How To Cut Memory Foam?

By Sakibul Islam

Do you have memory foam and would like to cut it to your preferred size?

You’ve come to the right place. Cutting your memory can be both easy and fun if you use the right instruments and apply the right tactics.

So sit back, relax and keep reading to know how to cut memory foam.

How to Cut Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foams are unique. They give sleepers a stiffer and more comfortable sleep surface compared to other mattresses materials.

They also come in varying widths and thicknesses so that they can be used for various projects, and can be cut to any preferred size using standard tools.

However, when it comes to cutting your memory foam, you need to exercise the utmost caution, so you don’t wind up ruining the whole thing.

The cleaner and straighter your cut are, the better. You should keep in mind, though, that the minute you start tampering with your memory foam, your warranty gets invalidated.

Get a Clean Edge

Getting a clean edge is perhaps the trickiest thing about cutting a memory foam mattress. It, however, boils down to the kind of tool you use and how aggressively you approach the process.

Using the right tool will make all the difference, and as mentioned earlier, you need to be calm, collected and cautious as you cut the edges.

Being too aggressive will only leave you with rough and jagged edges, and we don’t want that, do we?

Carving Knife

Carving knives are serrated and thus different from other knives that have smooth blades. Because of the tiny points of their serrated edges, carving knives are ideal for cutting memory foams without making them rough or jagged.

Still, while you how to cut memory foam mattress, make sure to push the blade back and forth in a gentle manner. This will help to saw through the foam while preventing it from getting compressed.

Electric Knife

Just like a carving knife, an electric knife has serrated blades, and if you’re thinking of cutting your memory foam, this is another useful alternative.

As a matter of fact, they are most advantageous when you’re cutting your memory foam with the help of a template. Let the edge be your guide while you slide the knife along the model to cut the foam.

Utility Knife

Utility knives are sometimes called craft knives. The one feature that makes them a suitable choice when it comes to cutting foams is their sharp surgical blades.

With this kind of edge, the knife can easily create multiple lights passes through the foam. The sharpness of the blade makes it much more comfortable and less stressful to cut through the foam.

Unlike the back and forth movement that is necessary when using a carving knife, a utility knife simply requires you to make an initial shallow cut line after which you’re to continue deepening the cut till you eventually cut through the foam.

Heavy-Duty Scissors

Heavy-duty scissors can be used to how to cut memory foam mattresses that is thinner, that is, a topper that is less than about 3/4 inch thick. When using heavy-duty scissors, make sure to use short chops. As such, you’ll need to employ only a 1/4 inch of the blades where they connect near the handles.

Though you should make sure not to make any mistakes while cut memory foam mattress, it is possible to glue the foam back together if anything goes wrong.

A spray adhesive that is designed to fix foams can be used for this. Simply apply the adhesive on both foams and join them together. However, note that once you stick the two pieces together, it may be hard to separate them again because they’ll bond on contact. If you do this right, you won’t even see the splice.

Additional Tools

Apart from all the tools mentioned above, there are other tools such as straightedge, marking pens and drywall square which can also be used to cut memory foam.

They’re also a good choice if you want to get the lines right and cut your memory foam accurately.

Drywall Square

When it comes to cutting straight and long pieces of foam, you can count on drywall square to help you achieve a great result. To use this tool, you’ll need to measure the foam first.

Next, place the tool on the foam and square it. To keep the tool steady, you need to place your leg or knee on it. Then, take the side of the square as your guide while you run either a utility or carving knife along the edge to get a nice and smooth cut.

Plywood or Hardboard

If you don’t want to use a drywall square, you could use cardboard or a chunk of plywood that has straight edges.

It functions pretty much the same way a drywall square functions, and they have a similar manner of use. Put either your knee or hand on it and run the cutter through the edge.

Marking Pen

Maybe all these instruments are too elaborate for you, and you prefer to do the cutting freehand. That can work too even though it depends on the application.

Odd shapes and angled cuts can also be easier to do that when using a guide. Using any template available to you, draw a black line on the foam, and trace the route to cut the foam freehand.

Tips for Cutting A Memory Foam Mattress

When you’re dealing with a large size of memory foam, like a mattress size, you probably won’t have to worry about the foam moving while you cut.

However, when it comes to smaller pieces, the same cannot be said. To stop the foam from moving around while you cut, make sure to place plywood or any other object that is heavy on the edges of the foam.

Another thing that can work is to enlist the help of an individual who can assist you by holding the foam down while you cut. This way, the memory will not move around as you cut. If you want, you can add clamps to the strips.

Also, ensure that you place the memory foam that is about to be cut on a hard floor or surface. The cutting edge should also be hanging out of the surface.

If you choose to use an electric knife, keep your fingers as well as the cord of the instrument away from the blade, especially when cutting a memory foam mattress.

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Bottom Line

Whichever of the tools you decide to use, don’t forget to be as careful and cautious as you can be while you cut.

You’ll save both yourself and your precious memory foam from getting harmed. Give it a try, and you’ll see how easy these tips on how to cut memory foam really are.

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