Can You Flip A Pillow Top Mattress?

By Sakibul Islam

If you sleep on a pillow-top mattress, then you might want to flip it to make the bed firm or cover sagging spots. Flipping a bed also extends its lifespan.

However, you cannot flip all the pillow top mattresses because they are generally available in a one-sided design.

So, flipping such a bed might destroy its comfort and damage the warranty. But, you can flip double-sided pillow-top mattresses without any problem.

Let’s discuss more pillow-top mattresses, including how you can extend their life.

What is a pillowtop mattress?

A pillow top mattress comprises an extra layer of cushion on its top. This soft sheet is generally made of down, cotton, or foam.

Hence, it adds more comfort to your mattress. Therefore, a pillowtop mattress is perfect if you need the perfect combination of luxury and support.

The top layer conforms to your body and the internal springs offer adequate support. Such a construction is beneficial if you suffer from backache.

How to find out whether you can flip your pillow top mattress?

As we stated earlier, you can only flip a double-sided pillow top mattress. Here are the two ways to find out if you can flip your pillow top mattress.

Check the specifications: The most convenient way to find the details about your mattress is to check its specifications. A flippable or double-sided mattress can be flipped without any negative impacts on its cushion. If the mattress is not dual-sided, then you cannot flip it.

Check the construction layers: If you cannot check the specifications, then review the mattress built to know whether it can be flipped or not. Do not follow this step if your mattress has fiberglass contents. If your bed does not have this harmful material, then unzip it and see the foam layers.

If you see one or more than one foam layer and then a support base, then the mattress has a one-sided design, and hence, you cannot flip it. However, the scenario is different if your bed has the same construction on both of its sides (upper and lower).

Reasons why you cannot flip a pillow top mattress

Let’s discuss why you cannot flip a one-sided pillow top mattress.

Pillow top could be damaged: Flipping a one-sided pillow top mattress can damage its top layer and lower structure. The top layer of a pillow-top mattress adds comfort by relaxing the pressure points on your body. Turning it over could damage this layer and its stitching might break as well.

Uncomfortable feeling: Turning over a one-sided mattress means you will sleep on the foundation instead of the plush top. The foundation foam is comparatively harder and hence, it cannot provide adequate pressure relief like the pillow top layer.

Void warranty: None of the manufacturers covers damages occurred by incorrect usage. So, flipping a one-sided mattress can void its warranty. Do not get confused with the trial period of a mattress. You can get a refund or replacement during this duration.

Why do pillowtop mattresses sag?

A pillow top mattress sag due to several reasons. Excess weight in the center of your mattress is one of the common causes.

If you sleep regularly in the center of your bed, then it will sag after some time. So, sleep on alternate sides to avoid sinkage.

The most pillow-top mattress has an innerspring for extra support. The innerspring sags depending upon their built quality and usage. Rotate your mattress to reduce sagging chances.

Liquid penetration also results in sinkage. So, use a waterproof mattress protector to keep your bed safe from moisture.

How long should a pillow top mattress last?

A pillow-top mattress generally lasts for around 8 to 10 years. Follow all the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure a long life of a bed. Rotation is one of the most important steps to follow.

Keep liquids away from your mattress or use a water-resistant protector. Apart from that, do not place heavy objects on your bed.

Excess heft concentrated on a single spot can damage the innerspring resulting in sinkage.

How do make a pillow-top mattress last longer?

You cannot flip all the pillow-top mattresses to add more years to their life. But, there are other steps to extend the lifeline of a one-sided pillow top cushion. Rotation is one of the best ways to avoid premature sagging.

Cleaning is another essential part. Use baking soda and essential oils to clean the pillowtop mattress. Mix a few drops of essential oil in baking soda and sprinkle the mixture over your mattress.

Wait for around 20 minutes and vacuum the bed. This step removes dust mites, dead skin cells, and unwanted odor from your bed.

How often should you rotate a pillow-top mattress?

You cannot flip a one-sided pillow top mattress. Hence, manufacturers recommend you rotate such a bed frequently.

Following this process keeps your mattress even and also adds a few more years to its life.

Rotate your pillow top mattress after every three months. Mark the calendar to remember the exact date. You can also match it with the starting day of every season.

What are the differences between a pillow top and a hybrid mattress?

Pillow Top mattress and their hybrid counterparts contain internal springs. However, the layout of these springs is different.

The hybrid springs are individually wrapped to minimize motion transfer from one side of the mattress to another. In addition, such a bed also comprises a memory foam layer on its top.

The pillowtop springs are connected. Such a construction means the springs compress even if there is no weight directly on top. The most pillow-top mattress does not comprise memory foam. However, some beds include a thin layer of memory foam.


Not all the pillow-top mattresses are flippable and now you know this fact. However, you can rotate the bed to make it long-lasting.

A pillow-top bed is popular because it offers a high level of comfort without draining your wallet.

However, it can disturb your sleep in case of sagging and sinkage. So, flip or rotate the bed as per its construction to enjoy pain-free rest periods.

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