Cotton Futon Mattress

By Sakibul Islam

Cotton futon mattress is one of the popular mattresses because of the softness and comfort of the cotton filling but there are many futons mattress in the market that claims them as the best.

In this article, I am going to review the top 7 cotton futon mattresses which I enlisted for your convenience so go and check the mattresses and choose the best one for you.

Cotton Futon Mattress In 2024

Here is our top-rated cotton futon mattress reviews 2024.

1. FULI Japanese Floor Mattress

FULI Japanese Floor Mattress

  • Best for cotton futon
  • Size: Queen Material: Polyurethane Foam
  • Firmness: medium


  • 100% cotton fabric for cover
  • 3-layer design
  • Rollable for easy moving and storing
  • Made in Japan
  • Cool and refreshing

This is the first and the best mattress is our list with wonderful features that can make your sleep way more comfortable. The FULI Japanese futon mattress is best for its soft cotton other than that it is also breathable so you can sleep on it comfortably even on hot summer nights.

The firmness of the mattress is medium which offers you a perfect balance of firmness and softness to keep your spine neutral. The mattress is easy to roll so you can easily store it and carry it outside.

What is it made of?

The filling of mattress is made of polyurethane foam and the cover of the mattress is made of 100% cotton fabric so you will get a soft and comfy touch while sleeping. The mattress is designed on 3 layers that spread the pressure on the body.

How does it perform?

The performance is excellent which is why it gets the first place on my list but it is slightly far from perfect.

Things to mention: It could be thicker.


2. EMOOR Japanese Futon Mattress

EMOOR Japanese Futon Mattress

  • Best for: CLASSE quilting
  • Size: Queen Material: Polyester
  • Firmness: firm


  • CLASSE quilting for extra thickness
  • Cotton fabric for cover which is washable
  • Made in Japan with skilled craftsmen
  • Firm mattress for keep your spine straight
  • Adults can easily sleep on it

The second futon mattress EMOOR is well known for its CLASSE quilting which separates the mattress into parts and gives extra thickness and support to the mattress. The mattress is a traditional Japanese mattress made by skilled Japanese craftsmen.

This Queen size mattress is firm so it enables less strain on muscles and improves blood circulation. It is a lifesaver when suddenly guests arrive for night stays and you can instantly make a bed with it also you can use it as a yoga mat, or play mat for your children.

What is it made of?

The mattress is made of 100% high-quality polyester and the cover is made of pure cotton fabric with 200 thread count which means it is a good quality cotton sheet.

How does it perform?

The overall performance is outstanding according to the user of EMOOR.

Things to mention: It is quite firm than medium firm


3. Luxton Cotton Futon Mattress

Luxton Home Futon Foldable Mattress

  • Best for plush
  • Size: Queen-Long Material: Polyester
  • Firmness: Plush


  • Fully padded surface
  • The surface aligns spine
  • Use for multiple purpose
  • 100% organic cotton
  • No offensive smell

The Luxton mattress is good for the plush firm which is good for the side sleeper and provides cushiony and soft supports to your hip and the shoulder so that you can feel you are sleeping on a cloud.

When you first open it will take 3 days to fully expand. You can roll it up and store it when you do not need it or carry it outside for night stays and picnics not only that you can use it as a yoga mat or play mat indoors. The surface is fully padded so that it can give you a relaxing sleep. The mattress has no offensive smell that can blow your sleep.

What is it made of?

This Queen-long size mattress is made of highly durable polyester. The cover of the mattress is made of soft organic cotton fabric which is easy to clean so your mattress will be always dust free.

How does it perform?

The overall performance is amazing and loved by almost every user who purchased that mattress.

Things to mention: It is hard to roll.


4. YOSHOOT Cotton Futon Mattress

YOSHOOT Cotton Futon Mattress

  • Best for durability
  • Size: Full Material: Polyester, Memory foam
  • Cover material: microfiber cotton


  • Rollable so easy to store and move
  • Supportive memory foam
  • Dust free cotton cover very easy to clean
  • Rollable and the bandage strap holds the roll
  • Superb quilting makes it thicker

YOSHOOT mattress is a high-quality mattress which a long durable life so that you do not have to bear the hassle of changing the mattress. Which the mattress you will get a canvas storage bag and a pair of bandages so that you can roll it up tightly with the bandages and store it in the storage bag.

The mattress has superb quilting which makes that mattress thicker and provides support to your body, especially on the back.

What is it made of?

The mattress is filled with polyester and memory foam which makes it durable and soft at the same time. A cover comes along with a mattress which high-quality microfiber cotton and it is easy to clean so even if you stain the cover, you can easily wash it off.

How does it perform?

The mattress is great for its durability.

Things to mention: The zipper of the cover should more high quality


5. XICIKIN Japanese Floor Mattress

XICIKIN Japanese Floor Mattress

  • Best for: No offensive odor
  • Size: Twin Material: Memory Foam
  • Cover material: microfiber cotton


  • Supportive memory foam
  • Quilting for distributing the material evenly
  • Easy to wash cover
  • Easy to store and move
  • Multipurpose

This XICIKIN mattress is good because it has no offensive odor so you do not have to feel embarrassed when you have guests arrive. The mattress has excellent quilting which helps the material to distribute evenly without any bulging so that you can sleep on a soft straight surface.

The mattress is easy to roll so you can take it while going to picnics or tracking. The mattress needs no time to be prepared as a bed so you can make it instantly even as you use it as a yoga mat, living room futon, and a lot more.

What is it made of?

The filling material of the mattress is high polyester and for extra support memory foam. The cover is made of microfiber cotton which can be removed easily and washed so that you can have a clean mattress all the time.

How does it perform?

The performance is overall very good and the features are user-friendly.

Things to mention: The mattress could be thicker.


6. EMOOR Floor Mattress

EMOOR Floor Mattress

  • Best for: thicker
  • Size: Queen Thickness: 8 inches
  • Cover material: 100% natural cotton with 200 thread count


  • High quality cotton with 200 thread count
  • Made of skilled craftsmen
  • Machine washable
  • Elastic edge on backside
  • No absurd smell

The EMOOR floor mattress is one of the thickest cotton futon mattresses which is 8 inches thick so even if you sleep on the floor, you will not feel cold. To move it or store it easily you can roll it. The mattress is made by skilled craftsmen with good quality. The mattress has no absurd smell like cheap quality mattresses.

What is it made of?

The Queen-Long size mattress is made of natural 100% pure cotton and the backsides of the cover are elastic edged so you can easily put it off for a wash. You can wash the cover in the machine.

How does it perform?

The performance of the mattress is quite good.

Things to mention: No storage bag or bandage comes with it.


7. Round Thicken Breathable Mattress

Round Thicken Breathable Mattress

  • Best for: breathability
  • Size: Material: cotton
  • Thickness: 1.18 inch


  • Round shaped mattress
  • Cotton made cover
  • Breathable and refreshing
  • High quality cotton filling
  • Multifunctional

The round mattress is the last on my list but not least. The mattress has amazing features but the hero feature of the mattress is its breathability because it absorbs moisture and brings it out which makes you feel cool even on warm summer nights.

The mattress is round shaped which gives a royal look. You can use the mattress as a living room futon, tent mat, play mat, yoga mat, and a lot more way. The dimensions of the mattress are 87 x 87 x 1.18 inches. Adults and kids can easily use it without any problem.

What is it made of?

The mattress is made of high-quality cotton which gives you a warm touch and refreshing sleep.

How does it perform?

The overall performance of the mattress is good and breathability makes it more useful.

Things to mention:

  • It is not thick enough
  • No storage bag or bandage comes with it.



All mattress has their pros and cons which are mentioned in the review section so that you know about every mattress on the list it should be your call that is preferred to you.

But if you are still confused then you can go for the best cotton futon mattress which is FULI Japanese Floor Mattress.

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