Full Size Headboard With Queen Mattress

By Sakibul Islam

Are you one of those grandkids who want to use your grandparent’s brass headboard? There are chances that the old headboard is once popular king size while you have a queen size mattress, which is famous nowadays.

However, as there is a size mismatch, how will use them together?

Well, we will discuss the solution here on this page, and then you will be able to use the full-size headboard with queen mattress.

It looks normal

Before we modify the arrangements, let us tell you that a full-size headboard is 54 inches while a queen mattress has a width of 60 inches. So, if you lay down a queen mattress over the full-size headboard, there will be a small difference of three inches. It is a minor length disagreement that will be overlooked by others, especially if you place some beautiful pillows there.

There can be a couple of situations while you want to use sleeping solutions under discussion. We will talk about both of them. First, we will talk about the simple-looking yet complicated situation where you have an entire full-size bed including header, footboard as well as rails and a queen size mattress.

How to use a full-to-queen converter kit?

If required or desired, you can also take the help of local woodworkers or if you can follow the instructions, then we should discuss further steps.

Step 1: To use the mattress and full-size bed together, you will need a full-to-queen converter kit. You can order them from Amazon, and once you receive them, you have following the given steps.

Step 2: Follow the instructions to attach mounting hooks to the head and footboards as instructed in the manual.

Step 3: Adjust the center support leg and then place your box spring or the mattress for regular sleeping purposes.

How to use the conversion mounting plates?

If you want to use a queen size metal bed frame, full-size headboard, and queen size mattress together, then you have to make some different adjustments.

For this purpose, you have to purchase some bed frame mounting plates. As the name suggests, it will help you to mount the queen size bed frame and full-size headboard together.

Tools required

Socket wrench

Flat screwdriver

Bed frame mounting plates that come with washers, nuts, and bolts


Step1: Assemble the metal bed frame.

Step 2: Align the mounting plates to the slots of the bed frame. The slots are large so that it can be adjusted and fit in according to the headboard.

Step 3: Bolt the nuts, bolts, and washers on the sides: using the suggested tools. Extra slots of the mounting plate should be facing each other inwards. Do not tighten for the time being.

Step 3: Place the full-size headboard bed frame and align free slots of the mounting plate with the headboard’s framework. Use the nuts, bolts, and washers to tighten the frame with the mounting plate. Align the plates vertically and horizontally, make the right adjustments and tighten them. Follow the same steps on the other side. Make sure that the headboard is parallel to the bed frame.

Bottom Line

Now, you know various ways to use a full-size headboard with queen mattress. In the first case wherein we were using a full-to-queen converter kit, you will have to remove the old rails.

Get rid of them if you are pretty much sure that you will not be using them again. Or you can store them in a moisture-free area for future usage.

We hope that the information shared on this page is helpful to you and you will be able to use the old full-size headboard with queen mattress. Sleep well.

About the author

Sakibul the founder of Houzmark and co-founder of Houzhold, is a product reviews analyst who researches, compares, reviews, and writes about home appliances. With his extensive knowledge and experience, he provides valuable insights and recommendations to help consumers make informed decisions when purchasing products.