How To Plug An Air Mattress Without The Plug

By Sakibul Islam

Have you ever wondered how to plug an air mattress without the plug?

Do you even think it’s possible?

The cap that comes with air mattresses is essential. However, sometimes we may lose it. One thing about humans though is that we are smart enough to improvise.

If you don’t have an air mattress plug anymore, you’ll need these tips on how to plug air mattresses without a cap.

How To Plug Your Air Mattress Without The Actual Plug

First, bear in mind that inflating your air mattress is not going to be easy, especially if you’re doing it manually. Air mattresses have a plug which allows you to screw or insert into the air hole of the bed to prevent leakage of air.

In situations where this crucial plug gets misplaced, the mattress may end up useless. However, there are a few handy trick and tips to plug your air mattress with its cap.

  • Step 1

The first step is to sharpen the dowel or straight stick. Do this into a gradual point until you are left with a shape that is similar to a cone.

  • Step 2

Next, blunt the sharp edge of the dowel by cutting it off and rounding it. The reason for cutting off the pointed end is to prevent any harm while you insert the stick into the air mattress.

  • Step 3

Afterward, enclose the stitch with a few layers of duct tape

  • Step 4

Insert what you have made into the hole firmly to test it. This wooden plug should enter the air mattress smoothly and fit it tightly. If it does not fit tightly, go ahead to remove the duct tape and re-shape the stick to fit the bed snugly.

  • Step 5

Then, inflate the air mattress. After this, quickly insert the plug into it.

  • Step 6

Use duct tape to cover the end of the plug that is outside. This is to prevent the cap from removing or shifting from the place.

Steps on How to Repair Air Mattress

Apart from their plugs getting lost, air mattresses are susceptible to different kinds of damage. Even so, this shouldn’t put you off purchasing one.

Just make sure that you’re ready to tackle any fault that may arise as you use the mattress. Faulty pumps and punctures are the most common problems that people who own air mattresses face. Here are steps to repair the bed.

Tools Required

  • Vacuum
  • Sandpaper
  • Bicycle inner tube repair kit
  • Rubber patch/contact metal scoring disk

Step One: Find the Leak

The first thing you do is to find where the leakage has occurred. Listen attentively for a hissing sound from the mattress. Also, you can wash the bed with soapy water to detect the leakage through bubbles.

Step Two: Sand and Score

If the puncture is not located in areas that are flocked and covered with fabric, there is no need for this step. Sand away the surface to extend around the leak. This will make the surface conducive for sealing later on when it’s time to patch the leakage.

Step Three: Apply Contact Cement

This process requires a little more care and attention. Cover the surface area around the leaking hole with cement, add a coating of glue, and let it bond and dry for a while. You can also check out the product application for better information and directions about how best to use the glue.

Step Four: Patch Properly

After you’ve followed the instructions and applied the cement appropriately, line the rubber patch over the hole. Afterward, press the patch into the cement firmly. This way, the patch will bond well with the cement.

However, while fixing the patch you’re likely to be impeded by tiny bubbles which will stop the piece from bonding well with the cement. To prevent this, move your hand in small circular motions as you rub the patch into the cement.

Pay attention to all the corners and edges, make sure they are gluing correctly. Also, ensure that you have a good seal.

Step Five: Inflate

When you finish fixing the patch, secure it and dry it. Then, slowly pump air into the mattress. A small amount of talc around the fixed area will help you determine whether your repair is successful or not.

If you find the talc flying around as a result of the air leaking out of the mattress, then it is evident that the repair has not been successful. If not, your bed is fixed, and you can start using it.

Air mattresses can be repaired no matter what part of it is damaged. In fact, some air mattresses come with their own repair kits. You should note though that the affected area determines how much of use these kits can be.

A kit meant to repair punctures will be of no use when trying to repair built-in pumps. Whenever you notice that the faults in your air mattress are as a result of an error from the manufacturer, then you may want to consider returning the bed or changing it.

Bottom Line

You now know how to plug an air mattress without a plug. If you have an air mattress lying somewhere uselessly because it has no cap, this is your chance to go make it useful again.

Make sure to follow the steps provided here and pack your mattress well anytime you’re not using it. If your air mattress is not packed in the right way, it may start developing holes.

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