How To Patch An Air Mattress With Duct Tape

By Sakibul Islam

Air mattresses have many great things about them. However, the fact that they can easily be punctured is not one of them.

As an air mattress owner, one of the things you must know how to do is fix any hole in your mattress quickly and effectively.

Here’s a guide on how to patch your air mattress with duct tape to help you out.

Finding the leak on your air mattress

You may sense that your air mattress is leaking, but you can’t really be sure until you find the leak. The bed may appear to be leaking, whereas it is only the cold weather that is causing the bed to shrink.

Also, it can be that the value of the mattress has become too loose therefore causing the mattress to deflate. Thus, looking for the leakage help you to be sure and also to identify the problem area so that you can repair it.

The best way to see whether or not your air mattress is leaking is to first inflate your mattress. It will be much harder to locate the hole in the bed when it is deflated. So, once you’ve ruled out the chances of the bed deflating as a result of a loose valve or cold weather, go ahead to try out some other tricks

For example, listening will play a vital role in helping you detect where the bed is leaking from. There tend to be some sound from the area of leakage, and if you pay enough attention, you will discover it.

Another trick is to wash the air mattress in a soapy solution. The significance of this is to detect the leaking area through some telltale bubbles that are sure to come out from any leaking part of the mattress. Make sure to mark out the area when you discover it.

How to Use Duct Tape to Fix the Air Mattress

If you own an air mattress, one thing you probably worry about a lot is leakage. The annoying thing about this is that they tend to occur at the most inconvenient of moments.

They can happen when you have a visitor over who need to sleep on the mattress. At other times, it happens when you pitch camp and are ready to use it. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to fix this using duct tape. The steps have been provided below.

  • Step 1

Right after confirming that the mattress is leaking and marking out the leaking area, go ahead to deflate the air mattress. When this is done, pour and spread rubber cement or epoxy glue over the leaking area. Leave the cement or glue to dry totally. The amount of time the process will take varies and is dependent on the kind of adhesive you use.

  • Step 2

Take the duct tape and cut a strip out of it. Then, firmly press the tape onto the air mattress. Make sure that the duct tape you cut is long enough to completely cover up the leaking area of the air mattress.

  • Step 3

Use the tip of your fingers to work out any bubble. This is to allow the tape stay flat against the air mattress.

  • Step 4

Place some extra layers of tape at 45-degree angles across the already applied tape. They will secure the duct tape patch and prevent it from removing.

  • Step 5

Your final step is to test whether the mattress is still leaking. To do this, inflate the air mattress. If the bed does not leak it means you’ve successfully repaired your mattress.

Long Lasting Patches

While duct tape can is an emergency air mattress patch solution that will at least keep the mattress from leaking for a while, it is not the ultimate solution to a leaking air mattress.

There are actually air mattress patch kits out there that you can purchase and use specifically to fix leaking air mattresses. The kit usually contains items like sandpaper, glue and pre-cut patch materials. Thankfully, you’ll find this kit at many stores that sell such things as camp supplies.

Sandpaper is necessary for fixing a ripped air mattress when the mattress has a leak on an area covered with velvet material or fabric. By sanding away the material, you’ll make sure that the bed has a flat surface which will allow the patch to stick when it is glued to the air mattress.

Some kits also come with pre-cut pieces or raw materials that can be cut into different sizes for your mattress. Make sure that the patch you pick or cut out allows for extra space that goes beyond the torn area of the bed.

Don’t forget that you have to deflate your mattress first before trying to use the patch. This prevents air bubbles from getting stuck in the patch. If necessary, you can sand the area before getting out the patch material.

As you proceed to apply glue on the tear, place the patch on the spot as well. You’ll have to give the patch a while to dry thoroughly. It’ll take several hours, and you can speed up the process by placing something heavy on the patched spot.

Bottom Line

The only way to know whether this how to patch your air mattress with duct tape guide has worked or not is to inflate the bed after you’ve repaired it.

Listen attentively for any sound that indicates that the mattress is still leaking. If you hear no such sound, then your mattress is fixed.

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