How To Make A Futon Mattress?

By Sakibul Islam

Futon mattresses are the affordable and environment-friendly sleeping solutions. If you are one of those who likes resting on a futon mattress, then you will be pleased to know that making one of those is well within your reach.

We will discuss how to make a futon mattress on this page. With the help of this guide and some readily available tools, you will be able to make a comfortable futon mattress in a timely and stress-free manner.

If you are one of them who is interested in saving some bucks over a bed, you will be game to follow the steps to make a traditional-looking, but comfortable mattress.

Required tools

Measurement tape, Foam block, Mattress cover, Upholstery needle


Step1: Measurements

To know the materials that you need to purchase, you should presume the dimensions of the mattress. Please measure one of your old beds to avoid any confusion.

If you do not have any old mattress nearby, you can take the standard measurements, which is 54 x 75 inches for full size, the queen is 60 x 80 inches and king measures 78 x 80 inches.

This step will help you get the right amount of foam and cover length. So, be precise with the measurement tape.

Step 2: Purchase the right foam filling

Equipped with the correct measurements, now you are ready to purchase them through Amazon. You can buy Foam Touch Upholstery Foam Cushion or any other foam block depending upon your preferences.

If you order the product from Amazon, it will be delivered to your physical address, and you will be saved from the trouble of carrying the foam. The latter is possible if you visit fabric shops or furniture selling outlets.

Step 3: Select the appropriate cover

Now that you have selected the foam block it is time to purchase a cover for the same. You can buy a mattress cover made of cotton, regular zipped mattress cover or a mattress protector, or something like this, depending upon your measurements.

Step 4: Prepare the cover

Use the upholstery needle to tuft the sheet along the edges. If you have chosen a foam block with more than 6 inches, we would recommend you to tuft the layers together for a couple of time to avoid any slipping. To make it removable, leave one end of the cover unstitched.

If you have chosen a zippered mattress or a mattress cover, then this step is not for you.

Step 5: Prepare the mattress

Lay down the foam block on the ground and stuff it firmly into the cover. Keep arranging the sheet along the edges for a smooth and fast fill.

Once ready, lay on a bedsheet and enjoy a comfortable sleep. Zip the cover and you are prepared with a fancy looking yet affordable mattress.

Bottom Line

There are many ways to get a comfortable sleep. You can either purchase a heavily priced mattress, or you should know how to make a futon mattress.

If you make a futon mattress, you are going to save a lot of bucks. Also, you can completely customize the bed according to your requirements, irrelevant to any standard sizes.

All you need is to seek is the right materials to build a comfortable mattress.

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