for a bed that gives you a convenient height, so that you can get in and out comfortably. So, this is the size you should look when you are shopping a queen air mattress for your guests.

  1. Low profile (6-10inches)

As they lack the base, low profile air mattresses are comparatively cheaper and compact than their raised counterparts. Perfect temporary beds for camping, fishing trips, and other outdoor activities.

Comfort level

As we stated earlier, the comfort level of an air mattress is directly proportional to its thickness. So, if you need a bed for home use, look for something thick, so that you can have more air beneath.

Losing air during the night is a common trait of an air mattress. So, a thin air may deflate quickly waking you from a sound sleep.

Pump type

The process is easy. Unpack the mattress, inflate it and you are done. However, you should consider the inflation time the pump takes. Also, you should also decide what type of pump you need.

  1. Electric powered: If you need an air mattress for your living room for guests or personal use, you can look for a bed that comes with electric-powered pumps.
  2. Battery-powered: Nature lovers should look for an air mattress with battery-powered pumps. So, that you can enjoy hiking in the day time and sleep appropriately without worrying about electric outlets at night.

Air retention capacity

How can a mattress be right, if it deflates in the middle of the night? So we recommend that you look for a bed that is good at holding air.

It is usual for an air mattress to lose air. An air mattress expands according to your body weight and weather. However, the problem starts when it loses some extra pressure where you start feeling uncomfortable. We recommend that you should choose an air mattress with never FLAT technology so that you do not have to worry about maintaining the air pressure at all.


It is always good to have someone who can take of any problem. So, look for a reliable brand that offers decent warranty and customer support.

Bottom Line

Purchasing an air mattress is not an investment of a lifetime. Still, you would want to make it right because sound sleep is one of the first requirements for a healthy life. Whether you need a queen size air bed as a personal sleep solution or for guests, necessary research is required in both cases.

That is why we presented some of the best air mattresses and their reviews. You can choose the best queen size air mattress by reading the description and the detailed buying guide.

With several air mattresses available in the market, it is difficult to choose the appropriate one. So, spend some time, check the description and then make the right decision.

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