How To Make A Pillow Top Mattress Firmer?

By Sakibul Islam

A sound sleep requires a comfortable mattress. All of us have different body styles and sleeping preferences, same goes for the cushions: all of them are made differently.

Some of them are firm while several others can be too soft, especially if it is a pillow top mattress. Even a regular memory foam or latex mattress can lose its firmness over time and become too weak to provide you with the right support.

If you have recently purchased a pillow top mattress or a mattress that is too soft, then replacement is not a feasible solution. Then you might think, how to make a pillow top mattress firmer?

So, let us discuss some of the points that can give you a firm mattress.

How To Make A Pillow Top Mattress Firmer

Pillowtop Mattress More Supportive

Trial period: Many pillow-top mattresses come with a trial period where you can take a full refund or get a replacement without any extra payment.

Check if the cushion is still under the trial warranty and get replacement stating the fact that it is too soft for you. Get an alternative, which is firm and supportive.

Check the box spring: A sagging base frame can be one of the reasons for a soft mattress. If you are using a box spring as a mattress base, remove the cushion and take a look for loose screws. If you see incorrect alignment, remove the frames and attach them again.

If you notice some irreparable damage on the box sprint, it is advised that you should use plywood beneath the mattress, but over the box spring. Make sure that piece of plywood has the dimensions matching to the base frame.

Moisture: If you live near a beach, then your mattress can absorb moisture from the environment and give you a very soft feel. If you think this can be the case, take out the cushion and let dry in the sun for the day.

Doing this will not only bring back the firmness but will also kill all the bacteria, mite and silverfishes that may have raised in the mattress due to dampness.

Room temperature: Memory foam mattresses are heat sensitive. At high temperature, a memory foam mattress will gain extra softness while in a cold environment, it will give you a solid feel.

So, try to ventilate your bedroom and lower down the temperature on the air conditioner. Adjust the temperature according to your preferences.

Mattress topper: To make your mattress firmer and supportive, you can also use a topper. Made of latex or memory foam, a mattress topper can be anywhere between 2 to 6-inch wide. All the toppers come with a strap, so it will not slip or cause any trouble while sleeping.

They are robust and provides the necessary firmness. All you have to do is look for a mattress topper matching the size of your pillow top mattress.

Place it on the floor: If it’s not possible for you to follow any of the above methods, then the most straightforward step you can follow is to place the mattress on the surface.

Wipeout any dust from the floor, check for any sharp objects that can damage the bed and remove them. Lay down a bedsheet or a cover that and then place the mattress on it. It is the simplest way to change a mattress from soft to firm.

Bottom line

Place your pillow foam mattress on a solid frame and protect it from moisture. However, if still the bed is soft or gaining softness, we gave you several ways to change the firmness level of your mattress.

You can choose to follow any one of them or all of them depending upon the situation and circumstances. Try them, and we are sure that you will instantly change in the firmness.

If everything fails, get a new mattress.

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