Convert Waterbed Frame To Regular Bed?

By Sakibul Islam

Can you convert a waterbed to a regular bed? Yes, you can. But, you cannot purchase any mattress for the bed. Instead, try a waterbed insert for an easy and seamless transformation.

How does it work?

The waterbed insert is a mattress that converts a waterbed into a traditional bed. In simple words, it’s a mattress that sits in a waterbed frame and transforms your water-based cushion into a foam-dependent sleep surface.

The waterbed insert is manufactured in such a way that it leaves 1-inch of space around the mattress’s perimeter, which is helpful when you dress up your bed. You can fit the padded rails. But, you might not need them.

Is a waterbed drawer pedestal compatible with an insert?

Yes, the waterbed insert works with a box pedestal, captains pedestal, princess pedestal, and 6-drawer pedestal. You can use all the under-bed storage with the insert.

Moreover, you can fit the headboard and other furniture pieces that you already own.

Which waterbed insert is better; softer or firmer?

The firmness depends upon your personal preferences. However, waterbeds are generally soft.

So, we suggest that you try an insert with a solid core and a comfortable cushion on the top. Such a bed helps your body to adapt to the new sleeping arrangement.

Is it tough to exchange a waterbed for a traditional mattress?

The exchange process is easy. However, the real challenge is to find a trustworthy manufacturer who sells waterbed inserts and also accepts water-based mattresses.

What are the different types of waterbed inserts?

The waterbed inserts are available in four different categories – coil spring, memory foam, latex, and airbed.

Which brands manufacture waterbed inserts?

Six reputed brands manufacture waterbed drop-ins – King Koil, Comfort Solutions, Symbol Mattress Company, Campbell Mattress Company, Anatomic Global, and Savvyrest.

What are the other names for a waterbed insert?

Waterbed drop-in, custom-made mattress, conventional mattress for a waterbed frame, and waterbed replacement mattress.

How to convert a waterbed to a regular bed?

You cannot convert a waterbed into a traditional mattress. However, you can modify a waterbed frame to hold a conventional cushion without much elbow grease.

Follow the given steps for a successful conversion of a waterbed to a regular bed.

  • Drain the waterbed. Attach a garden hose to its drain hole and set the water exit into the drain, garden, or container. Ensure that the hose water releasing end is lower than the mattress.
  • Close the drain hole of your mattress. Fold the mattress and take it out. You might need a helping hand to fold the mattress.
  • Take out the plastic liner inside your waterbed frame. It’s not necessary to remove the liner. But, you can perform this step if you don’t like the liner’s appearance.
  • Place a traditional mattress inside the frame. Make sure the new cushion matches the dimensions of your existing waterbed mattress. All the waterbed frames can accept a conventional mattress without any fuss. Even a frame with hard sides is compatible with a regular cushion.
  • Check the distance between the mattress end and the frame. You might find a distance of six inches or more because the water-based mattresses are a bit longer than their regular counterparts. Measure the depth and width of the traditional mattress as well.
  • Cut a foam piece as per the measured dimensions. Slide the foam at the head or foot of the mattress as per your desire. We suggest you insert the foam at the head so that it can offer a little extra length. The foam pieces also work as a resting place for your pillows.
  • Finish the process by covering the mattress using a sheet. You can also add a separate cover to the foam.


If you want to transform a waterbed into a regular bed, then consider an insert. You can also manually convert the waterbed frame with the help of a garden hose.

The manual method is suitable if you know about the waterbed frames and conventionhal mattreses. However, a insert is perfect if you are new to the world of cushions.

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