How To Make Your Own Mattress Cheap

By Sakibul Islam

Have you ever been interested in how to make your own mattress cheap?

Here’s your chance. You don’t always have to rely on mattress making companies for your beds. As a matter of fact, you can easily outdo them with these DIY tips and tricks. And guess what, it doesn’t cost that much.

How to Make Your Own Mattress

There are many reasons why people would instead make their own mattress. It could be because they’re concerned about sleeping on conventional mattresses which are usually just factory-made chemical-sponges.

It could also be because they prefer to customize their belongings and would love to do the same with their bed. Others try to avoid the exorbitant prices at which most of these factory-made mattresses are sold.

Then, there’s also the worry about allergies which can be prevented with a natural self-made mattress. It might help to raise the mattress using structures like a platform bed or futon frame if the above is the case.

Since making your own mattress is easy, you have a lot of decision making to do to make the process successful. First, what kind of bed do you want to make?

Would you prefer a latex mattress or a foam mattress? If you choose to go with foam, what type of foam? Polyurethane or base foam?

If you want something more natural, you have to select from wool batting, buckwheat hulls, kapok and millet hulls. Once you’ve done thorough research on all these materials, choosing one that you like will be easy.

Building Your Own Mattress

  • Step One: Get a thick slab of latex, it will serve as the base of your mattress. This is the first step in creating your own bed. You’ll quickly find affordable layers of latex online or in stores that specialize in selling such materials.
  • Step Two: Use a cotton or wool mattress topper. Mattress topper adds to the comfort of the latex base that you already have. Make sure to also be a good topper.
  • Step Three: After this, use a mattress pad to wrap the two layers that you now have. This is to achieve breathability, absorbency, and warmth. A mattress pad is responsible for how hot you fill whenever you’re on your bed.
  • Step Four: The final step is to top your mattress with the organic bamboo or cotton sheet that you like best. Do this, and you’re ready to go!

How to Make Your Own Foam Mattress

Making your own foam mattress can save you the cost of buying a new and much expensive one. Luckily, a foam mattress is something you can easily make on your own. Here is a step by step guide for you.

Making your own foam mattress.

Step One: First, take the Measurements of the frame of your bed. Measure both the width and the length of the frame. Though the foam you intend to use might be larger, you can always cut it to fit the bed frame.

Also, remember to measure the height of the area that will house the mattress. Ensure that at least 14 inches of foam will fit into it.

Step Two: Purchase double layers of memory foam. Avoid the egg-crate patterned foams. Go instead for the solid foam.

In some particular case where the person who is to use the mattress is lightweight, a single layer of foam might be enough.

Step Three: Purchase an extra layer of extra-firm foam. For those who have a deep space, two layers may be needed.

They will provide the support that is very firm and also serves as the base of the memory foam which is to come on top.

Step Four: After this, you need to leave the foam to relax and uncurl for several hours.

When it is fully relaxed, put it on the bed. Allow the room to be well ventilated so that the smell of the foam can go.

Step Five: The next step is to prepare the base. To do this, place a big piece of plywood on the bottom of your bed frame. You can leave this step if you’re using a box mattress.

Make sure that the plywood is around half-inch thick. However, for large beds, you might want to use a 3/4-inch base instead.

Step Six: This is the final step. Remove the cover of your previous mattress, unzip it and then spread it out on the plywood base.

If you own a box mattress, also lay the cover on it. Next, put the firm foam into the cover first, followed by the memory foam.

Then, zip the cover closed. Cover the foam with a fitted sheet if you don’t own a mattress cover. Once these are done, your new mattress is ready for use.

Why Make Your Own Mattress Yourself?

Perhaps you’re not sure about whether or not to go ahead with the DIY. Here are some top reasons why you should. The first reason is that there’s always that feeling of accomplishment and joy that you get after finishing a task successfully.

This feeling is priceless and making your own mattress is an opportunity to experience it again. Besides, you’ll feel at ease knowing exactly what your mattress is made of. There won’t be any fear of inhaling toxic chemical substances at night as you sleep.

Again, in case part of the bed gets damaged, you can easily replace it yourself and not condemn the mattress altogether. It also allows you to customize your mattress to your taste.

The best part of making your own mattress is that you can save cost. Many of the beds up for sale both online and in stores, today are manufactured with little cost and sold at a high price. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on buying a mattress, why not buy the materials and assemble your bed yourself?

Bottom Line

There you have it— your guide on how to make your own mattress cheap. Ensure that you get the best and only the best quality materials as this will add to the longevity of the bed.

If you’re the artistic or talented type, you can sew a mattress cover for your new bed yourself. What are you waiting for? Start right away!

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