Can I Put a Mattress on Top of a Mattress?

By Sakibul Islam

If your old mattress is not giving the necessary comfort, then the best solution is to replace it. But what if the old bed is not completely broken and you do not want to recycle or throw out your previous investment. You may decide to add another layer of the mattress on the existing one.

However, will it be an inexpensive solution where you will get the required comfort? Or the arrangement will not be able to give you the expected outcome. Well, this is what we will discuss here.

Let us start with the positive aspects of sleeping on two mattresses.


A new mattress needs a flat and stable surface to survive. However, if you have a box spring and a regular cushion, then you can use a memory foam mattress on them.

Memory foam mattresses are comparatively lightweight and thinner than regular foam mattresses. So, the combination of these two beds will only add to the comfort and also result in better motion deadening.


Fragile: As stated earlier, a mattress needs a solid frame to maintain comfort and last for long. Without the proper foundation, the bed will not be stable, and soon you will start seeing unwanted sagging.

They have heated sleep surface: All the mattresses breathe, including a standard bed. Traditional spring cushions have steel coils surrounded by another foam or cotton layer. Latex mattresses also have small air bubbles to support your body weight. If you place such beds over one another, then it will lose ventilation resulting in molds and allergy. Also, both the mattresses will start trapping heat to enhance moisture and sweat, result – uncomfortable sleep.

Warranty violation: If you do not lay down a new mattress on a solid frame, the manufacturers will not cover the damages occurred. Warranty guidelines of several manufacturers clearly state that there should a sold framework beneath the mattress.

We will not recommend adding another mattress on top of an existing one. However, if you want to add extra comfort to your current cushion, then the best solution is to purchase a mattress top. It will not make a big hole in your wallet.

When to buy a new mattress?

According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), 75 percent of adults face sleep troubles. Their study also shows that 60 percent of the population experience absence of mind and work mistakes due to sleep interference.

Several reasons result in inappropriate sleep. An uncomfortable or end of life mattress can be one of them. To avoid laziness in the day time, replace your bed if you see any of the following signs.

More than ten years old

Experts state that an average lifeline of a regular mattress is eight to ten years. However, that depends upon your sleeping habits, how often you sleep on the bed, whether you sleep alone or with your partner and many more things.

Mattresses are not designed to last for a lifetime. Depending on the wear and tear, it needs a replacement after a specific duration. What we want to say is, if your mattress is ancient, then get rid of it and invest in a new memory foam mattress.

If you see sagging

Sagging on the mattress means it is worn out. Such problems occur in any mattress including memory foam, latex, and innerspring cushions.

Once you see dents on the sleeping area or along the edges, it is time to replace the cushion. Because the sagging is going to spread and will result in uncomfortable sleep, backaches and joint pains.

Backache or pain in neck or hips

Whether your mattress is old or new, if it cannot offer you the right weight distribution and support, you will not be able to sleep properly. Also, you will start experiencing backache and pain on the neck and shoulders.

Example, if you are a stomach or back sleeper, your spine should be aligned in the S curve. On the other side, if you are a side sleeper, the spine should be aligned straight. If a mattress is excessively flat or sinks too much and does not gives you any spine correction, time to change it.

Stiff and sore mornings

Do you feel back pain once you wake up and it vanishes when you stretch or start moving around?

If yes, then your mattress is contributing to the backache. If you wake up in the same condition every other day, then it is the time to replace the mattress.

Bottom Line

Cushions are made to be used on a solid and flat frame or base. So, if you will ask – Can you double stack mattresses? We will say, no.

However, if there is a situation where you have to use it for a few nights, you can only use a memory foam mattress over a regular mattress.

We hope that you will take ideas from our post and use the cushions as it should be used and replace once it is old or starts giving you sleep troubles.

About the author

Sakibul the founder of Houzmark and co-founder of Houzhold, is a product reviews analyst who researches, compares, reviews, and writes about home appliances. With his extensive knowledge and experience, he provides valuable insights and recommendations to help consumers make informed decisions when purchasing products.